More Anti-Semitism by ‘Coach’ Dave

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has been on quite a roll lately, piling up the anti-Semitism so high it's blocking out the sun, all while insisting that he isn't a bigot. This time he's handing off the duties to Charles Jennings of Truth in History Ministries on his show. … [Read more...]

E.W. Jackson Makes the Dumbest Argument Ever

There is no statement that annoys me as much as when Christians claim that religion is a bad thing, but Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship. Here's wingnut pastor and failed VA gubernatorial candidate E.W. Jackson with his version: … [Read more...]

Christian is the New Black

CJ Conner, pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Dodge City, Kansas, has released an open letter to Donald Trump begging him to protect the rights of Christians. Christians, he says, are the new blacks. Virtually everything he says in the letter is false. … [Read more...]

Beck Countersues Lahren. Lahren Threatens to Expose Beck.

The legal battle between Glenn Beck and Tomi Lahren is heating up. Beck has now filed a countersuit against Lahren, claiming that she was the one who breached their contract, not him, by mistreating employees of the Blaze and doing various other things. … [Read more...]

When Bigoted Conspiracy Nuts Meet

What happens when Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones come together? Exactly what you'd expect. Lots of bizarre claims tossed out without a shred of evidence, including both saying that Sasha and Malia Obama aren't really Barack's children. Why? Because that's what "the word" is and what they've "heard." … [Read more...]

Root Goes Full-on Cheerleader for Trump

Wayne Allyn Root has reached the point of just slobbering all over Donald Trump from afar, so desperate is he to bathe in the reflected glory of the man. On some obscure right-wing radio show, he might as well have just put on a cheerleader's outfit and started doing backflips. … [Read more...]

Jones’ Lawyer: It’s All an Act

Conspiracy nut Alex Jones is in court trying to get custody of his kids and his ex-wife is using his clearly unstable and bizarre behavior to argue for sole custody. Jones' lawyer says the judge shouldn't allow that because it's all an act. … [Read more...]

Okay, Mike Cernovich Cracks Me Up

My old pal Mike Cernovich is very upset that his fellow racist, sexist, uber-nationalist Steve Bannon appears to be on his way out of the White House. In fact, he's threatening to release dirt on unspecified people about their affairs and other personal matters if Bannon is fired. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Here's yet another vicious, bigoted, anti-Semitic screed sent to my friend Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Apparently he's going to burn in hell with all the other Jews, so that means hell smells like Jews. … [Read more...]

Wiles Blames Trump’s Turn on Ivanka and Kabbala

It's kind of fun watching some of Trump's most ardent supporters freak out about his attack on Syria and other developments. For some members of the far-far-right (as opposed to the mainstream Christian right), they're blaming it on the Jews (of course). Rick Wiles to the (very) white courtesy phone please: … [Read more...]

Barton: Gays are Evil. Just Like Hitler.

You'd think that after Sean Spicer's astonishing meltdown making Hitler comparisons, conservatives would steer clear of that analogy. But not David Barton, who recently made a trip to Poland and concluded that gay rights is just like Hitler. Seriously. … [Read more...]

MSNBC Gives Roger Stone Platform to Defend Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory

Roger Stone was banned from CNN for his long record of bizarre, racist and sexist statements and behavior, but apparently MSNBC is fine giving him a platform to spout his inane conspiracy theories. Chuck Todd had him on to defend his claim that Ted Cruz' dad was involved in the JFK assassination. … [Read more...]