Wiles: Govt. to Send Flesh-Eating Robots to Eat Christians

Rick Wiles has never met a bizarre conspiracy theory he didn't instantly love and begin advocating. 50-100 million Muslims being imported into the country by Obama? Check. Obama tried to nuke South Carolina? Of course. But this one may be the looniest one yet. … [Read more...]

Beck and Tomi Lahren, Round Two

As reported yesterday, Glenn Beck's The Blaze has suspended ignorant racist demagogue Tomi Lahren after she came out as pro-choice on abortion. But last year, when a petition was created demanding that she be fired for comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK, Beck self-righteously declared that he would never, ever censor her. … [Read more...]

Tomi Lahren Discovers the Unforgivable Sin

B-team Ann Coulter wannabe Tomi Lahren has been suspended by The Blaze, Glenn Beck's radio and TV network, because she committed the one unforgivable sin for the Christian right: Being pro-choice on abortion. … [Read more...]

Jackson Wants to Teach Christianity in Schools

E.W. Jackson, preacher and former candidate for lt. governor of Virginia, has a radio show. He frequently says really, really stupid things on that radio show. The latest example is this ignorant, inane screed on why public schools should teach Christianity, in response to those After School Satan clubs. … [Read more...]

Joyner Doesn’t Understand How Government Works

Professional con man Rick Joyner clearly has no idea how our government works. Okay, so the list of things he has no idea about is pretty much endless. But his latest ignorant screed, this time about the courts issuing injunctions against Trump's travel ban, shows that he's totally clueless about the government. … [Read more...]

Won’t Someone Think of the Millionaire Celebrities Who Support Trump?

Tim Allen, a rare conservative working in TV and movies, is something of an idiot. He actually says that conservatives are so mistreated these days that it's like Nazi Germany in the 30s. Seriously, he said that. Out loud. On national television. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Ain’t Never Had No Need for Book Learnin’

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire, like most ignorant pseudo-macho men with violent fantasies, has no use for intelligence or thoughtfulness. And like most of them, he has constructed an elaborate scaffolding of idiocy to allow him to pretend that he's better than those fancy schmancy "thinkers." … [Read more...]

The Fox News Double Standard on Assassination Images

Snoop Dogg made a video in which someone portraying Donald Trump gets shot. Bad idea, of course, and likely to get him a visit from the Secret Service to put a little scare into him. But Greg Gutfeld and Kimberly Guilfoyle think it would be hilarious if they just killed him instead. … [Read more...]

Wallnau: Milo Will Become Godly Prophet

Okay, Lance Wallnau has said some truly stupid things lately, but this one may take the cake. Now he says that he is "claiming" Milo Yiannopoulos "in the name of Jesus for the Kingdom of God" and that he will now become prophet of God and become an evangelist. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave’s Warped, Toxic Version of Masculine Christianity

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire gave a talk at a right wing Christian conference and delivered his usual version of Christianity that combines toxic masculinity and a fetish for violence into a version of Jesus that bears little resemblance to the one presented in the Bible. … [Read more...]

Another After the Fact ‘Prophecy’

Frank Amedia, Trump's former liaison to the Christian community and a megachurch preacher from Ohio, says that God gave him visions of the White House being bugged. Which means the White House is bugged (it isn't, of course). Which means he was right all along. … [Read more...]

Hoft Admits His White House Correspondent Is Only There to Troll

When Trump gave press credentials to Gateway Pundit, an incredibly dishonest and buffoonish right-wing blog, I was incredulous. But now Jim Hoft, aka the dumbest man on the internet, is admitting that his correspondent is only there to troll the media. … [Read more...]