Shoebat: Trump Will Establish a Christian Supremacist America

Looks like Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is one of those dumbass Christians who thinks Donald Trump is not only a real Christian, but a theocrat like him. The reality, of course, is that Trump has never given a shit about religion and still doesn't, but he's good at fooling gullible Christians into thinking he is. Shoebat says if Trump is elected, he'll turn America into a "Christian supremacist" society that puts non-Christians to death. … [Read more...]

Cruz Tells a Lie to Make Case for Christian Persecution

Like most Christian right leaders, Ted Cruz blathers on endlessly about the entirely mythical persecution of Christians in this country, but he's now pushing an entirely fake story that Newt Gingrich used in the 2012 election as well. It's the alleged story of a judge threatening to throw a high school girl in jail if she prayed at her graduation ceremony. It is all, of course, a lie. … [Read more...]

Palin: God is Getting Mad at Us

Hey look, Sarah Palin's ghostwriter has a new book out (I know who that ghostwriter is, but I don't think I can say it publicly) called Sweet Freedom (of course it's a platitude; she can think in no other way). It invites you to "draw strength and inspiration from 260 meditations based on guiding Biblical verses." She went on the Janet Parshall show and said that God is getting tired of us defying him all the time. … [Read more...]

Hey Look, Another Idea From the Pit of Hell

A few years ago, former Georgia Congressman Paul Broun declared that evolution and the big bang theory were "lies from the pit of hell." And now we have another idea that apparently came from the pit of hell. Austin Ruse, head of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, sent an email to supporters saying that comprehensive sex education has the same source. … [Read more...]

Cruz Hails Support of Man Who Wants Abortion Doctors Executed

Ted Cruz has come out and condemned the horrible terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last week, but only a week earlier he trumpeted the endorsement of Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, who has publicly called for the execution of abortion doctors (and women who have abortions too). Newman himself also condemned the attack, which is laughably hypocritical. … [Read more...]

Harvey: Missouri Protesters Will Join ISIS!

Linda Harvey is one of the most extreme and ridiculous voice on the Christian right, especially when it comes to The Gay, a subject on which she is a thoroughgoing bigot. Her latest bit of stupid comes in a column at BarbWire in which she says that the students who protested at Missouri and other universities are going to be recruited by ISIS and become terrorists. … [Read more...]

Assad: Putin the ‘Only Defender of Christian Civilization’

In addition to the many American wingnuts who adore his bare-chested barbaric yawps, Vladimir Putin also has a fan in Shiite Muslim dictator Bashar Assad. Given that Putin is now bombing the rebels trying to overthrow Assad, it's hardly a surprise that he loves his fellow strongman, but the way he describes Putin, as the "only defender of Christian civilization" that can be relied on, is rather odd. … [Read more...]

A Bigot’s Lame Attempts at Rationalizing His Bigotry

I am posting this at the request of a guy on Facebook named Tim Kragt, with whom I had the following exchange. He seems to think that rational people will agree with him. Let me begin with the original post, which was a repost of something Hiba Bint Zeinab, a Lebanese ex-Muslim, wrote about all the attention being paid to the terrorist attacks in Paris and so little to the equally horrible attack in Beirut: … [Read more...]

Eidsmoe: Kim Davis Doesn’t Go Far Enough

John Eidsmoe, the former law professor from Oral Roberts University who was a mentor to Michele Bachmann and now works for Roy Moore's Foundation for Moral Law, went on a right-wing radio talk show and said that Kim Davis' current demand for an accommodation to avoid having her name on marriage licenses for gay couples doesn't go far enough. Instead, public officials should all defy the Supreme Court in order to de facto overturn their ruling. … [Read more...]

Trump Wins Key Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity political endorsements always make me laugh. First of all, if a celebrity endorsement sways your vote, you probably shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place. If that's what enters into your decision calculus, you need to just shut up and let the grown ups make the decisions. Especially if the endorsement comes from someone like Mike Tyson, who is now endorsing Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

OMG! Obama’s Helping the UN Impose Sharia Law!

When it was announced a month ago that New York City was joining the DOJ's Strong Cities Program, designed to help get at the root causes of domestic terrorism, Muslim activists and civil liberties groups expressed concern that the program would lead to greater surveillance of Muslims and similar things. But the wingnuts think it's the exact opposite, a program to impose Sharia law! … [Read more...]

Jindal Lies About DOJ Suing Over Planned Parenthood

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal continues his habit of lying through his teeth on the campaign trail. During an appearance on the Family Research Council's Washington Watch radio show, he got all uppity about Obama sending the Department of Justice down to sue the state of Louisiana for voiding Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood. There's just one problem: He didn't do that. … [Read more...]