Bryan Fischer Pronounces Us All Traitors

Weapons-grade moron Bryan Fischer has a message for people like me and all other secularists who want a strict separation of church and state. Anyone who opposes the public posting of the Ten Commandments, he says, is a traitor to the United States. … [Read more...]

WND Suddenly Spots the Signs of Revolution

The Worldnetdaily, after 8 years of fomenting the propaganda of violent revolution, has suddenly discovered evidence that their political enemies on the left are the ones who are "plotting violent anti-American revolution." Because they completely lack any self-awareness whatsoever. … [Read more...]

Trump Fan Interrupts Church Service, Rants About Pizzagate

A guy who became rather notorious for carrying a "Hillary 4 Prison" sign around the Philadelphia area interrupted a church service in that city and ranted and raved about Pizzagate until security guards threw him out on his ass. … [Read more...]

Priebus Thinks Donald Trump is Our ‘New King’

This is one of those things were you just have to wonder if there are any adults left in the GOP. Was there really not a single person at the Republican National Committee to prevent Reince Priebus from including this passage in their Christmas greeting: … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanzaa, Whatever

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer to celebrate or not celebrate. As of last month, this blog has been going continually for more than 13 years, which I find pretty astonishing. To those who have followed my work from the start, in particular, I'd like to say thanks. … [Read more...]

MI Business Owner Goes on Racist, Threatening Rant

The owner of a business in Holland, Michigan (not far from where I live) decided on Tuesday to destroy his reputation with a vicious, racist, rant full of death threats at a black man he thought was sleeping with his girlfriend. … [Read more...]

Stone: Alex Jones More Credible than CNN

It seems that Donald Trump's BFF, Roger Stone, is still upset that he was banned from CNN for years worth of racist, sexist and threatening tweets. He told talk show host Jamie Weinstein that Alex Jones' InfoWars is more credible than CNN. … [Read more...]

Get Your Donald Trump Christmas Ornaments Here

Like any good carnival barker (read: con man), Donald Trump knows that you must always have a product to sell. During the election, that product was fear and demagoguery with a heavy icing of lies. But now that he's won, it's $149 MAGA hat Christmas ornaments. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Says Happy Thanksgiving

I'll just let our new president say what I want to say: … [Read more...]

Small Silver Lining: Arpaio Lost

I'm not really in the mood for looking for silver linings right now, but one found me anyway. Fascist Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his reelection bid by a solid 10 points. A tiny little island of rationality in the vast expanse of What the Fuck Ocean. … [Read more...]

Black Preacher Declares President Obama ‘Demonic’

E.W. Jackson, a right wing black preacher who somehow managed to get on the ballot in West Virginia as lt. governor for the Republican party in 2013, says that President Obama has made things worse for black people and the reason is obvious: He's demonic. … [Read more...]

Quayle: 90% of Humanity to Be Murdered

End times prophet and massive ball of dumb Steve Quayle had a lot to say during his appearance on con man Jim Bakker's show. For instance, he told him that the "global elite" was going to slaughter 90% of the world's population. For...some reason. … [Read more...]