Ohio Wants to Make People Pay to Keep Polls Open

In a stunningly craven move, the Republican-controlled Ohio state legislature passed a bill that would require anyone asking a court to keep the polls open later in order to allow everyone in line to cast a vote to put up a cash bond first. … [Read more...]

The NRA’s Incoherent Positions on Ex-Felons

ThinkProgress points out a rather obvious inconsistency from the NRA. On the one hand, they rail against the idea that ex-felons should get their voting rights restored after paying their debt to society. On the other, they think it's an absolute outrage that those same people can't own guns in some states. … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Trump Wrong About Something. Film at 11.

In a shocking development, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said something completely false during an interview. In related news, it's a day ending in Y. This time he claimed that same-day voter registration allows non-citizens to vote in elections. Nope. … [Read more...]

WI GOP Staffer Quit Over Republican Voter Suppression

Todd Allbaugh was a lifelong Republican staffer in Wisconsin, but he quit the party and quit working in politics completely after witnessing Republican senators in that state "giddy" over the passage of several bills that would help the GOP win elections by suppressing the votes of minorities and college students. He wrote on Facebook: … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Affirms Full Representation in Congressional Districts

In an important ruling that was surprisingly unanimous (though two of the justices concurred in the result while rejecting the rationale for it), the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that states must use the total number of people to determine congressional representation, not just the number of voters. Ian Millhiser explains why this matters: … [Read more...]

Kobach Calls League of Women Voters ‘Communist’

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is clearly positioning himself either for higher office or for a long career as a right-wing radio talk show host. He's lied continually about non-existent voter fraud to justify voter suppression policies and now he's calling the venerable League of Women Voters "communist" for opposing him. … [Read more...]

John Oliver on Photo ID and Voter Fraud

John Oliver has pioneered an entirely new idea, long-form comedic journalism, and he's doing it brilliantly. Here's an absolutely brilliant takedown of those who claim photo ID laws are needed to combat virtually non-existent voter fraud. … [Read more...]

Another Court Orders Redistricting Due to Gerrymandering

A judge in Florida has already ordered the redrawing of heavily gerrymandered congressional districts in Florida and now a judge in North Carolina has done the same thing after the Republican-controlled legislature drew districts that minimized the electoral influence of racial minorities. … [Read more...]

Voter ID Laws Really Do Suppress Minority Votes

A new study of the last few election cycles that compares minority turnout in states that have strict photo ID laws to be allowed to vote and those that don't shows that such laws have precisely the effect that Republicans want them to have, suppressing the votes of racial minorities that are more likely to vote for Democrats. … [Read more...]

Florida Redistricting Ruled Unconstitutional

A state judge in Florida has declared the redestricting maps drawn by the Republican-dominated legislature after the 2010 census was intentionally drawn to ensure Republican control and therefore is forbidden by the Florida state constitution. The Campaign Legal Center sent out this email on the ruling: … [Read more...]

Republican Voter Fraud. Again.

Republicans are continually screaming about voter fraud and using absurd and vastly exaggerated data to "prove" it, but when real voter fraud is caught it's usually done by Republicans. Here's another example, a wealthy Republican donor in Wisconsin charged with 13 counts of voter fraud. … [Read more...]

No Extreme is Too Extreme for GOP. Example 1,502,846.

Here's yet another example of the undeniable fact that in today's Republican party, it's nearly impossible to say something so extreme that it will prevent you from winning office or get other Republicans to condemn you. Rep. Ted Yolo of Florida thinks only property owners should have the right to vote. … [Read more...]