Klayman: Ken Starr Now ‘Sympathizes’ With Bill Clinton

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, has a rather bizarre take on what's going on Baylor. For those who don't know, Ken Starr, Bill Clinton's special prosecutor, was fired as president of Baylor University because of some serious problems with sexual assault by athletes. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Goes Full-on Racist

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire seems to be getting more unhinged by the day. Now he's whipped off the pointy hat to reveal his identity as a blatant racist, saying that Satan is waging a war against straight white men because they are the only hope for saving the country and what made America great. … [Read more...]

Lapin Tries to Talk Beck Into Supporting Trump

Daniel Lapin, the Christian right's favorite wingnut rabbi, went on Glenn Beck's show and tried to talk him into supporting Donald Trump even though he admits that Trump is pretty much a terrible human being. But he isn't Hillary Clinton, so God wants Beck to vote for him. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Obama is the Devil’s Son

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire went on a conservative radio show and declared, once again, that President Obama is the son of the devil. Oh, and he's probably gay. And Michelle is probably trans. I mean, other people are saying that, not him, of course. … [Read more...]

Ben Stein: Obama a ‘Narcissist’ for Staying in DC After Office

President Obama and his family have decided to stay in Washington, DC for a few years after he leaves office in January because their younger daughter only has a few years before graduating and they don't want to disrupt that. For some bizarre reason, Ben Stein thinks that makes Obama a "narcissist." … [Read more...]

Pseudo-Macho Former Cop Running for Congress

In the long tradition of jerks like Joe Arpaio and David Clarke, Fox News favorites, meet Clay Higgins. The former cop resigned when his boss told him to tone down his incendiary rhetoric in official department Crime Stoppers videos, with the usual "I will now bow to political correctness" stupidity. … [Read more...]

Barton Lies About PTSD Stats for Women in Combat

It's always exciting when David Barton invents a new lie. This time it's about women in combat. He claims that 90% of women in combat come back with PTSD while only 10% of men do. Oh, and he allegedly got this "fact" from an unnamed two-star general. Warren Throckmorton has the details: … [Read more...]

What Life is Like on Glenn Beck’s Home Planet

I'm always amazed at the total fantasy world that right-wingers live in, a world I've dubbed Planet Wingnuttia. But Glenn Beck's corner of that planet is even weirder than the rest of it. In Glenn Beck's corner of Planet Wingnuttia, Obama has brought America to the brink of Marxism. … [Read more...]

Graham Lotz: America Has ‘Imploded’

Did you notice that the country has "imploded"? I didn't either. Just like I didn't notice that unemployment has gone up over the last 8 years or that the economy is on the verge of collapse. Only wingnuts like Anne Graham Lotz seem to notice these things. … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lord is a Douchebag

Donald Trump sycophant Jeffrey Lord continues to be a (presumably) paid contributor for CNN, for reasons no one seems to understand. He's as much a racist as the object of his affection, among other shared attributes. This time he declared that a Latina governor can't be a Latina because she's an American citizen. … [Read more...]

Beck’s New Grandiose Plan to Save America

Apparently Glenn Beck is on the upswing again. After repeatedly declaring that if Ted Cruz was not elected, America was done for, he's caught his second wind and come up with a new plan to save the country. And in true Austin Powers fashion, his plan is to soil himself, then come up with a new plan with help from some friends. … [Read more...]

Holy Crap! Bruner Defeated for Texas SBOE

Color me shocked. Texas voters actually defeated Mary Lou Bruner, the utterly deranged wingnut who thinks President Obama used to be a gay prostitute and about a hundred other bizarre things, in the primary runoff for a seat on the Texas Board of Education. … [Read more...]