Teacher Fired for Using the Word Vagina

Here in West Michigan, things can be a bit...prudish. I know, I grew up here. A substitute art teacher in a Battle Creek suburb has now been fired because she used the word 'vagina' in a lesson about the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe to 8th grade students. … [Read more...]

Carson’s Bizarre Position on Tubman on the $20 Bill

Even long after he pulled out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Ben Carson continues to say things that just leave you scratching your head wondering what the hell is going on in his head. His positions on putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill have been all over the place. … [Read more...]

Third Eagle of the Apocalypse Explains Prince’s Death

I've written before about William Tapley, self-declared "prophet" and "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse," many times. He's endlessly hilarious. In his latest video, he explains how Prince's death is a fulfillment of prophecy and compares him to Jesus, who was the Prince of Peace. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones: Beyonce is a CIA PsyOps Agent

Beyonce has a new long-form video/album release and everyone is talking about it, mostly because it apparently outs Jay-Z as a cheater. But Alex Jones sees all of that. He knows that Beyonce is really a CIA asset and is helping create a race war against the police. … [Read more...]

Beck: GOP Campaign to Go to Convention as a Test From God

Glenn Beck produced his usual babbling nonsense about the Republican primary, saying that God is prolonging it so it will go to the convention because he's giving us one last chance to repent -- by voting for Ted Cruz, of course -- before he declares his final judgment on America. … [Read more...]

Chuck Norris Thinks Chemtrails are Real

Why am I not the least bit surprised to find out that Chuck Norris, who would need several promotions to get to be merely an idiot, thinks chemtrails are real? In his latest Worldnetdaily column, he says the government is spraying us with dangerous vaccines. And he cites Merle Haggard and Prince. I kid you not. … [Read more...]

Voris: God Gave My Mom Cancer to Make Me Stop Being Gay

Michael Voris, the incredibly hardcore Super Catholic from Michigan, posted a bizarre video to his Church Militant website in which he claims that God gave his mother cancer in order to stop him from being gay. And his mother prayed for that to happen. Because that's totally not fucked up or anything. … [Read more...]

Ammon Bundy’s Ridiculous Legal Defense

Well, we now know that Ammon Bundy's legal defense to the charges of taking over the Malheur wildlife refuge is going to be and, as expected, it's utterly ridiculous. His argument is that the Constitution forbids the federal government from owning property within a state and therefore could not pay the agents that arrested him to do so. … [Read more...]

Israeli UN Ambassador: God on Our Side, Not America’s

The usual rhetoric from the Christian right in this country is that God is on Israel's side but not on America's anymore because we've somehow forsaken Israel (yes, the mind boggles at that claim) and started treating gay people like human beings. The new Israeli ambassador seems to agree: … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily’s Dishonest Clickbait Headlines

On the front page of the Worldnetdaily on Sunday, the headline screamed: "Michelle Obama Makes Admission About Barack's Eligibility." Ooh, what did she "admit" to? That his birth certificate was fake? That he was really born in Kenya? That she doesn't think he's eligible either? Nope. She didn't "admit" to a goddamn thing. … [Read more...]

AL Preacher: Sex is a Punishment from God

The Christian right has long had a serious problem with sex. Lots of them, actually. But they usually say that sex is holy and perfect and amazing between a husband and a wife and evil and dangerous between anyone else. But here's a fundie preacher who says sex is a punishment from God. … [Read more...]

Pat Boone Wants Blasphemy Outlawed

Pat Boone channeled his inner Muslim extremist in an interview with Alan Colmes last week, demanding that the government outlaw blasphemy like the Saturday Night Live parody of God's Not Dead. And he bizarrely thinks that almost the entire country agrees with him. … [Read more...]