WND Pimps the War on Christmas

All this bullshit you hear about the entirely fictional "war on Christmas" appears to be little more than a marketing campaign for useless products (in the Christian bookseller business they call this stuff "Jesus junk"). The Worldnetdaily wants you to buy a "Merry Christmas" bracelet. … [Read more...]

WND Declares War on Christmas. Again.

Just as they did in 2012, the Worldnetdaily is trying to have it both ways on Christmas. On the one hand, they print all these articles about the alleged "war on Christmas." On the other hand, they put up videos declaring that Christmas is a pagan holiday. Their latest says that December 25 is actually the birthday of Baal, not Jesus. WND, why do you have the baby Jesus so much? … [Read more...]

Rios Godwins the ‘War on Christmas’

Sandy Rios and Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association went on the radio to talk about the "war on Christmas" and Rios declared that “This is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany." Oh, and Russia and China and North Korea too. Because that's totally reasonable. … [Read more...]

The War on Christmas Hits Texas

The war on Christmas has made it to the state of Texas. By which I mean that a Christian right group in Texas is trying desperately to raise money by making people afraid of the entirely mythical war on Christmas. My friends at the Texas Freedom Network have the text of an email they sent out: … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Has ‘Access to Santa Claus’

Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition did a quick interview with Sarah Palin about her upcoming book on the totally mythical "war on Christmas." And she actually claims that it will be a great book because she's from Alaska and therefore are "near the North Pole and have access to Santa Claus." A few seconds later she says it's all about focusing on Jesus. Without a hint of irony. Seriously, she's just a moron. … [Read more...]

Palin to Compile Platitudes Into a Book

Sarah Palin took the opportunity of her first appearance on Fox News since behind re-signed as a contributor to announce that she is working on a new book about the entirely fictitious "war on Christmas." I'm sure it will be filled with lameass cliches and platitudes like these: … [Read more...]

Palin to ‘Write’ a Christmas Book

Sarah Palin has signed a deal to write -- or to put her name on something someone else wrote -- a book about Christmas. And from the description of the book and a statement issued by Palin through the publisher, I'm sure it will be every bit as vapid as one would expect. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly vs Santa Claus

The Daily Currant, an Onion-style parody site, has an amusing article about Bill O'Reilly allegedly losing it with an in-store Santa Claus at Macy's after the fake Christmas icon wished him a "happy holidays" instead of a "merry Christmas." This doesn't seem too farfetched: … [Read more...]

Rios Uncovers Important Conspiracy

A new front has been opened in the War on Christmas and the American Family Association's Sandy Rios has sniffed it out. Those sneaky Democrats have been pushing important legislative battles in Congress at Christmas time to distract people from the baby Jesus: … [Read more...]

War on Christmas? Yep, It’s the Jews

You knew it had to come down to this, right? If there's a war on Christmas, you just knew that it was the Jews behind the whole thing, running it all from their seats of extraordinary power in the banking and entertainment industries. But Burt Prelutsky can say that, because he's Jewish: … [Read more...]

Another War on Christmas Video from the Worldnutdaily

The Worldnutdaily is back with another video from Richard Rives, published with the headline "Dec. 25 has 'nothing' to do with Jesus." At the same time, they're also running stories about "Atheist attacks on Christmas" and "How to avoid Grinches at Christmas," which is all about that infamous War on Christmas -- but not, of course, the one the Worldnutdaily is fighting. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Blames War on Christmas on Gay People

Bill O'Reilly, certified moral leader for Real Americanstm everywhere, is still flogging the dead horse of the War on Christmas -- and now he's blaming it all on gay people who want abortions, or something. Here's a conversation he had with Bernard McGuirk and the astonishingly stupid Greg Gutfeld: … [Read more...]