All the Wingnuts Agree, It’s a New Civil War

All the far-right "news" sites and talk show hosts seem to agree that we are on the brink of another civil war. And it's apparently all because of the attacks on Trump -- we call that "criticism" and nearly all of it is entirely justified, but the truth is they're just dying to fight another civil war. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Clinton Threatened to Kill Lynch Just Like Vince Foster

Rep. Pete Olson of Texas -- where else would he be from? -- went on a Houston right wing talk radio show and said that when Bill Clinton met with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a plane on the tarmac last year, he told her he would have her killed just like he did Vince Foster if she didn't squash the email investigation. … [Read more...]

Montana Resident: Gianforte Was Acting Like Jesus

Paul Fidalgo's Morning Heresy, an email with links to stories that he sends out every day, provided a link to this letter to the editor of a Montana newspaper lauding newly elected Greg Gianforte because his criminal assault on a reporter was just like what Jesus did. … [Read more...]

Peterson: Democrats Pray to Satan

Jesse Lee Peterson, who somehow (presumably) manages to dress himself in the morning, was outraged to see Democrats and Republicans joining together in prayer before that congressional softball game that Rep. Steve Scalise was shot during practice for. He says the Democrats were really praying to Satan. … [Read more...]

Meet Jay Sekulow

The hiring of Christian right lawyer Jay Sekulow by Trump to work with Marc Kasowitz in defending him fascinates me, for several reasons. That he agreed to work under Kasowitz surprises me a bit. Sekulow is so far out of Kasowitz' league as an attorney that it's like Lebron James agreeing to be coached by a guy from a rec league team. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Gay People Want to Kill Us

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire decided to take some of his fellow bigots to protest a gay pride parade last weekend and on his little internet show on Monday he went absolutely off the rails in ranting about it, screaming that gay people want to kill Christians like them. … [Read more...]

Wiles: Disband the Democratic Party and Liberal Media for Sedition

Rick Wiles had his usual calm, thoughtful response to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise. Oh, of course he didn't. He went off on an idiotic and authoritarian rant demanding that the government shut down the Democratic party, arrest Democrats and disband the liberal media. … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Leader: Beards Prevent Homosexuality

I didn't realize there's a sort of breakaway Russian Orthodox faction, much like the Old Catholic Church is to the Roman Catholic Church. But the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church has a leader, Metropolitan Kornily, thinks that growing a beard will keep you from being gay. … [Read more...]

Mother Arrested for Violent ‘Exorcism’ of Daughter

Here's yet another story about a deranged Christian committing felony violence in an "exorcism," this time involving a mother allegedly biting and choking her own young daughter on a California beach. The mother has been arrested. … [Read more...]

Jackson: Liberals Want Christians Dead

Bishop E.W. Jackson, former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia (failed, thankfully) responded to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by slamming calls for unity from Republicans, saying that "the left" literally wants Christians dead. … [Read more...]

March for Marriage Fizzles. Again.

Every year I look forward to the March for Marriage, put on in Washington, DC by the National Organization for Marriage. I find it endlessly amusing to watch the numbers dwindle every year as they continue to make defiant speeches about how they're going to win back the right to discriminate. This year they got literally tens of people. … [Read more...]

Peterson: Democrats are ‘Children of Satan’

The terminally idiotic Jesse Lee Peterson says that when Democrats said they were praying for the victims of the shootings in Washington that included Rep. Steve Scalise, those prayers were phony because Democrats are "children of Satan." … [Read more...]