Trump Reiterates Demand for Database, Promises Waterboarding


Donald Trump made his typical appearance on a Sunday morning talk show, this time the one with George Stephanopoulos. And he made his typically uninformed, ridiculous and appalling statements. He started by declaring the Syrian refugees to be a "Trojan horse" because he saw a picture of the Syrian refugees in Europe and they looked like "strong powerful men." … [Read more...]

Nolte: Mockinjay ‘Tanked’ Because Jennifer Lawrence Insulted Trump


The terminally ridiculous John Nolte, who covers the entertainment industry for, has a rather bizarre definition of a movie tanking. The 4th Hunger Games movie, Mockinjay Part 2, was the #1 grossing movie in its opening weekend with over $100 million in ticket sales. But Nolte says it's "underperforming" because Jennifer Lawrence said mean things about Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Trump Tries to Pass On an Urban Myth as Something He Witnessed


Another day, another ridiculous lie from Donald Trump. During a recent speech he claimed that on the morning of 9/11, he saw "thousands and thousands" of Muslims cheering in Jersey City, New Jersey as they watched the towers come down. When challenged on that by George Stephanopoulos, he not only didn't back down, he doubled down on it and said he watched it on television. Which now makes it an entirely testable claim, which PolitiFact documents as a pants on fire lie. … [Read more...]

PolitiFact Debunks the Lie About Syrian Refugees Being Mostly Men


It has become virtually a mantra on the xenophobic and Islamophobic right that most of the Syrian refugees are "young men of military age" or some such nonsense. Carly Fiorina goes even further and says that the "vast majority" of the refugees are "able-bodied young men." PolitiFact points to data from the United Nations, which tracks all of the refugees, that completely refutes this claim: … [Read more...]

More Inanities From Jesse Lee Peterson


Jesse Lee Peterson, the far-right extremist who thinks women should not be allowed to vote, delivered another absolutely bewildering diatribe in an interview with Newsmax. Among his arguments: There is no such thing as racism, which is why we haven't been able to stop racism. And Obama hates all white people and wants to replace them with "some black person." … [Read more...]

Rep. Steve King’s Utterly Inane Comment on the Refugees


Rep. Steve King is maintaining his reputation as one of the dumbest men in Congress by making one idiotic statement after another about the Syrian refugees. In an interview with a Breitbart radio show, he made one claim that may seem reasonable on the surface but is not supported by the facts or the math, and another one that will leave your jaw agape at both the factual claim and the moral depravity of it. … [Read more...]

Corsi’s New Conspiracy Theory to Explain Old, False Conspiracy Theory


Jerome Corsi is not a man who gives up easily. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor the fact that he's completely full of shit will deter him from continuing to repeat a claim that has been repeatedly debunked. For years he pushed the ridiculous claim that Obama's wedding ring contains a Muslim inscription (it just contains a bunch of loops). So now he has a new conspiracy theory to explain away the failure of his first one: … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Columnist: ‘Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth’


Yet another piece of evidence of the rapidly-deepening fascist impulse on the American right wing can be found in this column at the Worldnetdaily from Bert Prelutsky. He doesn't just want us to go back into Iraq for another war, and in Syria as well, he thinks we ought to "bomb Mecca off the face of the earth." Because killing millions of people is a great way to end the cycle of terrorist violence. … [Read more...]

Republican Congressman: Syrian Refugees Just Want a Free Vacation


Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama is looking to join Steve King and Louis Gohmert in the Fucking Morons and Vile Human Beings Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and his latest outburst should certainly earn him a spot. He says the Syrian refugees -- four million of them, by the way -- aren't really fleeing violence and destruction, they're just looking for a "free vacation." … [Read more...]

Trump Endorses Violence at His Rallies


As Donald Trump campaign stops begin to look more and more like Nazi rallies, complete with his own brownshirts beating up protesters multiple times, Donald Trump says it's okay, maybe they had it coming because they were being "obnoxious." To hell with Godwin's law, which I am declaring officially suspended with so many Republican leaders literally proposing policies borrowed directly from Hitler. … [Read more...]

Kansas Republicans Shred the Separation of Powers


The Republican party in Kansas, led by Gov. Sam Brownback, appears to have lost its damn mind. In one of the most absurd power grabs I have ever seen, they were so upset by the courts in that state overturning their cuts to education funding that they passed a law saying that they passed a judicial administration law that said if they overturned that law, it would void all funding for the entire Kansas judicial system. … [Read more...]

Armed Jerks Patrolling Outside Mosque in Dallas


As the right wing continues to cower in fear of Syrian refugees -- or perhaps more accurately to exploit that fear for political gain -- a group of armed wingnuts in Dallas have decided to patrol outside an Islamic center, based apparently on rumors and lies. They're spewing the usual bullshit about stopping Sharia law from being imposed in America, a possibility so farfetched as to be utterly laughable. … [Read more...]