RNC Disavows Trump’s ‘Ballot Security’ Plans

The Trump campaign has said repeatedly that they are working closely with the RNC on "ballot security" initiatives at polling places. One problem: The RNC is forbidden by a court order from doing that. So they're pretending it has nothing to do with them. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists, Militia Goons to Monitor Polling Places

Oh goody. Various white supremacist and far-right paranoid militia groups are planning to monitor polling places to be on the lookout for voter fraud. Their attention will, of course, focus on predominately black precincts because, ya know, being black is probable cause and all. … [Read more...]

West Lies, Claims His Reelection Was Rigged

Allen West has never had a firm grasp on reality, nor has he ever showed anything like honesty or integrity, so it comes as no surprise that he is now lying and claiming that he lost his campaign for reelection to Congress in 2012 due to voter fraud. … [Read more...]

AL Sec. of State Has Warped Excuse for Opposing Automatic Voter Registration

People should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18 years old. Republicans, of course, oppose any such thing just as they oppose any policy or law that would make it easier for people to vote because they know that suppressing turnout helps them win. The Alabama Sec. of State has a bizarre excuse for that opposition: … [Read more...]

Judge Orders RNC to Reveal Coordination with Trump at Polling Places

Last week the DNC filed a motion to reopen a case that ended with a consent decree forbidding the RNC from engaging in a wide range of "ballot security" activities. The RNC says they have no connection to anything Trump has said he was going to do. There's just one little problem... … [Read more...]

Trump Pledges to Violate Court Order on Poll Watchers

Rachel Maddow highlighted a story Wednesday night that I can't believe I didn't think about earlier myself. It involved a consent decree issued in 1981 that forbids the Republican party from engaging in the kind of poll-watching that Trump is now recruiting his followers to engage in. … [Read more...]

Trump Revives Another Voter Fraud Myth

The flailing and desperate Donald Trump, who not only doesn't care about truth or accuracy but views all claims in his favor as immutably true and all claims to the contrary as false, is reviving another voter fraud myth, and adding another lie to it as well. … [Read more...]

GOP Election Law Expert Slams Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud

Chris Ashby, a Republican attorney who specializes in election law and has worked for many campaigns, explained on CNN why Donald Trump's constant claims that he will be robbed of a win on Nov. 8 by massive voter fraud is so dangerous. … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends Perpetuates Voter Fraud Myth

The three blind mice on Fox and Friends are mindlessly repeating lies told by Rudy Giuliani on TV over the weekend when he claimed that dead people always vote for Democrats. Steve Doocy did his usual golly gee whiz, guys, did you hear about this routine. … [Read more...]

Trump Surrogate: 1.8 Million People Commit Voter Fraud!

Scottie Nell Hughes, easily one of the dullest of the Trump Surrogates (talk about stiff competition for that title), claimed on CNN that a study showed that 1.8 million people are perpetrating voter fraud. I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that she's completely full of shit. … [Read more...]

Obama, Holder to Lead Redistricting Effort

After leaving office, President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder will be joining forces to push for more fair redistricting, which is an enormously important thing for maintaining a genuine democracy. Politico has the details. … [Read more...]

Another Far Right Pol Faces Contempt Charges

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is probably the country's most zealous vote suppressor, but in May a federal court ordered him to stop refusing to register voters who could not prove they were citizens. That court has now ordered him to court to explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt for not complying with that order. … [Read more...]