Bakker: Trump Called Me. And I Need Money.

Alex Jones is not the only wingnut con artist Donald Trump called to thank for his support after the election, apparently. If Jim Bakker is to be believed -- a dicey proposition at best -- Trump called him too. And that's why you should send him money. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Pray at Capitol to Defeat Scary Old Satan

David Barton joined a group of pastors and a few dozen members of Congress for a “Congressional-Clergy Town Hall” that was really just a chance for them to go all over the capitol building mumbling prayers. The goal? To defeat Satan, of course, and to bring about "revival." … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn, Jr. Helps Spread Pizzagate Conspiracies

Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of Trump's appointed national security adviser, has been doing his best to spread that ridiculous fake story about the Clinton child sex trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza place (that doesn't even have a basement, FFS). But Junior isn't just his son, he's deeply involved in the Trump transition team: … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Pizzagate a Plot by Liberals to Make Right Look Bad

Some wingnut named Rachel Alexander has a terribly confused article at The Stream, televangelist James Robison's answer to The Blaze, about that idiotic pizzagate story. She spends the first 3/4ths of the article defending the plausibility of the allegations against the pizza place, then suddenly declares it all a liberal invention. … [Read more...]

Anti-Immigrant Bigot Wants to Sue Soros for Illegal Immigration

The almost impressively racist William Gheen of ALIPAC has a brilliant idea. He thinks people who don't like illegal immigration should sue George Soros for giving money to pro-immigration organizations. He wants thousands of such suits filed. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump is a Prophet!

It's been highly amusing watching the wingnuts twist themselves into pretzels making Donald Trump out to be God's Own Candidate, but Jim Bakker and his guests are taking this to a whole new level of stupid. They say Trump is a prophet himself. Because his name sounds like trumpets. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Barton Now Lying About Rafael Cruz

David Barton, not content to lie about American history, is now lying about his friend Rafael Cruz, Ted's even more extremist father. In response to statements made about Fidel Castro's death, he says that they should bring Rafael on the show because he lived through the Castro regime. … [Read more...]

Gallups: UN Will Speed Up Global Takeover in Response to Trump

I find conspiracy theories about the United Nations highly amusing. The right wing has spun one ridiculous prediction after another since its formation, none of them ever coming true. But Carl Gallups, a pastor who supported Donald Trump, says they're speeding up their plans to take over the world in respond to Trump's election. … [Read more...]

The Inherent Authoritarianism of Trump’s Attacks on the Press

In a segment on CNN's Reliable Sources, Brian Stetler talked with a couple of experts who argued, quite correctly I think, that Donald Trump's constant bashing of the press is not only for his immediate political benefit, but that it also shows his authoritarian tendencies. … [Read more...]

KKK Recruitment is Increasing

With prompting from Donald Trump's cruel message of hatred for immigrants, Muslims and virtually everyone else, the KKK is seeing its numbers increase. And they're becoming far more bold about making public statements and holding rallies than they used to be. … [Read more...]

DeVos’ Education Goal is to ‘Advance God’s Kingdom’

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee to be the new secretary of education, is, like her entire family, a staunch fundamentalist and near-theocrat. She proves that yet again by saying that her goal in working on education reform is to "advance God's kingdom." … [Read more...]

The Cliff’s Notes Version of Alex Jones

Media Matters has a comprehensive guide to the bizarro world in which Alex Jones is king. It's a long list of some of Jones' crackpot conspiracy theories, but it doesn't even get all of them. You name the conspiracy theory, he either believes in it or invented. … [Read more...]