Another Unhinged Michael Savage Rant

The terminally deranged Michael Savage went on another bizarre rant on his radio show, this time saying that ISIS may have infiltrated our government and be running federal agencies. Oh, and lawyers should be on the terrorist watch list. … [Read more...]

Hayworth: Learning Spanish is ‘Cultural Surrender’

J.D. Hayworth is a former congressman from Arizona and now a right-wing radio talk show host. And in that profession, the only way to stick out is to say stupid and offensive things over and above your competitors, a difficult task. But Hayworth gives it his best shot. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: Liberals Want Me Dead!

Bill O'Reilly said in response to Michelle Obama's mention that the White House was built by slaves by saying that they were "well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.” That met with much criticism and mockery, prompting O'Reilly to throw a tantrum and declare that liberals want him dead. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Govt. Will Shut Me Down All Religious Activity

Ah, Jim Bakker. The TV evangelist con man is nothing if not hysterical, not in the funny sense but in the wildly exaggerated drama sense. Now he says that if Donald Trump doesn't win in November, the federal government will shut down all religious activity. … [Read more...]

Trump Surrogate Says Something Stupid. Film at 11.

Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes had an incredibly dumb reaction to Hillary Clinton telling little girls that they can be elected president too. Why didn't she say that little boys can grow up to be president, she ridiculously whined as others on the set stared at her. … [Read more...]

Benham Brothers: Sexual Revolution Will Throw Christians in Jail

The Benham brothers, those two lunkheaded halfwits who flip houses and flip logic on its head, have a new book out and they say that the "sexual revolution" must be reversed or Christians will start being thrown in jail. Any day now. Any minute. … [Read more...]

Hitting Peak Barton

Hemant reports on some absolutely amazing comments from our old friend David Barton, who says that he will only debate atheists if he gets 92% of the speaking time. Why? Because America is 92% Christian (wrong) and therefore he should get 92% of the time. … [Read more...]

Inhofe: My Granddaughter was Brainwashed in School!

James Inhofe, quite possibly the dumbest man in the Senate, is outraged that his very own granddaughter challenged his claim that global warming is a giant hoax and he blames it all on the "brainwashing" she got in one of those evil public schools. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Islam Wants to Dominate the World!

From the Department of Irony: Michele Bachmann says that Islam must be defeated because its goal is to dominate the world and institute Sharia law. Because that's totally different from the Christian dominionism that she has long advocated. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones’ Supplement Scams

Like many other right-wingers, Alex Jones makes a lot of money selling health care scams to his credulous followers. And he knows exactly what buttons to push to get them to buy them. The government doesn't want you to know this! Get it before it's banned! … [Read more...]

Fischer Upset the RNC Had a Gay Speaker

I think the GOP was wrong to have Peter Thiel speak because he thinks women having the right to vote has undermined freedom and democracy in this country. Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, is highly agitated that they let him speak because he's gay. … [Read more...]

Forced Birthers Convene an ‘Ecclesiastical Court’ in Kansas

Operation Save America, one of the most extreme of all the forced birth groups, convened an "ecclesiastical court" in Wichita, Kansas, where they declared all the Supreme Court rulings they didn't like to be "null and void." Because that totally makes them unenforceable. … [Read more...]