ACLJ Freaks Out Over Comparative Religion Lessons


The American Center for Law and Justice, Pat Robertson's answer to the ACLU run by the extraordinarily dishonest Jay Sekulow and his son, is throwing a fit over lesson plans at a Georgia school that teach about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Why? Because they teach them about very basic things like the five pillars of Islam, the shahada and that they all worship the same God. … [Read more...]

Seriously, Ben Carson?

Credit: Michael Vadon

Man, Ben Carson has done and said some incredibly dumb things during this campaign, but this may top them all. After his recent comments about Islam being incompatible with the Constitution, the Council on American-Islamic Relations responded and criticized him. Now he's launched a petition to have the IRS take away their tax exemption for allegedly having "brazenly violated IRS rules." … [Read more...]

For the Millionth Time: Criticism is Not Censorship


It always drives me crazy when the right wing pretends that if you criticize someone, you've somehow violated their First Amendment rights. The latest example is from Jonathan Saenz, the virulently anti-gay leader of the group Texas Values, who is outraged -- or so he says -- that "hero" (actually, baseball player) Lance Berkman is being criticized for coming out against the Houston human rights ordinance. … [Read more...]

Another Planned Parenthood Clinic Targeted by Arsonists

For the second time in a couple weeks, a Planned Parenthood clinic has been set on fire by an arsonist. The last one was in Washington, this was is in Thousand Oaks, California, where domestic terrorists apparently threw a rock through a window, poured gasoline in and set the office on fire. This same office was vandalized just a few weeks ago. But I'm sure none of those good Christian "pro-lifers" could have done this, right? … [Read more...]

Another Epic, Incoherent Glenn Beck Rant


I love it when Glenn Beck starts ranting and raving into his microphone, building himself up into a frenzy as he careens from topic to topic trying to make sense while frothing at the mouth. His latest is a real doozy. My favorite part is when he goes on about how we're listening to liars; I assume he was speaking of his own listeners. Gee Glenn, I thought you were turning over a new leaf? This leaf looks and sounds awfully familiar. … [Read more...]

Anti-Abortion Leader Lies About Wanting Abortion Doctors Executed


You may have heard by now that Troy Newman, leader of far-right anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, was denied a visa to go to Australia because of his advocacy of violence against those involved with helping women secure their reproductive rights. In response, Newman claims that he never advocated that abortion doctors be executed, but as Right Wing Watch points out, he has done so in absolutely clear statements with zero ambiguity. Operation Rescue says: … [Read more...]

Ben Carson is Talking Hitler Again

Credit: Michael Vadon

Someone needs to make an official count to determine whether Ben Carson has said more idiotic things about the fall of the Roman empire or about Hitler. He seems to invoke Hitler as an almost Pavlovian response, and at a New Hampshire campaign event he did it again -- but very vaguely, without actually spelling out what he was referring to. But he swears it wasn't Obama this time, though he's compared Obama to Hitler many, many times. … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily’s Problem With Cause and Effect


A couple weeks ago, a weather system formed in the Atlantic ocean that was named Tropical Storm Joaquin, which has since gained strength and become a hurricane. On Wednesday, a Palestinian leader spoke at the United Nations and the Palestinian flag was flown over the UN headquarters, as is customary. The Worldnetdaily thinks the second thing caused the first thing and they quote "experts in Biblical prophecy" talking about it. … [Read more...]

Santorum: Martin Luther King Would Support Kim Davis


There are few things more ridiculous and reality-defying than the constant invocation of Martin Luther King by right-wingers who stand for everything King fought against. The latest is Rick Santorum, who told a Christian television show that Martin Luther King would support Kim Davis and tell her to keep defying the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling because it violates "God's law." … [Read more...]

Gaffney Brings White Supremacist on His Radio Show

"KKK" by KAMiKAZOW. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

Frank Gaffney, the absolutely unhinged bigot who founded the Center for Security Policy and hosts a radio show, brought one of the nation's most infamous white supremacists on his show to rail against the evils of immigrants and "so-called refugees." After bringing him on the show and praising his "wonderful" work, which he "appreciates tremendously," Gaffney now claims he had no idea he was a white supremacist. … [Read more...]

Michael Savage: The Pope is Coming For Your Salami

Michael Savage, like Ann Coulter, has a problem. That problem is that the things they say are so absurd and idiotic and deliberately intended to inflame that they lose their power to cause outrage after a while, forcing them to go even further off the deep end. Savage absolutely hates Pope Francis, that is obvious, and he keeps upping the ante on the rhetoric about how he's working to create a global Marxist society. … [Read more...]

Far Right Loses Big Fight for Government Shutdown


The far right elements of the Republican party lost a big fight over funding for Planned Parenthood as the House and Senate passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded for another two months as they work out the details on the 2016 federal budget. The party leadership badly wanted to avoid a shutdown, while the Tea Party types, the Ted Cruzes, badly wanted to prove their purity by fighting to the end a battle they could not win. … [Read more...]