Beck Puts Crushed Cheetos on His Face to Mock Trump

There are few things more painful than watching someone who thinks they're funny be really, really unfunny. Such is the case with Glenn Beck, who rather bizarrely decides to stick crushed Cheetos on his face in order to mock Donald Trump for being so orange. It's just weird and uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: Trump Gets Too Much Media Coverage

Bill O'Reilly has never been the most self-aware human being on earth, to say the least. But the Fox News host, who has had Trump on his show practically every week for months, is now bizarrely claiming that the media is giving Trump far too much attention. Seriously, I'm not making this up: … [Read more...]

NOM Begs for Money Because They’re So Successful

The National Organization for Marriage is an abject failure on pretty much every level. They've been unable to accomplish their primary goal of preventing same-sex marriage from becoming legal. But now they're claiming in a fundraising email that they're flat broke because they've been so successful. … [Read more...]

Bigots Want UN to Refuse to Recognize Gay Families

A group of the most bigoted anti-gay groups in the United States are furiously lobbying the United Nations to keep them from recognizing that families led by gay people are, in fact, families. Because they own the word "family," don't you know, and they don't want no gay people as part of them. … [Read more...]

Roger Stone: Sanders Should Be Killed for Treason

Add one more appalling, violent, bloodthirsty statement from Trump confidante and surrogate Roger Stone. Like Trump, he fills his Twitter account with mindless, disgusting attacks on anyone he disagrees with. This is what he tweeted about Sanders two years ago: … [Read more...]

Schlafly Knows Trump is Not a Social Conservative, Doesn’t Care

The endorsement of Donald Trump by Phyllis Schlafly always seemed odd to me. This is a woman who has built her entire theocratic empire on the evils of abortion and The Gay, but she doesn't seem to care that Trump really isn't into those issues at all. Here she explains why she knows that and doesn't care. … [Read more...]

Army Tells Soldiers Only Jesus Can Heal Rape Victims

Here's another appalling story uncovered by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Every year the Army does mandatory meetings about rape and sex trafficking, but this year they invited a speaker at one of their events who told the soldiers that only Jesus can heal them if they've been raped. … [Read more...]

Ray Comfort is Coming to the Reason Rally

Ray Comfort has announced that he is coming to the Reason Rally and will be at the other end of the National Mall "filming open-air preaching" and giving away apologetic books. Naturally, the Worldnetdaily is all over the story. … [Read more...]

Stone, Jones Think a False Flag Will Cancel the Election

Trump ally Roger Stone was on the Alex Jones show and the two of them dragged out that hoary old prediction that Obama (or Clinton, or Bush, or whoever is in office) is going to stage a false flag operation to justify canceling the November election. … [Read more...]

Putting Tubman on the $20 Bill is Just What Muslim Terrorists Would Do!

Joel Gilbert, one of the many right-wing documentarians who claim to know who Obama's "real" father is (Gilbert thinks it's Frank Marshall Davis), is flipping out like most wingnuts over putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. He bizarrely thinks it's just the kind of thing a Muslim terrorist would do! … [Read more...]

Jonathan Cahn Preaches Theocracy to Members of Congress

For the last few years the usual suspects have hosted an event called "Washington - Man of Prayer" at the U.S. Capitol and dozens of members of Congress have shown up. For two years in a row now they've invited messianic Jewish end-times preacher Jonathan Cahn to speak. This year he went full-on theocrat: … [Read more...]

Wiles: Trans People in Bathrooms Will Cause Nuclear War

When I was coaching high school debate, nearly every argument ended with a nuclear war. Some of the scenarios were rather...fanciful, to say the least. But Rick Wiles actually believes this kind of thing and he says that allowing trans people in bathrooms will cause Russia to nuke us. Just like the Nazis. Wha? … [Read more...]