Klingenschmitt Sniffs Out More Demons

Those demons can run but they can't hide from the indefatigable Gordon Klingenschmitt. He will name and shame them wherever he finds them and he's found them in control of executives from Zales Jewelry because they had a lesbian couple in a commercial. … [Read more...]

Jones: Hillary has ‘Murdered, Chopped Up, and Raped’ Children

Alex Jones is taking his derangement to a whole new level, claiming that Hillary Clinton has "personally murdered and chopped up and raped" children and is "one of the most vicious serial killers the planet’s ever seen." Because that's totally reasonable. … [Read more...]

McCaffry Hammers Flynn for ‘Demented’ Tweets

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffery, who initially supported Trump's pick of retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser, now says that Flynn's history of "demented" tweets pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories has changed his mind. … [Read more...]

Trump Will Prevent Addiction, Hopelessness, Suicide

In the grand tradition of doctors brought on Fox News to spout the most inane things imaginable (I'm looking at you, Keith Ablow), Dr. Kevin Campbell says that the Trump administration may reduce addiction and suicide rates by giving people hope. … [Read more...]

Fake Historian Misleads About Government Oaths

William Federer, a low-rent David Barton without the erudition, has a Worldnetdaily column entitled "Why Belief in God is Necessary for Taking Oaths." His answer is quite predictable -- because belief in God (allegedly) makes you more likely to follow the oath. But there's some obvious misinformation along the way: … [Read more...]

Alex Jones Suggest Glenn Beck is Gay

The blood feud between Glenn Beck and Alex Jones continues to rage. It seems odd since they seem so much alike, but maybe that's exactly why they hate each other so much. Maybe it's a turf war. The latest is Alex Jones calling Beck gay while denying that he's calling him gay. … [Read more...]

Another Pizza Place Linked to Non-Existent Child Trafficking Hoax

It seems that Comet Ping Pong is not the only pizza place implicated by either paranoid wingnuts or intentional liars over this ridiculous story about a non-existent child sex trafficking ring run by the Clintons and John Podesta. Now a Brooklyn pizza place has been pulled into the madness. … [Read more...]

Hair: Nominate Roy Moore as Secretary of State

Some wingnut douche named Paul Hair has a column at BarbWire, where you have to be a wingnut douche to be published, urging Donald Trump to nominate twice-disgraced and now former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to be secretary of state. … [Read more...]

Art Bell Sues Michael Savage

This is just a strange story. Art Bell, the one-time king of paranoid conspiracies on the radio as the host of the late-night Coast to Coast show, is suing wingnut radio host Micheal Savage for implying that he married a 10 year old girl. … [Read more...]

Gohmert: Trump Saved Christians from Unprecedented ‘Persecution’

Being part of an overwhelming majority that controls nearly every seat of political power has apparently not been enough to save Christians from terrible -- and entirely imaginary -- "persecution." But Trump did, says the dumbest man in Congress, Louis Gohmert. … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn, Jr. Fired From Trump Transition

After repeatedly tweeting in support of the ridiculous conspiracy theory about the (non-existent) Clinton-Podesta pedophile ring under a pizza place in Washington, DC, the Trump folks spent Tuesday struggling to get their story straight. Here's the first story they tried, from Morning Joe: … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Another gem from the inbox of my friend Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. It has the usual anti-Semitic hatred and total inability to spell or even use acronyms. And of course, Trump is going to have him executed. … [Read more...]