Fischer: GOP Invited a ‘Demon God’ to the RNC

Bryan Fischer says that the GOP invited a "demon god" into the Republican National Convention, and apparently he isn't talking about Donald Trump. No, it's because they had a Trump-supporting Muslim deliver a prayer at the event. … [Read more...]

Defeat Trump to Send Duck Dynasty Douchebag into Hiding

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the tribe of fake Duck Dynasty douchebags and bigots, says that if Donald Trump is defeated by the "evil one," he will disappear by going into the woods and not coming out. I think he thinks that will help Trump. … [Read more...]

Flake Calls Out His Party’s Outrageous Rhetoric

Sen. Jeff Flake, a man so conservative that the American Conservative Union gives him a 97% rating, is calling out his fellow Republicans for their constant cries and declarations at the Republican National Convention that Hillary Clinton should be put in prison. … [Read more...]

Root: America Won’t Survive a Clinton Presidency

Wayne Allyn Root, the absolutely ridiculous former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, gives us the old "America won't survive [fill in the blank with whatever politician I don't like] winning" nonsense. With all deference to Samuel Johnson, this is the first refuge of demagogues. … [Read more...]

Trump Vet Chair: Clinton Should Be Shot for Treason

And we have yet another prominent Trump supporter claiming that Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason. And another person who has no idea what treason means. This time it's Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state rep and chair of Trump's veterans coalition. … [Read more...]

What if ISIS Used Pokemon Go to Kill Americans? *Cue Scary Music*

Rick Wiles says that Pokemon Go is a Satanic plot to murder Christians, but Chris Mills, self-declared "slave to the King of Kings, documenting the downfall of mankind," worries that ISIS might take over that technology and use it to commit terrorism. Or pedophiles. … [Read more...]

Violent Ex-Cop Wants Terrorists to Kill Liberals

Jim Stachowiak, an ex-cop and huge supporter of Donald Trump who has urged "patriots" to show up at the Republican National Convention and open fire on protesters, has recorded a video expressing his hope that terrorists will kill liberals and Republicans who don't support Trump. … [Read more...]

Ryan Bundy Tried to Escape from Jail

Prosecutors in Oregon have revealed in court documents for the first time that Ryan Bundy, who helped lead the armed occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge, tried in April to escape from the county jail he's being held in. He used the old "tie the sheets together to make a rope" technique. … [Read more...]

Massie: Black Lives Matter Worse than the KKK

Mychal Massie is one of the d-list black conservatives who writes a column for the Worldnetdaily. He's slightly less unhinged than Erik Rush, but not by much. So he went on Rick Wiles' radio show and declared that Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK. … [Read more...]

Irony: Pence Ranted About Evils of Adultery

In addition to Mike Pence's differences with Trump on the Iraq invasion and trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP, it turns out that Pence also likes to rant about the evils of adultery and even suggested that it ought to be outlawed in this country. … [Read more...]

Cruz to Promote Himself in RNC Speech

Ted Cruz is speaking at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, but he has yet to endorse Donald Trump and may well not do so. But he will use his speech to promote himself and his vision for the Republican party, and to blame the media for his loss to Trump in the primary. … [Read more...]

Wiles Still Spreading Hilarity About Pokemon Go

I so love Rick Wiles. Even by Christian right standards, the man is so mind-numbingly stupid and ridiculous that I can't stop laughing at him. He's still ranting about Pokemon Go and those "cyber-demons" and how it's all going to end by slaughtering Christians. … [Read more...]