Wallnau: Trump a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Break Satan’s Dominion

Self-declared prophet and theocrat Lance Wallnau isn't just on the Trump bus, he's driving it by now. He has been relentlessly pushing the idea that God told him Trump has his "anointing" to be president. And he's the "Miley Cyrus wrecking ball" that will break Satan's hold over America. … [Read more...]

Federer: Syrian Refugees Brought In to Trigger Martial Law

Bill Federer, a poor man's David Barton, is also a paranoid anti-Muslim crackpot, it turns out. Speaking at the Breaking the Silence conference recently, he said that the government is bringing in Syrian refugees so they can engage in terrorism, which will allow for the imposition of martial law. … [Read more...]

Jones: Trump Set Up by CIA Agent Billy Bush

Sometimes Alex Jones makes me say WTF a lot. And other times, he just makes me laugh. This is one of the latter times. He says that Donald Trump was "goaded" into being a misogynist pig who sexually assaults women by Billy Bush, who is, of course, a CIA agent. … [Read more...]

Louis Gohmert for House Speaker!

It's no secret that the talk radio wing of the Republican party hates Paul Ryan with the fire of a thousand sons. He simply isn't pure enough for them (but then who possibly could be?). So after the election, they're targeting Ryan and want to replace him with the dumbest man in Congress, Louis Gohmert. … [Read more...]

Saleem: Hillary Will Put Christians in Prison!

Kamal Saleem, one of the B-team fake "ex-terrorists" making a living by pretending to be expert on terrorism because of that lie, told a conference that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she'll throw the Christians in jail. What, no lions? … [Read more...]

Root: Trump Never Groped Women Because He’s So Handsome

I don't know how much Donald Trump is paying Wayne Allyn Root to publicly fellate him at every opportunity, but whatever it is it can't be enough. The man is just humiliating himself coming up with moronic claims to defend Trump. Get a load of this one: … [Read more...]

Stone: Clinton ‘on Drugs’ and Used Secret Teleprompter in Debates

Trump BFF and advocate of every conspiracy theory in existence (which I think is what the Illuminati pays him to do) Roger Stone has a new one: Hillary Clinton was "hopped up on drugs" and using a secret "minor teleprompter" hidden in her podium in the 3rd debate. … [Read more...]

And Barton is Back to Claiming a PhD Again

I wish David Barton would make up his mind whether he wants to claim he has a PhD or not. He put up that video claiming to have one, then took it down the next day. Turns out it's from a place that just hands out PhDs to famous Christians with no work at all. And now he's back to claiming he has one again: … [Read more...]

Beck: I Never Settle Lawsuits

Glenn Beck may hate Donald Trump but they share at least one trait: They both lie and claim that they never settle lawsuits because they're always in the right. Trump has said it many times and now Beck claims that "not one penny ever" is his mantra on lawsuits. … [Read more...]

Dominionist: New World Order Released Tape to Destroy Trump

The Oak Initiative, a bunch of self-declared prophets and dominionists, have an article on their site by Thomas Ertl, a former member of the secretive Council for National Policy, a group that has long had Christian Reconstructionists on it, including RJ Rushdoony. Ertl says that Access Hollywood tape was released by the New World Order to destroy God's candidate, Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Jones: If Trump Loses, 1/3 of the Population Killed in World War

Ah, good ol' Alex Jones. Every muddleheaded conspiracy theory he comes up with, every prediction he makes, has turned out to be bullshit, but that isn't about to slow him down. His new theory is that if Donald Trump loses, a world war will kill one-third of the human race. … [Read more...]

Curt Schilling Jumping Into Politics, Talk Radio

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, an outspoken right wing bigot and all-around asshole, is jumping into electoral politics. He has announced that he's going to run against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the next election, which should be fun. And he held a rally for Donald Trump that was a bit underwhelming. … [Read more...]