The Christian Holocaust Has Begun!

Now that Judge Bunning has thrown raging bigot Kim Davis in jail for refusing to comply with the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the Christian right is absolutely losing its collective mind. My favorite reaction by far to this point: The Christian Holocaust has begun in America! Invade Rowan County, Kentucky! Revolution! Oh Josh Feuerstein, you really are a moron. … [Read more...]

Beck Knows Why Obama Changed the Mountain’s Name


We've heard all manner of explanations from the right wing for why Obama changed the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali. It's because he hates white people! It's because he hates Republicans! It's because he's a dictator! But Glenn Beck, believe it or not, has a far more realistic explanation than those. It's still silly and wrong, but it's not nearly that stupid. … [Read more...]

Nazi Germany Began With…Political Correctness?

Screenshot from Youtube.

Carl Gallups, a wingnut pastor promoting a new book about the coming persecution of Christians -- it should be put in the fiction section, of course -- has some rather bizarre ideas about how persecution begins. He seems to believe that genocide against Christians is inevitable because people make fun of them. And because of political correctness...just like in Nazi Germany. … [Read more...]

Farah Still Pimping Those Blood Moons

Joseph Farah and the Worldnetdaily have been furiously promoting all that "blood moons" nonsense for well over a year now, selling several books and videos about how this entirely natural phenomenon, which actually has nothing to do with blood or, frankly, with the moon (it's the atmosphere that changes the way it looks, the moon stays exactly the same). But time is short now because the last one is appearing in less than four weeks, so they can only make money on it before the whole thing … [Read more...]

There Goes Obama, Shaking His Fist at God Again


If I had a dollar for every time some wingnut declared that Obama, or the Supreme Court, or whomever else, had "shaken their fist at God" or "slapped God in the face" or "poked God in the eye" by doing something the divine bully doesn't like, I'd be a very rich man. Tony Perkins is the latest, saying that lighting the White House up in rainbow colors after the Obergefell ruling is gonna get the deity quite upset. … [Read more...]

Beck Complains About Lack of Media Coverage He Didn’t Want


When Glenn Beck was planning and promoting this past weekend's "unity" rally in Birmingham, Alabama, he made it very clear that he didn't want media coverage of it, that he was only doing it to get the attention of God, not the media. On August 17, he waxed eloquent about how this was all being done to be seen by God to win his favor and that he didn't even want the media to show up and cover it: … [Read more...]

Fischer Explains Why Obama Changed Mountain’s Name

Screenshot from Youtube clip

When I saw the first reports that the Obama administration was going to change the official name of Mt. McKinley to Denali, which is what nearly everyone in Alaska, especially the native tribes, had always called it anyway, I couldn't wait to hear the wingnuts throw a fit over it and tell us why this makes Obama the most horrible person in the history of the world. Bryan Fischer, you're up: … [Read more...]

How Janet Porter Gave Us the 2nd Bush Presidency


I'm always highly amused when I hear Christians talk about how their prayers changed things and got them what they want. Never mind that in many circumstances, there were people praying for the opposite result as well and one group or the other was bound to have their prayers "answered." Janet Porter, for instance, says that it was her prayers that ensured a victory in Florida for George W. Bush. … [Read more...]

Renaming Mt. McKinley Produces Enough Stupid to Bury the Mountain

President Obama is visiting Alaska this week and the Department of the Interior has decided to rename Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, as Mt. Denali, the name originally given to it by the natives of the area. My very first thought upon hearing this was: I can't to find out how this proves that Obama is an America-hating Muslim commie gay terrorist. To the Twitter tubes, Batman. … [Read more...]

Staver and Barber: Ben Carson Just Like Nazi Doctors


After it came out that Ben Carson did medical research using aborted fetuses, he came out with a totally incoherent but kinda sorta defense of fetal tissue research, which has been very important in a great many medical advances. That's enough to make him public enemy #1 to Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, and Matt Barber, who have decided that this makes him just like Dr. Mengele. … [Read more...]

God is Punishing Us for Rebuilding the World Trade Center?


Wingnuts are forever reading their biblical tea leaves and telling us what God is punishing us for today (spoiler alert: he's punishing us for all the things wingnuts don't like), but this one seems particularly weird. Jonathan Cahn, the Worldnetdaily's favorite Messianic Jew (read: Christian preacher) told Jim Bakker (read: con man) that rebuilding at Ground Zero was the last straw that made God go all medieval on our asses. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s Favorite New Wingnut


Glenn Beck has a favorite new right-wing activist, introduced to him by none other than David Barton. Alice Patterson is from Texas and she's affiliated with the self-declared prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation. She spoke at Rick Perry's big prayer rally. Beck says he's going to do a whole series of shows with her so everyone else can get a taste of her "wisdom." Right Wing Watch highlights some of her bizarre views: … [Read more...]