Israeli UN Ambassador: God on Our Side, Not America’s

The usual rhetoric from the Christian right in this country is that God is on Israel's side but not on America's anymore because we've somehow forsaken Israel (yes, the mind boggles at that claim) and started treating gay people like human beings. The new Israeli ambassador seems to agree: … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily’s Dishonest Clickbait Headlines

On the front page of the Worldnetdaily on Sunday, the headline screamed: "Michelle Obama Makes Admission About Barack's Eligibility." Ooh, what did she "admit" to? That his birth certificate was fake? That he was really born in Kenya? That she doesn't think he's eligible either? Nope. She didn't "admit" to a goddamn thing. … [Read more...]

AL Preacher: Sex is a Punishment from God

The Christian right has long had a serious problem with sex. Lots of them, actually. But they usually say that sex is holy and perfect and amazing between a husband and a wife and evil and dangerous between anyone else. But here's a fundie preacher who says sex is a punishment from God. … [Read more...]

Pat Boone Wants Blasphemy Outlawed

Pat Boone channeled his inner Muslim extremist in an interview with Alan Colmes last week, demanding that the government outlaw blasphemy like the Saturday Night Live parody of God's Not Dead. And he bizarrely thinks that almost the entire country agrees with him. … [Read more...]

Horowitz’ Idiotic Claims About Race and Slavery

It is truly astonishing to me that anyone could possibly take David Horowitz seriously. The former communist turned right-wing buffoon gave an interview with an Indianapolis radio show and spouted some truly ridiculous claims about racism and slavery. Like the very concept of white privilege is racist. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Anti-gay Bigots are Just Like Harriet Tubman

While all the other wingnuts are losing their minds over the decision to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and calling it political correctness run amok, Bryan Fischer is claiming that anti-gay bigots like him are just like her because her cause was moral and so is theirs. … [Read more...]

Beck to Write a Book About America Dying Due to Not Electing Cruz

Glenn Beck says that if Ted Cruz is not elected president, the country will be lost forever and he's going to bring together some historians -- by historians, of course, he means non-historians like David Barton -- to write a book about how it's all because we failed to elect him. … [Read more...]

TX Sheriff Candidate Threatens to Beat Up Trans People

As the ridiculous hysteria over trans people in bathrooms continues to infest our political discourse, a candidate for sheriff in Denton County, Texas says if he ever saw a trans person going into a bathroom, he'd assault them so badly they'd be hospitalized. … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Know What Words Mean

Bill O'Reilly loves nothing more than getting himself worked up into a lather and pointing fingers all over the place. Did you know that it's Obama's fault that people use hard drugs? I didn't either. And do you know why it's his fault? Because he apparently knows what words mean. … [Read more...]

Bruner Thinks Pre-K Programs are for Gay Indoctrination

Mary Lou Bruner, the ridiculous wingnut who is likely to be elected to the Texas State Board of Education, believes all kinds of bizarre things, as I've written many times. Her latest bit of dumbassery is to claim that pre-kindergarten programs exist for homosexual indoctrination purposes. … [Read more...]

Another Asinine ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Lawsuit

It's reached the point where I think judges should just start holding in contempt anyone making "sovereign citizen" arguments in any case, civil or criminal. They are wasting everyone's time with arguments like this, where an Idaho man is suing for millions of dollars over a suspended license because he only obey's God's law, which says nothing about needing insurance. … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Wants to Strip Doctors of License for Abortions

The Oklahoma legislature has passed and sent to the governor a thoroughly heinous bill that would strip any doctor's license to practice medicine in that state if they perform an abortion. Gov. Mary Fallin hasn't said whether she would sign it, but I can't imagine she won't. She's as irrational as they come. … [Read more...]