Woman Goes to Hell, Sees Michael Jackson

Disclose.tv, a site of rather dubious credibility, calls attention to a Youtube video of a woman who says she died and spent 24 hours in hell with Jesus as her tour guide. There she saw her own relatives, Pope John Paul II and, of course, Michael Jackson. … [Read more...]

Craig McMillan’s Studied, Intentional Cluelessness

When you see someone make an argument that skips over an incredibly obvious distinction in order to reach an illogical conclusion or comparison, you're often dealing with an intentional cluelessness. Worldnetdaily columnist Craig McMillan demonstrates the technique perfectly: … [Read more...]

Wallnau Prays God’s Revenge on Trump’s Enemies

Lance Wallnau's head is inserted so far up Donald Trump's rectal cavity at this point that I half expect him to declare that Trump is a second son of God sent here to die for our sins. He's even praying that God will punish Trump's critics. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts: Trump’s Agenda is God’s Agenda

Televangelist con man Jim Bakker, the high-ranking second in command for the First Batallion of the Donald Trump Fellatio Brigade, brought two more of his kind on his show to announce that God is going to destroy Trump's enemies because his agenda is "heaven's agenda." … [Read more...]

Wallnau: Trump’s Ignorance is a Gift from God

Lance Wallnau, Commanding General of the Christian Con Artist Trump Public Fellatio Brigade, has a rather bizarre theory that Trump's ignorance about the world is actually a gift from God and it's helping him in his relationship with China. … [Read more...]

Another Governor Who Thinks Prayer is a Public Policy

Apparently there's a growing violence problem in the West End of Louisville and Kentucky Gov. Matt Blevin thinks he has the perfect solution: Roving prayer patrols. And he's not joking. He's serious. He thinks that's an actual public policy response to a problem. … [Read more...]

Theocrat Blames Evolution for Racist Murder

A couple weeks ago a University of Maryland student who was a hardcore racist murdered a black student from another school. David Whitney from the Christian Reconstructionist group Institute on the Constitution naturally blames it all on the teaching of evolution. … [Read more...]

Bakker’s Latest Bizarre End Times Fantasy

Televangelist con man Jim Bakker went on a bizarre diatribe that tied in Donald Trump's trip to Israel, the Manchester terrorist attack and the closing of the Ringling Brothers circus (due to a law that doesn't exist). Because the end is near! … [Read more...]

Five NC Christians on Trial for Violent Abuse During ‘Exorcism’

A group of Christians from a church in North Carolina are on trial for the kidnapping and violent assault of a young man during what one of them admitted in court was an attempt to drive out "homosexual demons" from the man. 30 members of the church joined in on the assault. … [Read more...]

Peterson Declares Trump to Be the White Savior

Jesse Lee Peterson, who wants to be white so badly it kills him, praised Donald Trump for being a boor on his trip to Europe and called him a white savior sent by God -- while yelling, I kid you not, "white power" during his diatribe on the subject. … [Read more...]

Robison: Trump One of Greatest Miracles Ever

It is downright unseemly watching TV evangelist con artists sucking up to Donald Trump with such lavish praise that even Trump himself would find embarrassing. James Robison kicks it up another notch by saying Trump may be one of the ten greatest miracles the world has ever seen. … [Read more...]

Robertson: God Put Trump in Power

Pat Robertson joined the brigade of Christian right con artists claiming that Donald Trump was put in power by God. They never seem to mention, though, that the Bible quite clearly says that all governments are put in power by God. … [Read more...]