DeVos Family Suddenly Doesn’t Like Homophobes

A group funded by the DeVos family is attacking far-right candidates in Michigan, including Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan, for being "vile homophobes." This from a family that has spent tens of millions of dollars supporting vile homophobes. … [Read more...]

Ruth Institute’s Worst Marriage Argument Yet

I've heard some staggeringly stupid arguments against marriage equality, but this one from the Ruth Institute (formerly affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage) takes the cake. In this post by Jennifer Johnson, they're actually claiming that allowing same-sex marriage is just like forbidding interracial marriage. They use this weird graphic: … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Makes SETI Comments Even Worse

If you thought Ken Ham's previous statement about how we shouldn't look for life elsewhere in the universe because Jesus couldn't save them were dumb, he just made them even dumber in an interview with Ray Comfort. Not only should we defund SETI, he says we should use that money to build creation museums. … [Read more...]

Very Disturbing Talk About Immigrants on Christian Radio

Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist went on Vic Eliason's Crosstalk radio show and they took a call from a woman who was both fact-challenged and fascist. She actually suggested that we put immigrants into a prison camp and gas them. Eliason said he didn't think that we're that kind of country, but Gilchrist sympathized with her and said he understood where she was coming from. … [Read more...]

Scarborough: God Would be Justified to Nuke America

Deranged anti-gay pastor Rick Scarborough told a Florida conference that God would be "perfectly just and vindicated" if he destroyed the United States with a dirty bomb because Obama has appointed a handful of ambassadors who are gay. And he says no wonder the Arab world calls America the Great Satan. … [Read more...]

Rush: Obama Hates Christians Because His Dad is Malcolm X

Erik Rush, always seeking to top himself in the What The Fuck category, has a column claiming that Obama doesn't care about the persecution of Christians around the world because his father is Malcolm X. I'll give you a few minutes to stop laughing before I post the quotes....Ready? Okay. … [Read more...]

James Dobson Researches Naughty Sex

Hemant found this amusing video of James Dobson talking about what he learned as a member of an anti-pornography commission. He describes the horrible things he saw in porn magazines at a sex shop in New York to an audience that is suitably shocked. Hemant's favorite part: … [Read more...]

Staver: Gay Marriage ‘Beginning of the End of Western Civilization’

A few weeks ago, Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, came to Michigan for the annual gathering of the American Decency Association. Naturally, he came armed with dystopic predictions of the terrible damage same-sex marriage will do to the world. … [Read more...]

Bachmann’s Shiny New Conspiracy Theory

Michele Bachmann seems to accept any conspiracy theory and whacky claim that comes her way (like repeating the absurd idea that vaccinations cause retardation). Her latest one, though, is particularly deranged. She actually says that Obama is allowing those child refugees to come here to perform medical experiments on them. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Proves Boehner Wrong

John Boehner's new and incredibly stupid talking point is that all this talk of impeachment is coming from Democrats. Bryan Fischer proves him wrong by not only calling for Obama's impeachment but arguing that the Democrats have goaded Boehner into not impeaching him. Oh, and it's the end of America if we don't. … [Read more...]

SC Education Committee Votes to Weaken Evolution

Remember Mike Fair, the South Carolina state senator who tried to prevent the mammoth from being named the state fossil unless it had Biblical language in the proclamation? Well he's back and still trying anything he can to undermine the validity of evolution as taught in schools. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Terribly Offended By Being Told He’s Wrong

Michael Minkoff, whose blog Last Resistance claims to be "liberalism's worst nightmare," is very unhappy with CFI's Keep Health Care Safe and Secular campaign. But it turns out his real difficulty is with being told he's wrong, which he mistakenly thinks makes the person telling him that closed-minded and "totalitarian." … [Read more...]