Staver: No Constitutional Right to Sexual Freedom

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, reacted to a decision by the Loudon County, VA School Board rejecting a proposal to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the district's anti-discrimination rules. His response was predictably inane. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Trump Overwhelmingly Won the Popular Vote

Professional con man Rick Joyner joined the long list of right wing dumbasses making the ridiculous argument that Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the popular vote in the election -- if you just don't count them sissified, godless city folk with their fancy lattes and their book learnin'. … [Read more...]

NRATV: Obama has ‘Inflicted Harm on America’

The deranged gun fetishists at the NRA responded to President Obama's farewell speech with predictable nonsense, droning on about how he "inflicted harm on America" and listing a bunch of unprovable claims. This is from a show on NRA TV: … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for a Jericho March?

The whackadoodle Christian group Intercessors for America is getting their march on. Starting today they're going to begin a "Jericho march," taking laps around the White House and Capitol Hill blowing a trumpet for six days. Then on inauguration day they're going to shout out to God in heaven. Because they apparently think this will do...something. … [Read more...]

Another Community Freaks Out About a Muslim Cemetery

And we have yet another situation where a Muslim group wants to use land for a cemetery and the local bigots lose their minds over it. Some of them just go full-on bigot and express their fear and loathing of Muslims, while others invent ridiculous pretexts to pretend they're not being bigots. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Still Pushing Boston Marathon Coverup Story

Jesus, you'd think Glenn Beck would have learned his lesson after having to settle a lawsuit with the guy he defamed as a terrorist when he was really the victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. But he's still pushing that ridiculous conspiracy theory. … [Read more...]

Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Think Secularists Can Know the Truth

One telling moment during the confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions was an exchange with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island about Sessions' long history of criticizing secular attorneys at the DOJ, and secularists in general. Listen to this bit of ridiculous spin: … [Read more...]

Tomczak: Trump’s Election a Prophetic ‘Breakthrough’

Wingnut extraordinaire Larry Tomczak has a post at BarbWire that makes me laugh. He's only the latest to claim that Trump's election is the fulfillment of prophecy and the work of God, but he takes it much further. It's "breakthrough" that will allow all Christians to solve every problem. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer and George Washington

Last week Bryan Fischer quoted a passage from George Washington's farewell address and strongly declared that if you are not a Christian, you are by definition anti-American and a traitor. When called out, he responded that he didn't say it, Washington said it. Except, of course, he didn't. … [Read more...]

Russia Loves Them Some Alex Jones

According to Alex Jones, all the world's governments are really controlled by the Illuminati, which means those reptilian aliens -- except Russia, apparently. He is reveling in the fact that Russian officials close to Putin are praising him to high heaven. … [Read more...]

Sekulow Doesn’t Know What the DOJ Is Supposed to Do

Jordan Sekulow, part of his father Jay's Christian legal empire that he has milked for every dollar he can get his hands on, does a podcast. In his latest one, he cheers on the nomination of Jeff Sessions and says he will end the DOJ's "obsess[ion] with the civil rights issue." … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Ban All Gay Teachers

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a man who is clearly possessed by a demon of bigotry and hatred, says that being gay should automatically disqualify someone from being a teacher because they are possessed by “a demonic spirit of child abuse." … [Read more...]