Trump Implies Clinton Should Be Assassinated If She Wins

Wow. Just when you thought Trump had bottomed out, he starts digging. Now he's actually suggesting that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, she should be assassinated. I don't see any other way to interpret this off-the-cuff comment from a campaign rally. … [Read more...]

DNC Considered Using Sanders’ Alleged Atheism Against Him

A huge trove of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee includes several with the chief financial officer of the organization, Brad Marshall, floating the idea of accusing Sanders of being an atheist (which he may well be) in order to score points against him in the campaign. … [Read more...]

Looking for a Few Good Moderators

Lately the blog has been getting hit with a lot of spam and I just can't check the comments all the time, so I'm looking for some longtime, trusted readers to be moderators on Dispatches. You would have the power to delete comments and ban commenters, which I would like you to use constantly against spam and relatively lightly against controversial commenters. Please leave a comment below if you're interested in doing this. Thanks. … [Read more...]

Pence is a Tobacco Truther!

It's one thing to be a global warming denier, but to still be arguing that tobacco doesn't cause cancer and death? Yep, that's the position that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, now Donald Trump's vice-presidential running mate, has taken for a long time. … [Read more...]

Shackleford: Satan is Creating Racial Tensions

Kelly Shackleford, head of one of the C-list Christian legal groups called First Liberty (nee the Liberty Legal Institute), went on a Christian radio show this week and said that racial problems in America are caused by us turning from God and Satan filling the void. … [Read more...]

Maine Wingnuts Want to Make The Gay Illegal Again

A group of anti-gay bigots in Maine has launched a new organization with the ironic title "Equal Rights, not Special Rights," with the goal not only of stripping anti-discrimination protections from gay people, but making homosexuality illegal again. … [Read more...]

Is This the Single Dumbest Tweet Ever?

I think I may have found the single dumbest tweet ever made, and it is surprisingly not from Donald Trump. It's from former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, now a right-wing radio show host (talk radio -- where failed politicians go to die). … [Read more...]

Texas Loses Another Ruling on Refugees

The state of Texas has lost yet another round of court actions as they try to stop the federal government from resettling Syrian refugees there. They've lost pretty much every motion they've filed, but they won't give up, I assume because it's an election year. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Trump Inspired Me to Embrace 9/11 Trutherism

Gary Heavin, the owner of Curves gyms for women and Jenny Craig as well, financed a ridiculous paranoid film about the persecution of Christians and he has now also embraced 9/11 trutherism. He "credits" that to Donald Trump, but don't worry he's just asking questions. … [Read more...]

Trump Gets Friends to Vouch for His ‘University’ Scam

Facing two class action lawsuits and a civil prosecution in New York over his fake "university," Donald Trump decided to get a few pals to record a video talking about how great it was for them. Without revealing his relationships with those people. … [Read more...]

Trump Offers Baffling Answer About Attacks on Judge

After his vicious attack on the judge hearing the legal challenge to his fraudulent Trump "University," including repeatedly pointing out that the judge is Mexican, as though that were in any way relevant, Donald Trump offered this absolutely bizarre answer to a question about it: … [Read more...]

Beck: Pedophilia the Next Stop on the LGBT Express

Glenn Beck offers the classic slippery slope argument that gay rights ---> trans rights ---> pedophile rights. He offers no analysis for this, just a "guarantee" that it's going to happen. Because what do you need to make such an argument other than pure speculation? … [Read more...]