Jeffress Would Vote for Trump Over Jesus

Megachurch pastor and first class con artist Robert Jeffress is defending his support for Donald Trump by saying that he would "run from" Jesus if he were running for office in favor of a candidate like Trump because the Bible says you should prefer a "strongman" for a leader. … [Read more...]

Wiles: Satan is Behind Pokemon Go, Using It to Kill Christians

Rick Wiles clearly has no interest in letting Michael Savage make a run at his title as the single most ridiculous right-wing radio talk show host in existence. He makes a strong case for himself by claiming that Satan created Pokemon Go to cast demons into churches and kill Christians. … [Read more...]

Grothman: Race Relations Great Until Obama Came Along

Rep. Glenn Grothman, who may well give Louis Gohmert a run for his money as the dumbest and most ridiculous member of the House of Representatives, says that everything was great with race relations in this country -- until that uppity Obama came along! … [Read more...]

Beck: Move to Texas Before We Close the Northern Border

Gloomy Glenn Beck is back again. It's too late, the die is cast, nothing but doom awaits, as he predicted (he predicts everything, of course). So it's time for all good "patriots" to pack up their stuff and move to Texas before they close the northern border. … [Read more...]

GOP Platform: Coal is Clean Energy

The Republican party is writing its platform for the 2016 national convention and, as with so many other issues, their plank on energy and environment is wildly out of touch with reality. It actually declares coal -- the single dirtiest form of energy production -- to be a clean source of energy. … [Read more...]

Barton Justifes New School for Theocrats

David Barton gave a take at Charis College, where he is creating a new School of Practical Government to teach his incredibly dishonest and thoroughly theocratic vision of society, and justified that school by arguing that the Bible should be the basis of all public policy. … [Read more...]

Klayman Awaits Dismissal of His Latest Idiotic Lawsuit

Larry Klayman has filed yet another frivolous lawsuit that will never make it past a motion to dismiss. This time he's filed a class action suit (on behalf of what class? Dumbasses?) against Obama, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Eric Holder and the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement for inciting violence against police officers. … [Read more...]

Sen. Johnson: Insurance Companies Should Deny Coverage for Cancer Patients

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is currently losing badly in his reelection bid against Russ Feingold, the man he beat six years. Maybe it's because he says things like this. He says that insurance companies should be allowed to deny coverage to people with cancer. … [Read more...]

Comfort: Atheists are Just Mass Murderers in Waiting

Ray Comfort did an interview with wingnut radio show host Janet Mefferd and gave the usual "atheists have no reason to be good people" argument. But he made it far worse by arguing that if any atheist had power, they would be just like Stalin or Pol Pot. … [Read more...]

Another Classic Sarah Palin Word Salad

Sarah Palin has fired up her handy dandy outrage machine and it spat out the kind absolutely classic word salad that she has become so famous for. It also made her an immediate expert on Martin Luther King, though I suspect she thinks he nailed some demands to church door somewhere. … [Read more...]

Savage: Straight White Christian Men the Most Oppressed

Michael Savage says that straight white Christian are the most oppressed and persecuted group in the country today. Oh, the humanity! If you say something that monumentally stupid, it really should cause your vocal cords to just jump out of your throat and walk away. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Satan is Behind Church-State Separation Groups

Dottering old con man Pat Robertson was asked by a reader why groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom From Religion Foundation never fight against Islam, only Christianity. His answer: Satan is pulling the strings. … [Read more...]