Russia Loves Them Some Alex Jones

According to Alex Jones, all the world's governments are really controlled by the Illuminati, which means those reptilian aliens -- except Russia, apparently. He is reveling in the fact that Russian officials close to Putin are praising him to high heaven. … [Read more...]

Sekulow Doesn’t Know What the DOJ Is Supposed to Do

Jordan Sekulow, part of his father Jay's Christian legal empire that he has milked for every dollar he can get his hands on, does a podcast. In his latest one, he cheers on the nomination of Jeff Sessions and says he will end the DOJ's "obsess[ion] with the civil rights issue." … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Ban All Gay Teachers

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a man who is clearly possessed by a demon of bigotry and hatred, says that being gay should automatically disqualify someone from being a teacher because they are possessed by “a demonic spirit of child abuse." … [Read more...]

How Do I love Thee, Larry Klayman? Let Us Count the Ways

I truly find Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, hilarious. So totally lacking in self-awareness, so wildly wrong on virtually everything, so blatantly a fake con artist in what he does, if he didn't exist I'd have to invent him. Case in point: … [Read more...]

Beck Uses Fake Stories to Criticize Fake Stories

Glenn Beck, fresh from allegedly turning over a new leaf, is still up to his old tricks. On his show last week he talked about a fabricated claim of an anti-Muslim hate crime and how horrible that was. So naturally he spread fake stories to illustrate the danger of fake stories. … [Read more...]

How Fake News Spreads Through the Wingnutosphere

The Daily Beast takes a look at how one completely fake conspiracy theory spread like wildfire through the wingnutosphere, from InfoWars to Gateway Pundit to all the usual suspects. Every single claim in the story was completely false. … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Breitbart Lie

A week ago, Breitbart reported that a mob of 1000 Muslim men shouted allahu akhbar and burned down the oldest church in Germany. The German police, who have no shortage of incidents of real Muslim terrorism to deal with, responded that pretty much every detail of this was false. … [Read more...]

Another Unhinged Teacher in Our Schools

So here's a real peach of a guy, a teacher from Oklahoma who has called for all Muslims to be "butchered," said that Michelle Obama is really a man, and many other horrible things on his Facebook page. He made his page private when local residents complained, but you can read some of them here. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Wants Congress to Erase Entire Obama Presidency

Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt had Josh Bernstein, a far-right radio host, on his show and Bernstein said that Congress should declare President Obama's entire time in office "null and void" and erase everything he ever did in office. … [Read more...]

Stone Repeats Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory on John Brennan

Donald Trump's BFF Roger Stone sat in for Alex Jones on his InfoWars show, because of course he did, and he repeated this ridiculous lie that CIA Director John Brennan converted to Islam and is now a Saudi agent who supports terrorism. … [Read more...]

Beware the ‘Army of Demons’ Roaming the Land

You gotta love the Worldnutdaily and headlines like this: "Urgent warning: 'Army of demons' on loose." The article cites a "longtime expert on spiritual warfare," which sounds a lot like the world's foremost authority on unicorn herding. … [Read more...]

Delgaudio: Can’t Trust Pryor on Court Because He Follows the Law

One of the men who seems likely to receive a Supreme Court nomination under Donald Trump is Judge William Pryor. But deranged bigot and ignoramus Eugene Delgaudio says that he has a disturbing tendency to follow the law even if he doesn't agree with it, which disqualifies him from the court. … [Read more...]