Ryan Bundy Goes Full-Blown ‘Sovereign Citizen’

Ryan Bundy, who appears to be the dullest of all the Bundys, is representing himself in the federal criminal trial against him for the armed takeover of the Malheur wildlife preserve. And he just filed a bunch of bizarre motions based on all that "sovereign citizen" bullshit that will undoubtedly provoke much mirth in the judge's chambers. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Anti-American Conception of Rights

Bryan Fischer is well-known as a Christian theocrat with very confused views about the Constitution, so it's no surprise that he makes the ridiculous claim that since rights are "God-given," anything that God says not to do in the Bible can't be a right in this country. … [Read more...]

Boykin: The Marxists are Here! The Marxists are Here!

You would think that red-baiting would have gone away with the collapse of the Soviet Union and near-total irrelevance of communism today, but some of the old cold warriors still think there's a commie under every bed, especially in the White House. Like disgraced former Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin: … [Read more...]

Send a Letter of Support to Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has a sad. After refusing to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, he's actually been criticized by some people. Can you believe that? Criticized! They might as well be throwing him to actual lions! So Glenn Beck wants you to send him a letter: … [Read more...]

Root Goes on Bizarre Rant About Obama’s Speech

Wayne Allyn Root is a deeply strange man. Just look at his reaction to President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. This is simply bizarre. He thinks that when Obama said that no man is a god, he was attacking belief in god. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Gohmert Does Gohmert

Louis Gohmert, the dumbest man in Congress, did an interview with Breitbart's podcast and did what Louis Gohmert does, say really stupid things. He says that the Democrats are "manipulating blacks" -- you know, like they did 50 years ago. … [Read more...]

Bolling: Bush Should Get Credit for Killing Bin Laden

Eric Bolling, who still holds the #3 spot on my list of the dumbest Fox News hosts behind Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, says that Obama shouldn't get credit for killing Osama Bin Laden. That credit should go to Bush because he "set up the kill shot." … [Read more...]

Roy Moore Clone Runs for MS Supreme Court

Christian right attorney Steve Crampton, who used to work for Liberty Counsel, is now running for a spot on the Mississippi Supreme Court and is doing his best impersonation of Christian Reconstructionist Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court. … [Read more...]

Lord: Gun Deaths Due to Abortion

Weapons-grade buffoon Jeffrey Lord gives us that old nonsensical argument about abortion undermining the value of life and therefore being the cause of all violence that costs life. In this case, gun violence happens because of abortion. … [Read more...]

Another Unhinged Michael Savage Rant

The terminally deranged Michael Savage went on another bizarre rant on his radio show, this time saying that ISIS may have infiltrated our government and be running federal agencies. Oh, and lawyers should be on the terrorist watch list. … [Read more...]

Hayworth: Learning Spanish is ‘Cultural Surrender’

J.D. Hayworth is a former congressman from Arizona and now a right-wing radio talk show host. And in that profession, the only way to stick out is to say stupid and offensive things over and above your competitors, a difficult task. But Hayworth gives it his best shot. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: Liberals Want Me Dead!

Bill O'Reilly said in response to Michelle Obama's mention that the White House was built by slaves by saying that they were "well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.” That met with much criticism and mockery, prompting O'Reilly to throw a tantrum and declare that liberals want him dead. … [Read more...]