I Think I’d Really Like Iceland


The United Nations has been asking countries around the world to help the millions of refugees from the civil war in Syria by taking some of them in, thus easing the burden a bit on Jordan and Turkey, which has been hit with a a massive influx of them. The United States is taking a small number of them, a few thousand, and Iceland agreed to take 50 of them -- until the people there decided that wasn't enough and offered to open their homes to them personally. … [Read more...]

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Palin Interviews Trump. Hilarity Ensues.


Sarah Palin interviewed Donald Trump on some previously unheard of news network called One America News on Friday and it was nothing more than an infomercial for the candidate. Palin gushes and gets all folksy and Joe Six-Packey with him. At one point she says, "I know that's where your heart is, in the working class." Oh yeah, if there's one thing Trump is known for, it's looking out for the working class (you know, like all those people whose homes he paid the government to seize to make way … [Read more...]

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Dear God: Thank You for Creflo Dollar

Youtube screenshot

Voltaire is supposed to have said, “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it." That's kind of how I feel about all these faith-healing, prosperity gospel preacher con men (and women). They are endlessly ridiculous, hence endlessly amusing, and I don't have to do anything at all to make them seem that way other than quote them verbatim. Like Creflo Dollar, who is still defending his "need" for a $65 million private jet. … [Read more...]

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Duggar Pitch Story May Be False

I'd just like to acknowledge Hemant's post about the story that the Duggars are pitching a series to TLC that would have them counseling victims of sexual abuse. He did a little digging and found the original source to be unreliable and no evidence that this is actually happening. As someone who posted a story about that, it's important to correct it. Thanks, Hemant. … [Read more...]

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Welcome To My New Home

Okay, leaving Freethought Blogs, a blog network I created, was the really difficult part. Joining Patheos is the easy part, mostly because I have a lot of friends here already and a lot of bloggers that I really respect. This will be the 6th home of Dispatches from the Culture Wars. First I was on Blogger, way back in November, 2003. A few months later, I switched to a service called MBlog, which was kind of like Wordpress.com but for Movable Type, a popular blogging platform at the time. A few … [Read more...]

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AL Police Officer Admits to Lying for Other Officers

Here's a rare but important situation. A police officer in Alabama, likely at great risk to himself, testified at the trial of another officer that he and other officers lied to help cover up a case of totally unprovoked brutality by the cop on trial. … [Read more...]

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Jewish Fascist Again Tries to Murder Gay Pride Marchers in Jerusalem

Back in 2005, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish bigot attacked a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, stabbing several people. He spent the last ten years in prison for it. He got of prison a few weeks ago and the first thing that he did was stab six more people at this year's pride event. … [Read more...]

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Savage: Trump is the ‘Winston Churchill of Our Time’

No, that headline is not a joke. Michael Savage actually said, out loud on the radio, that Donald Trump is the "Winston Churchill of our time." Oh, and he also said that Trump is going to win the Latino vote in the election. Seriously. I'm not kidding. … [Read more...]

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Gramm Decries ‘Exploitation’ of CEO With $158 Million Golden Parachute

Former Sen. Phil Gramm, a lickspittle for the rich if ever there was one, testified in front of the House Financial Services Committee this week and was outraged -- slammed the table and everything -- that his good friend, former CEO of AT&T, was "exploited" because he only got a $75 million payout when he retired (it was more, actually). … [Read more...]

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Obama Trolls Conservatives Again

On his trip to Kenya, President Obama trolled the far right a couple times. First, he joked that he was only there to find his birth certificate. Second, he joked about how he thinks he would win reelection if he could run a third time. Michael Savage predictably took the bait. What Obama actually said: … [Read more...]

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Richard Land and ‘Extreme Gay Rights’

President Obama spoke out in favor of LGBT rights during his visit to Kenya, which of course has the Christian right frothing in rage. Richard Land, who was too extreme even for the Southern Baptist Convention, says that he is advocating for "extreme gay rights" abroad. … [Read more...]

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Wiles: Obama is Going to Slaughter Millions of ‘Resistors’

It's a day that ends in Y, so that means Rick Wiles made another bizarre, hyperbolic and dystopic prediction about how Obama is going to destroy the entire world, especially Christians. Obama, he says, is going to "slaughter millions of American resistors in a bloody cleansing of the general population." … [Read more...]

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