Curt Schilling Jumping Into Politics, Talk Radio

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, an outspoken right wing bigot and all-around asshole, is jumping into electoral politics. He has announced that he's going to run against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the next election, which should be fun. And he held a rally for Donald Trump that was a bit underwhelming. … [Read more...]

Eight Alabama Counties Refusing to Issue Any Marriage Licenses

Even with a Supreme Court order and the suspension of the chief justice of the state for instructing probate judges to ignore it, eight counties in the state of Alabama are … [Read more...]

O’Keefe: Hillary May Kill Me Too

It seems to be a badge of honor for the hard right to claim that Hillary Clinton is going to have them killed. Alex Jones has said it many times, Roger Stone just said it, and now overgrown frat boy with a camera James O'Keefe is saying it. … [Read more...]

Stone: If I Die, Hillary Killed Me

Professional paranoiac and fabulist Roger Stone, Donald Trump's BFF, says in an interview with -- of course -- the Worldnetdaily that if he suddenly dies, Hillary Clinton will be the one responsible for it. This story is brought to you by his extraordinarily inflated sense of self-importance. … [Read more...]

Watching Alex Jones Watch the 3rd Presidential Debate

The only thing more fun than watching the presidential debates is watching Alex Jones watch the presidential debates. As usual, he goes apeshit repeatedly, calling Hillary Clinton a "lying whore" and "evil wicked witch" while screaming at the television. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Hillary Will Murder Me if Elected

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire was never closely tethered to reality in the least, but he seems to be losing what little grip he might have had. Now he says that if Hillary Clinton is elected, he'll be murdered, and so will other Christians. … [Read more...]

Jones: Clinton is a ‘Damn Demon’ Who ‘Smells Like Rotting Flesh’

Alex Jones had a fellow anti-Hillary conspiracy nut on his show and repeated his claim that both she and Obama are "damn demons" who smell "like rotting flesh." His guest claimed that she attended a "witch's church" while first lady of Arkansas. … [Read more...]

Hannity Begins Undermining Clinton’s Legitimacy

One way you know that the right has given up and is recognizing that Trump is going to lose is that they've already moved on to the task of undermining the legitimacy of a Hillary Clinton presidency, as they now try to do for every Democratic president. Sean Hannity is getting a head start, declaring her "ineligible." … [Read more...]

Falwell, Jr. Censoring Anti-Trump Articles in Student Paper

How deep in the tank for Donald Trump is Jerry Falwell, Jr.? So deep that he's now censoring articles critical of Trump in the student newspaper. But a writer for the paper is blowing the whistle on it, telling the Daily Beast that it isn't the first time. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Apologizes for His Constant Predictions of Doom. Kinda.

Glenn Beck made a rather weird apology/notpology on his show this week for his continual predictions of impending doom. He lamented the fact that he scared children, including his own, with his penchant for wildly exaggerated melodrama. But he still thinks he was right about everything, of course. … [Read more...]

Wiles Prayed for God to Confuse Hillary’s Mind So She’d Lose Debate

Rick Wiles has been praying for Donald Trump to win the debates, obviously to no avail. So he decided to switch it up for last night's debate and pray instead for Hillary Clinton to lose, specifically for God to send "confusion" to "cloud" her mind so she blows it. … [Read more...]

Adams Will ‘Kill Twitter’ if They Commit ‘Treason’ by Shadowbanning Him

Scott Adams, the astonishingly stupid creator of the Dilbert cartoon, says that Twitter might be shadowbanning him. And if they are, he says, they're committing "treason" and that he will then "kill" one of the most popular social networks in the world. … [Read more...]