Study: Moral Outrage Aimed at the Intentionally Childless

As someone who neither has nor wants children, it has always annoyed the hell out of me to see the common attitudes toward people like me from breeders. A new study shows that most Americans respond to those who choose not to have children with high levels of moral outrage. … [Read more...]

Klayman’s Absurd Analysis of Travel Ban Ruling

Larry Klayman's got his dander up again, this time over a federal judge in Hawaii issuing an injunction on the enforcement of Trump's Muslim ban 2.0 pending further argument. Given that he's the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, it's no surprise that his analysis of the ruling is positively ridiculous. … [Read more...]

Justice Thomas Speaks Out Against Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Supreme Court just decided not to accept an appeal of a case involving the clearly unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture laws, but Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a rare dissent from the denial of cert questioning the constitutionality of the practice. … [Read more...]

Really, Sean Spicer? Really?

If Sean Spicer wasn't such a sanctimonious jerk, I might feel sorry for him. He is paid to lie and make up ridiculous rationalizations for all the stupid things Trump says and does. But I simply cannot respect anyone who says things like this: … [Read more...]

Trump Shocked to Find Out Public Policy is Complex

Donald Trump is shocked -- shocked, people -- to find out that health care reform policy is complicated and can't be achieved by just barking an order to a subordinate. But he mistakenly thinks that nobody knew what he didn't know. … [Read more...]

My Latest Adventures in Medicine

So as I said a couple days ago, I'm in the hospital and will be here at least through Monday and perhaps quite a bit longer, depending on what they find. We're finally going to get to the bottom of these intersecting health problems that have plagued me for the last couple years. … [Read more...]

Light Posting Ahead

For those not on my Facebook friends list, the reason for few posts today was because I'm in the hospital and it looks like I'll be here at least through Monday. I won't go into the details. But expect lighter posting in the meantime. … [Read more...]

Fox’s Judge Napolitano Lies About Classified Information and Courts

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano is either extremely ignorant about a very basic matter of law or he is flat out lying when he told host Bill Hemmer that the president cannot reveal classified information to a federal judge, preventing him from defending his travel ban. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Endorses Polytheism, Ties Gaga to Illuminati

Our old friend "Coach" Dave Daubenmire dropped a huge load of WTF on his latest "Pass the Salt" internet show, claiming that the Illuminati tricked everyone into watching Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance, and he endorsed polytheism along the way. … [Read more...]

Rick Perry on Board of Dakota Pipeline Corporation

Donald Trump may have sold his stake in one of the smaller investors in the Dakota Pipeline project before reapproving it, but there's still a big conflict of interest in his administration because Rick Perry, his pick as Secretary of Energy, is on the board of the company that owns the pipeline. … [Read more...]

Stone Still Pushing Claim that Cruz’ Father Helped Assassinate Kennedy

Roger Stone is nothing if not absolutely relentless in two things: Supporting Donald Trump and spreading total bullshit. Remember when Trump claimed that Ted Cruz' father was involved in the Kennedy assassination? Stone is still claiming he was right. … [Read more...]

Benham: Same-sex Marriage the ‘Ultimate Attack’ on God

David Benham, part of the twoheaded halfwit sons of anti-choice fanatic Skip Benham, went on Liberty Counsel's radio show and said that same-sex marriage is the "ultimate attack" on God and is also "a mask for Satan." … [Read more...]