Source of Voter Fraud Claim Registered in Three States

Here's your morning cup of hot, steaming irony. Gregg Phillips, the formerly anonymous nobody who is the source for Trump's claim of 3-5 million illegal votes but has offered not a shred of evidence for that claim, is himself registered to vote in three states. … [Read more...]

Another Legal Victory Against Gerrymandering

A federal appeals court has struck down the congressional districts drawn by Republicans in Wisconsin and ordered them to be redrawn without blatant attempts to rig the makeup of the legislature. This is one of several cases that the Supreme Court will eventually hear. … [Read more...]

Voter Fraud Conspiracy Nut Can Prove It. Really, He Can.

The entire claim about 3-5 million votes by illegal immigrants originated with a guy named Gregg Phillips, who claimed on Twitter that he had examined 180 million voter records and had reached that conclusion. He was interviewed on CNN. It didn't go well for him. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Totally Incoherent Rambling About Voter Fraud

ABC scored the first long-form interview of Donald Trump since taking office and got an earful of nonsensical babbling when they asked him about his claim that 3-5 million people voted illegally in the presidential election. Try to make sense of any of this: … [Read more...]

Texas Gov: Voter Fraud is Real!

Nearly every secretary of state in the country, the ones who actually oversee elections who are overwhelmingly Republican, have said that Trump is wrong about voter fraud and that it is a very tiny problem involving very few votes. But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is backing up Trump: … [Read more...]

Trump Demands Major Investigation Into His Own Staff and Daughter

As the media has pressed Trump on his ridiculous claim of 3-5 million illegal voters in the election, wondering why, if he really believes that, he hasn't ordered an investigation into it, he finally announced on Twitter that he is asking for that. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court: Alabama Drew Racially Motivated Districts

Here's another victory against gerrymandering. A federal appeals court has ruled that Alabama illegally drew congressional districts in order to pack black voters into a few weirdly shaped districts to limit their ability to influence elections. … [Read more...]

NC GOP Still Fighting to Keep Racial Gerrymandering

A federal judge last year ruled that the state-level districts in North Carolina were unconstitutional because they were drawn to minimize the influence of black voters. Not one to give up. the Republicans in that state have asked the Supreme Court to cancel the new elections ordered to rectify the situation. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Two Gerrymandering Cases

The Supreme Court, still with only 8 justices in place, heard two important cases involving gerrymandering on Monday. The outcome of those cases could either be a big blow to gerrymandering or be the death blow to any efforts to defeat it. Ian Millhiser explains the arguments: … [Read more...]

Trump Spokesman Tries, Fails to Defend Voter Fraud Claim

I almost feel sorry for those who work for Donald Trump. He says blatantly false and offensive things, they have to defend him. Jason Miller, the spokesman for the transition team, had to go out and defend the ridiculous claim that millions of people voted illegally. Naturally, he had to lie to do so. … [Read more...]

Trump Spreads Ridiculous ‘Millions Voted Illegally” Lie

Anyone who thought Trump was going to become more presidential after being elected, consider yourself proven wrong. He's still the guy acting like a 12-year old on Twitter, passing along lie after lie as long as it supports his position. … [Read more...]

Huge Ruling on Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

A federal district court in Wisconsin has ruled that the redistricting maps drawn after 2010 in Wisconsin are so blatantly designed for partisan advantage that they are unconstitutional. This case will very likely end up at the Supreme Court in a year or two. … [Read more...]