Savage: Throw Homeless People in Jail

Michael Savage, always an exemplar of human compassion, is tired of seeing homeless people all over the place and he has a solution: Throw them all in jail or in mental hospitals so he doesn't have to look at them all the time. He's actually on to something here, but not what he thinks. A huge number of homeless people are, in fact, mentally ill and need help. But you can't imprison people if they haven't broken the law, except in the totalitarian reality he wishes we all lived in. … [Read more...]

Alveda King’s Bizarre Planned Parenthood Conspiracy Theory


Alveda King, Martin Luther King's utterly deranged niece who has been trading on his name to give her credibility as she opposes everything he stood for, has a truly bizarre conspiracy theory about Planned Parenthood. She claims that the only reason they give women birth control is not to help them decide when to have children, it's because that gives them breast cancer and then they have to come back for cancer screenings so they make more money. … [Read more...]

WTF is Ben Carson Talking About?


Ben Carson gave a stump speech in Little Rock, Arkansas that was simply baffling. It's one of the weirdest diatribes you'll ever see, just rambling and bouncing from one topic to another, contradicting himself. He claims that other people are trying to divide America while doing the same thing himself. He praises those hard-working immigrants while saying that allowing immigrants to come here is deliberately trying to destroy America. Seriously. … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily and ‘Mystery Babylon’


If there's one thing you quickly figure out about the Worldnetdaily, it's that the "journalists" there are really just salespeople. Their job is to sell the books and videos that Joseph Farah makes money from. The pattern is that they'll publish a book and write multiple "articles" with the author of that book saying something about some current issue, which then forms the first few paragraphs of what is really just another advertisement for the book. The latest is a book about "mystery … [Read more...]

Gloomy Glenn is Back, Still Talking to God


Gloomy Glenn Beck and Talking to God, Self-Declared Prophet Glenn Beck made a simultaneous appearance on his show on Wednesday as he reacted to the shooting of a couple television anchors in Virginia by a former reporter for the same station. God told him that this is the last warning he's going to give us before...well, something. And Beck knows that the end is near because he's now reading from the Bible on the air. … [Read more...]

KY Clerk Vows to Die Before Issuing Same-sex Marriage Licenses


Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has already been ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (no relation) says he is refusing to issue them as well and he grandiosely declares that he is willing to die rather than bow down to that damn Constitution thing. Cue the ridiculous overblown melodrama in 3...2...1: … [Read more...]

Those Poor, Emasculated Army Rangers

As I'm sure you've heard by now, two female soldiers have passed the Army Ranger training school, one of the most grueling and difficult training regimens in the military. Phyllis Schlafly is beside herself about this, of course, and she worries that the presence of women in the Rangers will "emasculate" those poor commandos. She's so concerned, in fact, that she doesn't think the world can survive it. Yes, she actually said that. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Weirdest Idea Yet?

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer has said some really bizarre things over the years, but his latest argument seems particularly baffling to me. He claims that the entire reason the United States exists is to spread the gospel all over the world, which would come as quite a shock to the men who founded the country and failed to mention that. But further, he says that illegal immigration somehow harms our ability to do so. … [Read more...]

Beck Responds to Black Monday


As everyone knows by now, the stock market took a huge dive on Friday and Monday, though it rebounded some on Tuesday. It's being blamed on the economy of China being in the tank and most analysts are saying relax, it's not that big a deal, we aren't in for some huge economic crash. But for the paranoid far right, of course, it's proof that God is punishing us, a harbinger of the end of the world, you know the drill. Glenn Beck, you're up: … [Read more...]

Savage Baffled by Muslims at a Museum

There's that phenomenon where bigoted jerks are put into a situation where the object of their bigotry does not act like the stereotypes the bigot has of them would predict, but the bigot never thinks to question whether their stereotypes are true. Instead, they're just confused and baffled by it all. How can these people not be like they are in my head, they think. Like Michael Savage and Muslims: … [Read more...]

Quantifying the Magnitude of a David Barton Lie


I reported last week about David Barton repeatedly lying about child porn prosecutions. On his radio show he said, "the last I knew, there has not been a single prosecution of child pornography under this administration. There were many under previous administrations; this administration just shut it down.” Warren Throckmorton managed to quantify just what a huge whopper of a life this is by asking the DOJ how many such cases they'd prosecuted. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Every Bad Thing is a Warning From God

Screenshot from Youtube clip

There are few things that amuse me more than the interminable wankery from the Christian right about how every bad thing that happens is a warning from God, or punishment from God, for -- what a coincidence -- whatever the person making that claim personally doesn't like. On his radio show last week, Fischer continued this inane line of "reasoning" and said that all natural disasters, losses in war and economic downturns are God's warnings to us: … [Read more...]