Iowa SOS Misused Federal Funds for Voter Fraud Investigation

Iowa's Republican Secretary of State Matt Schultz is in hot water even with a fellow Republican, the state auditor, who sent him a letter telling him that he must repay the $140,000 in federal funds he used in the investigation that found a whopping 16 cases of voter fraud in that state (out of more than 1.2 million votes cast). … [Read more...]

‘Voter Fraud’ in ‘Key Swing State’

Here's another state investigation that found "rampant" voter fraud, a whopping 17 cases in Ohio, most of which were probably just mistakes by secretary of state office workers. But Fox News wants you to know that this happened in a "key swing state." … [Read more...]

Another Voter Fraud Investigation Comes Up Empty

Another Republican launches an investigation into "rampant" voter fraud only to come up pretty much empty in finding actual cases. This time it's Iowa, where Secretary of State Matt Schultz has spent the last year and a half looking for cases and found a whopping five of them, most of whom had nothing to do with actual voter fraud. … [Read more...]

Gaffney: Low Income Voters are the End of America

Like many wingnuts, deranged bigot and delusional paranoiac Frank Gaffney is mighty upset that the Obamacare website gives people the change to register to vote. Never mind that this is actually required by federal law and has been for two decades. It's bad, you see, because when poor people vote it's the "end of America." … [Read more...]

Texas’ Bad Arguments on Voting Rights

Plaintiffs in a Texas lawsuit are challenging that state's voter ID law on the grounds that it has a disparate impact on minority voters. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who wants to be the next governor of the state, is not only arguing that this is false, he's arguing that no one even has a right to bring such a lawsuit. … [Read more...]

Kobach Tries to Make a Case for Voter Fraud

Kris Kobach, the rising star Republican secretary of state in Kansas, is trying to move beyond his status as the GOP's chief anti-immigration advocate by taking up the issue of voter fraud. He wrote an op-ed on a radio station website making a ridiculously bad case for the existence of serious voter fraud. … [Read more...]

The GOP’s Brazen Assault on Voting Rights

Rachel Maddow had a very important segment on her show Tuesday night about what the Republicans in control of North Carolina are doing to make it far more difficult for college students, especially black students, to vote in that state. They're shutting down polling places at historically black colleges, making it far more difficult for students to vote. Seriously, how brazen and obvious could this be? They aren't even pretending that this has anything to do with any goal other than to rig … [Read more...]

Restore Voting Rights of Ex-Felons

If you've read Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness -- and you really should, it's an incredibly important book -- you know how our criminal justice system has, intentionally or not, reestablished the reality of the Jim Crow south. Our obsessive focus on drugs and the obsessive focus within that problem on black drug sellers and users (who use and sell drugs at the same rate as whites) has resulted in millions of black men in particular in … [Read more...]

Conservative Legal Scholars Slam VRA Ruling

Two of the most prominent conservative legal scholars in the country, including one who has long been on a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees for Republican presidents, slammed the court's ruling in the Voting Rights Act case in interviews with Nina Totenberg. … [Read more...]

The Republican Boy Who Cried Wolf

Every election we hear from some Republican politician -- always a Republican -- that there was rampant voter fraud. They will often point to some numerical discrepancy that sounds compelling but they always fall apart on examination. The latest example is from South Carolina: … [Read more...]

The Real Problem With the Voting Rights Act Ruling

This morning, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Shelby County v Holder, which challenged two sections of the Voting Rights Act, first passed in 1966 but reauthorized several times, most recently in 2006 by a nearly unanimous vote of Congress. There's some good news and some bad news in that ruling, which can be viewed here. … [Read more...]

More Republican Petition Fraud in VA

Remember during last year's election when Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry didn't get on the ballot for the Republican primary in Virginia? It turns out that's because the petitions their campaign turned in to get on the ballot were full of fake signatures. And one of them has now pleaded guilty to election fraud. … [Read more...]