Trump Uses Fake Story to Justify Torture

Donald Trump has been advocating torture that is "much worse" than waterboarding with an enthusiasm that is absolutely creepy and horrifying. And while campaigning in South Carolina he used a completely fake story about General Pershing in order to justify torturing people. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump: Waterboarding is Like a Frat Hazing

So it turns out that Donald Trump's son Eric is just as appalling as he is. He's been campaigning for his father and making arguments every bit as stupid as The Donald, especially about torture. In an interview on Fox News, Trump the Lesser said that waterboarding is just like a frat hazing ritual. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What ‘Declassifying’ Means

Ted Cruz said he would bring back waterboarding in some circumstances during the latest Republican presidential debate and Donald Trump said he'd bring back tactics even worse than that. In an interview with Jake Tapper, who reminded him that waterboarding is explicitly illegal, Trump offered this bizarre response: … [Read more...]

Cruz: Waterboarding Isn’t Torture

During the last Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz was asked directly whether waterboarding was torture or not. He answered that it clearly was not "under the definition of torture" and "under the law." He could not possibly be any more wrong about that, so much so that one can only conclude that he is lying. … [Read more...]

CIA Agent to Be Extradited Over Rendition

A judge in Portugal has ruled that an ex-CIA agent who was arrested there will be extradited to Italy, where she has already been convicted in absentia for the "extraordinary rendition" of an Egyptian imam to be tortured. This is a very interesting development and I'm wondering what the response of the American government will be, if they have one at all. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Even Further in Wanting Torture

Donald Trump has now doubled down on his call to bring back waterboarding, saying he would bring back other torture techniques as well. In a typically fact-free rant at a campaign rally, he declared, with all that military experience he got at an elite private high school, that torture works. In fact, he said it over and over and over again, and said only a "stupid person" would say it doesn't. … [Read more...]

Trump Reiterates Demand for Database, Promises Waterboarding

Donald Trump made his typical appearance on a Sunday morning talk show, this time the one with George Stephanopoulos. And he made his typically uninformed, ridiculous and appalling statements. He started by declaring the Syrian refugees to be a "Trojan horse" because he saw a picture of the Syrian refugees in Europe and they looked like "strong powerful men." … [Read more...]

Savage: ‘People’s Tribunal’ Should Find Obama Guilty of ‘War Crimes’

Michael Savage went on the Alex Jones show this week, so you know there was some major league bullshit being spewed. Savage was his usual sputtering, incoherent self, bizarrely claiming that if Congress doesn't impeach Obama, there should be a "people's tribunal" formed to charge him with "war crimes"...over his immigration policy? *scratches head in bewilderment* … [Read more...]

ACLU Sues Torture Psychologists

The ACLU has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of several people who were subjected to the CIA's torture regime during the Bush administration, but the suit is filed not against the government but against the two psychologists who designed the program. James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were the masterminds behind the torture procedures, a blatant violation of ethics, not to mention national and international law. … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Still Not Clear on the Torture Question

We're seeing a pattern emerging for Jeb Bush. When asked about the policies of his brother, George W., he has a really difficult time giving a clear answer. If he flatly says no, that's a bad idea and I won't do that, he insults his brother. That's why on the Iraq war, he says no, he wouldn't invade knowing what we know now, but then says it was a "good deal" because it got Saddam Hussein out of power. Now he has the same problem with torture. … [Read more...]

American Psychological Association Finally Bans Torture

In very good news, the American Psychological Association has finally banned participation in any kind of torture by its members. This comes after many psychologists helped the CIA develop torture techniques after 9/11, making huge amounts of money in the process. … [Read more...]

None Dare Call it Torture

President Obama came out and bluntly said that the United States tortured people after 9/11, a rare moment of honesty from the government. Unfortunately, most media outlets continue to refuse to call it torture, relying on euphemisms and weak language instead. … [Read more...]