Root: Liberal Women Will ‘Cut Your Pee-Pee Off’

Wayne Allyn Root, commander of the First Batallion, Trump Fellatio Brigade, and allegedly an adult, told his radio show listeners that they should never date a liberal woman because they will "cut your pee-pee off." Yes, he actually used the term "pee pee." … [Read more...]

Mueller Investigation Already Expanding

Reuters reports that newly named Special Counsel Robert Mueller is already expanding the scope of his investigation into the Trump campaign and possible Russian collusion during the election to include Michael Flynn's undisclosed financial relationship with the government of Turkey. … [Read more...]

Report: Kushner Wanted Secret Backchannel to Russians

In what has become an almost traditional Friday evening news dump, there are two absolutely bombshell reports about the Trump campaign and Russia that takes what is already a huge story to a whole new level. The Washington Post reports that Jared Kushner tried to set up a backchannel to Russia that would evade NSA snooping. … [Read more...]

Tucker Carlson Fans Threaten and Harass Guests

Media Matters notes that guests on Tucker Carlson's show, which replaced Bill O'Reilly in the Fox News lineup, are routinely being harassed and threatened by his viewers. And they don't even include one of the worst examples, Amanda Knief of American Atheists. … [Read more...]

Joyner: God Will Side With Trump Over Comey

Professional con man Rick Joyner says that Donald Trump will win the battle against fired FBI Director James Comey because God is on his side. And God is on Putin's side, too, which is why that damn liberal media hates Putin so much. Or something. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Homeschool Your Kids and They’ll Become Millionaires

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire made the positively ridiculous claim that if parents will homeschool their children, they'll all grow up to be millionaires because they'll be so much smarter than those kids who go to school and aren't afraid of his big sky daddy. … [Read more...]

Thank You So Much

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to help me pay off the medical bills from my hospital stay. The goal was reached in less than 36 hours. And thank you for helping me build the community that has been created around this blog. When I started it more than 13 years ago, I never imagined it could become what it has. Thank you, thank you, thank you. … [Read more...]

Still Need Help With Medical Bills

I really hate doing this, but at the urging of a couple friends I've set up a GoFundMe page to solicit donations to help pay the large medical bills. I actually set up the page a few weeks ago but hadn't decided to actually use it until the bills really started rolling in. Thank you to those who have already donated, it really means a lot to me. And if you can't help, please don't feel bad about that. We all have responsibilities and I am not yours. If you don't want to use GoFundMe, you can … [Read more...]

Wallnau: God Anointed Trump to ‘Subdue’ ‘Rogue Governments’

Self-appointed prophet Lance Wallnau is not so much a preacher these days as he is a full-time servant of Donald Trump. His latest bit of relentless hagiography is a declaration that God anointed Trump as president to "subdue" those "rogue governments" like Syria and North Korea. … [Read more...]

Trump is Suddenly Part of the Republican Establishment

After running a campaign almost entirely premised on going to war with the Republican "establishment," Donald Trump is suddenly siding with them against the more conservative wing of the party, as represented by the House Freedom Caucus. And the crackup I predicted is now in full swing. … [Read more...]

Study: Moral Outrage Aimed at the Intentionally Childless

As someone who neither has nor wants children, it has always annoyed the hell out of me to see the common attitudes toward people like me from breeders. A new study shows that most Americans respond to those who choose not to have children with high levels of moral outrage. … [Read more...]

Klayman’s Absurd Analysis of Travel Ban Ruling

Larry Klayman's got his dander up again, this time over a federal judge in Hawaii issuing an injunction on the enforcement of Trump's Muslim ban 2.0 pending further argument. Given that he's the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, it's no surprise that his analysis of the ruling is positively ridiculous. … [Read more...]