Fischer Upset the RNC Had a Gay Speaker

I think the GOP was wrong to have Peter Thiel speak because he thinks women having the right to vote has undermined freedom and democracy in this country. Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, is highly agitated that they let him speak because he's gay. … [Read more...]

Forced Birthers Convene an ‘Ecclesiastical Court’ in Kansas

Operation Save America, one of the most extreme of all the forced birth groups, convened an "ecclesiastical court" in Wichita, Kansas, where they declared all the Supreme Court rulings they didn't like to be "null and void." Because that totally makes them unenforceable. … [Read more...]

More Pastors Who Think Pokemon Go is Satanic

And we have yet more wingnuts who think Pokemon Go is satanic and evil. This time it's Pastor David Brown and Christian talk show host Jim Schneider of Crosstalk. Right Wing Watch reports: … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Media is ‘Treasonous’ for Supporting Clinton

Michele Bachmann shows herself to be yet another conservative who has no idea what the term treason means (there are lots of liberals who also have no idea what it means, of course). She says the media is guilty of treason because they cover for Hillary Clinton. … [Read more...]

Garlow: Hand Welfare to Churches Like a Theocracy

Self-declared "prophet" Jim Garlow says that we should eliminate all welfare, including Social Security and Medicare, over to the churches. You know, like they did during the theocracy in the Bible. Yes, he actually said that and used that very word. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Latest ‘Mark of the Beast’

I am endlessly amused by how Christians invoke the "mark of the beast" from the Book of Revelation. They just reinterpret it continually so it's always coming true. It's a barcode! It's a social security number! It's dessert topping AND a floor wax. Bryan Fischer invents a new meaning: … [Read more...]

Gallups: Only Trump Can Save Christians from Persecution

The Christian right continues to indulge their ridiculous fantasies of widespread Christian persecution in this country. Carl Gallups, the end times preacher who has long supported Donald Trump, says that Trump is the only one who can save them from such persecution. … [Read more...]

Hannity’s Irrelevant Response to Stewart’s Criticism

Jon Stewart made his return last week on the Stephen Colbert show with a spot-on look at the hypocrisy of Sean Hannity and Fox News as they sing the praises of Donald Trump for the exact same things they criticize Obama for. Hannity fired back. Kind of. … [Read more...]

Jones, D’Souza: Hillary Clinton is a Psycopath

Dinesh D'Souza went on the air with Alex Jones, which seems entirely appropriate. D'Souza says that when Clinton speaks he hears the "voice of evil" and Jones declared her to be a psychopath. To be fair, if anyone knows about being a psychopath, it would be Alex Jones. … [Read more...]

Fischer: GOP Invited a ‘Demon God’ to the RNC

Bryan Fischer says that the GOP invited a "demon god" into the Republican National Convention, and apparently he isn't talking about Donald Trump. No, it's because they had a Trump-supporting Muslim deliver a prayer at the event. … [Read more...]

Defeat Trump to Send Duck Dynasty Douchebag into Hiding

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the tribe of fake Duck Dynasty douchebags and bigots, says that if Donald Trump is defeated by the "evil one," he will disappear by going into the woods and not coming out. I think he thinks that will help Trump. … [Read more...]

Flake Calls Out His Party’s Outrageous Rhetoric

Sen. Jeff Flake, a man so conservative that the American Conservative Union gives him a 97% rating, is calling out his fellow Republicans for their constant cries and declarations at the Republican National Convention that Hillary Clinton should be put in prison. … [Read more...]