O’Reilly Thinks Clinton Should Answer His Questions

Bill O'Reilly, fresh off claiming and repeating that no feminist woman should be allowed to write about Donald Trump because they oppose his misogyny, is now demanding that Hillary Clinton, whom he quite obviously despises, should have to answer questions from him. … [Read more...]

Jones: Glenn Beck is a ‘Power-Mad Satanist’

I am so much enjoying watching Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, two peas in a paranoid, irrational pod if ever there were such a thing, attack each other. In the latest salvo, Jones calls Beck a "power-mad Satanist" with a "spirit of deception and true manifest evil." … [Read more...]

Bakker Now Has ‘Mexican’ Survival Food

Jim Bakker is branching out into ethnic food for his shitty buckets of survival food. He now has buckets of Mexican food, which of course he is calling the "Fiesta bucket." And he says you better order a bucket or two because "things are coming." … [Read more...]

Trump is Flashing Secret Christian Hand Signals

Bloomberg News has an article about how Donald Trump is working to get evangelical Christians to donate $400,000 to his general election campaign and some Christians think he's been sending them secret Christian hand signals to show them that he submits himself to God. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Suing Ex-Wife for Alleged Infidelity

There are few things funnier to me than Bill O'Reilly when he gets all self-righteous. He's such a blatantly insecure blowhard that I just laugh at him. Here's another example of him just ducking into the punch by suing his ex-wife for infidelity. … [Read more...]

What Are the Illuminati Up to Today?

For a secret global organization under the direction of Satan that dominates the world, the Illuminati seems to have an inordinate interest in pop stars. According to one conspiracy nut, their latest minion is Britney Spears and they choreographed her recent performance on an awards show. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Starting to Snap

Poor "Coach" Dave Daubenmire. With society beginning to finally treat LGBT people like actual human beings with equal rights, he feels like a stranger in a strange land. And honestly, it sounds like he's getting ready to snap as he rails against society in general and his fellow Christians for not being as extreme as him. … [Read more...]

Rios Thinks the Army Secretary Leads People Into Battle

The Senate, after a ridiculously long wait, confirmed the nomination of Eric Fanning as Secretary of the Army and the Christian right is clutching their pearls over it. The endlessly ridiculous Sandy Rios says he can't have that position because only an "alpha male" can lead men into battle. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Should be Stoned as a Witch

Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat not only thinks all gay people should be stoned to death, now he's accusing Hillary Clinton of witchcraft -- without a shred of evidence, of course -- and says that she should be put to death as well. … [Read more...]

The NRA’s Incoherent Positions on Ex-Felons

ThinkProgress points out a rather obvious inconsistency from the NRA. On the one hand, they rail against the idea that ex-felons should get their voting rights restored after paying their debt to society. On the other, they think it's an absolute outrage that those same people can't own guns in some states. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Still Making the Dumbest Argument Ever

The man who brought us "tides go in, tides go out" is now repeating perhaps the even dumber argument that no woman (or man, presumably) who considers themselves a feminist should be allowed to report about Donald Trump because he's everything they despise. … [Read more...]

James O’Keefe Scores an Own Goal

James O'Keefe, the astonishingly obnoxious frat boy douchebag who fancies himself a guerrilla journalist but can't seem to stop embarrassing himself, has done it again. Trying to set up a "sting" of a George Soros foundation, he forgot to hang up his phone and outed himself completely. … [Read more...]