Bruner Thinks Pre-K Programs are for Gay Indoctrination

Mary Lou Bruner, the ridiculous wingnut who is likely to be elected to the Texas State Board of Education, believes all kinds of bizarre things, as I've written many times. Her latest bit of dumbassery is to claim that pre-kindergarten programs exist for homosexual indoctrination purposes. … [Read more...]

Another Asinine ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Lawsuit

It's reached the point where I think judges should just start holding in contempt anyone making "sovereign citizen" arguments in any case, civil or criminal. They are wasting everyone's time with arguments like this, where an Idaho man is suing for millions of dollars over a suspended license because he only obey's God's law, which says nothing about needing insurance. … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Wants to Strip Doctors of License for Abortions

The Oklahoma legislature has passed and sent to the governor a thoroughly heinous bill that would strip any doctor's license to practice medicine in that state if they perform an abortion. Gov. Mary Fallin hasn't said whether she would sign it, but I can't imagine she won't. She's as irrational as they come. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh’s Bizarre Claim about ‘Bathroom Laws’

Of all the arguments we've heard in the right's zeal to make life as hard as possible for trans people, this argument from Rush Limbaugh has to be the most bizarre. He told his listeners that allowing them to use the bathroom that matches their gender identities allows them to kidnap children off playgrounds. … [Read more...]

Boone and Beck, Brought Together by SNL

Boy, Pat Boone is really steamed over that Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of the sequel to God's Not Dead, which he plays a role in. And we can be happy that the "controversy" over it has brought him and Glenn Beck together at last for an inane phone interview. … [Read more...]

Geller: Obama and Clinton are Enforcing Sharia Law!

The utterly deranged Pam Geller claims, at the same time, that in the next 50 years America will be “living under the boot of Sharia" and that we already are, because President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who has not been a government official in about three years, are enforcing Sharia law today. … [Read more...]

Kupelian: Patriotic, God-Fearing Americans Driven Crazy by Liberals

David Kupelian, the #2 man at the Worldnetdaily, is still promoting his new book, which claims that liberal policies are literally driving Americans off the deep end. Even good, patriotic, God-fearing Americans, who are being driven to drug abuse and suicide by us evil liberals. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Weinstein has forwarded me another of the, uh, fan letters he gets regularly. As usual, it's viciously anti-Semitic, with the repeated accusation that Jews killed Christ, so of course every Jew until the end of time actually personally nailed him to the cross. … [Read more...]

Boykin Falls for Internet Hoaxes on Sharia Courts

Disgraced former Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, now with the Family Research Council and one of Ted Cruz' advisers, went on the radio with Sandy Rios and passed on two lies, one a hoax from an online satire site and the other a false story, both about non-existent "sharia courts" in Michigan and Texas. … [Read more...]

Fischer Claims Reuters Disproved Evolution

Bryan Fischer is, of course, a young earth creationist. He's also a bit....truth-challenged, to say the least. So on his radio show, he claimed that Reuters had published an article disproving evolution once and for all. But it wasn't from Reuters, it was from a creationist website that had used an image from Reuters. … [Read more...]

‘Prophet’: God to Make Trump President, Kill His Opponents

The unhinged Rick Wiles welcomed the even more unhinged Mark Taylor, who calls himself a prophet of God, to his radio show and Taylor said that God told him that he will make Donald Trump president. Not only that, he will strike down those who oppose or criticize Trump. … [Read more...]

Dear Glenn Beck: Nobel Peace Prize Nominations are Meaningless

Glenn Beck welcomed far-right "scholar" Kenneth Timmerman on his radio show and made sure to let his audience know, several times, that Timmerman had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, which he claims gives him credibility. No, actually, it doesn't. … [Read more...]