Drudge: The Supreme Court is Out to Get Me


One of the rather bizarre claims that Matt Drudge made in his interview with Alex Jones the other day is that a Supreme Court justice actually told him that they were out to get him and that they had the votes to eliminate his site's ability to use any quotes from other sites, or even share their headlines while linking to them. This would, of course, be the death of all blogging. … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles is Just Asking Questions

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Unhinged wingnut Rick Wiles of TruNews radio has never met a conspiracy theory he didn't instantly accept. No matter how stupid it is, he's all-in immediately on it. Like that ridiculous meme going around about how the same women is allegedly in the pictures at multiple mass shootings (because all white girls look alike, of course). Wiles is all over that, but he's just asking questions. … [Read more...]

Armed Extremists Protesting at Mosques. This Should End Well.


A bunch of heavily-armed far-right extremists are going to be demonstrating outside of mosques around the country today, including here in Michigan at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, the largest mosque in the United States. They include people from the Oath Keepers and other extremist groups who buy into all manner of bizarre conspiracy theories, which makes them highly susceptible to calls for violence. … [Read more...]

Huckabee and International Baccalaureate Programs

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Mike Huckabee, another candidate who is inexplicably still in the Republican presidential race, is pandering to the know-nothings of the Christian right just as furiously as he possibly can. At a meeting in Iowa, someone asked him about International Baccalaureate programs, which are obviously evil because they involve -- shhhhhhh -- foreigners. His absurd response: … [Read more...]

Jindal Knows How to Stop School Shootings


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who I'm told is still in the Republican presidential race for some reason, knows what the real problem is with all these school shootings and he knows how to fix it. It's all because of "cultural rot," his catchphrase for the Christian right losing the culture wars, and he says it can all be fixed by the president talking boldly about his Christianity and issuing some prayer proclamations. … [Read more...]

World Doesn’t End, ‘Prophets’ Release Statement


According to the eBible Fellowship, the world was supposed to end, even be "annihilated," on Oct. 7th, which came and went without incident. So on Thursday, the group issued a statement on its Facebook page, which resulted in a torrent of people mocking them (and rightly so). Their statement basically says, "Okay, so we were wrong. But we're not wrong!" Oh, and "you're all evil people and we do not have to explain ourselves to you!" … [Read more...]

The Latest Dumb Conspiracy About Obama and ISIS/ISIL


I wish the right wing would come together and reach a consensus on whether Obama is an evil person because he refers to the Islamic State as ISIS or whether he's an evil person because he refers to the Islamic State as ISIL. One day, they say he's evil for saying ISIL, the next they say he's evil for saying ISIS. And Pam Geller agrees on both days. Matt Drudge is the latest to come up with an idiotic conspiracy theory about it: … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Blog Comments

I often reprint emails sent to Mikey Weinstein, founder and leader of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, but this time I'm sharing a comment that was left on Daily Kos on an article he wrote recently. It's one of the more vile messages he's ever received, and believe me there's a lot of competition for that. Full text below the fold. … [Read more...]

AL Republican Denies League of the South is a Hate Group


The state auditor of Alabama, a Republican named Jim Zeigler, spoke recently to the neo-Confederate, pro-slavery and thoroughly racist League of the South, and he can't believe people would actually consider them a hate group. He says they're "family-oriented" and it was like a "Sunday school picnic." Because every Sunday school picnic advocates secession and slavery. … [Read more...]

Wiles Joins the Jim Bakker Marketing Team


Deranged right-wing radio host Rick Wiles has become a regular guest on the TV show of disgraced con man Jim Bakker and it's not hard to discern the reason why. Wiles is continually predicting imminent calamities, none of which ever come true, and this gives Bakker an opportunity to promote all that freeze-dried food and other survival supplies that are his new con game, replacing hotels and amusement parks. … [Read more...]

Glenn Gets Weepy Eyed Over Ten Commandments Statue


Gloomy Glenn Beck is back, folks. He's got the melodrama machine and the tears cranked up to 11 after a Ten Commandments monument was removed from the Oklahoma state capitol. For some reason, he also reads out of an article from July about the Baphomet statue unveiled in Detroit (on private property) and thinks it happened "last Saturday." And he says we'll soon beg God to destroy us to escape the "evil we will bring to this earth." … [Read more...]

Joyner Prayed for California Drought


Usually, preachers pray for an end to bad things and encourage their followers to do the same. Not Rick Joyner. He says he's been praying for the drought in California to continue. Why? Because he thinks that will encourage people to leave the state before God destroys it with a massive earthquake, as the big guy allegedly told him he was going to do. Because that's a totally reasonable thing to do. … [Read more...]