When Jones and Corsi Were Anti-Trump

These days, Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are spinning their inane conspiracy theories in favor of Donald Trump, but it wasn't always that way. A few years ago, they were spinning conspiracy theories about Donald Trump on the birther issue. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Criticism of Trump is Satanic

Evangelist con man (but I repeat myself) Rick Joyner is positively verklempt watching the anti-Trump protests around the country, indeed the world. But like all simpleminded halfwits like him, he comes up with the simplest and most ridiculous answer: Satan. … [Read more...]

Gallups: Immigration is God’s Punishment for…Everything

We're all used to the common "this is God's punishment for..." argument from the Christian right, with the end of the ellipses being whatever they're particularly mad about at any given moment. Here's another. Carl Gallups says immigration is God's punishment for evolution, abortion and The Gay. … [Read more...]

We Can Blame Jim Bakker for Trump’s Election

If you're trying to figure out who is truly to blame for the election of Donald Trump, you can stop. It's Jim Bakker. How did he get Trump elected? No, not with buckets of crappy survival food. He "bound demons in hell" to prevent them from "destroying" Trump. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones, the Jackie Robinson of Fake News

Now that Alex Jones has hired Jerome Corsi to open a Washington bureau for InfoWars and is sure he's going to get a White House press pass, he's comparing himself to Jackie Robinson. Those poor white reporters have no idea what they're in for when they have to compete with...uh....super white reporters like him. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Trump Has Conquered Non-Existent Christian Persecution

Televangelist con man Jim Bakker's latest random con artist guest was a woman named Billye Brim, who is some sort of evangelist. The two of them celebrated the election of Donald Trump, declaring that Christians are no longer second-class citizens and can preach from their pulpits again. … [Read more...]

Another Poor Christian Righter Feels Emasculated

Uh oh. Did someone send Tony Perkins a v-neck sweater? Because the head of the Family Research Council is feeling all emasculated and stuff. And he's worried that this is undermining our ability to all tough and strong and ready to go to war. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Women’s March was ‘ Driven by Demons’

It's time for another installment of Everyone I Disagree With is Possessed by Demons, starring con man Jim Bakker and con woman Billye Brim. They both agreed that the women's marches the day after the inauguration were "driven by demons" and full of an "evil spirit." … [Read more...]

Quebec Mosque Shooting a False Flag. Because of Course It Is.

The murder of six people at a mosque in Quebec was a false flag operation. We know this because Alex Jones says so. And who would know more about false flag operations than the guy who thinks everything from the moon landing to the cancellation of Friends was a false flag? … [Read more...]

Farah: Carbon Doesn’t Cause Global Warming, Sin Does

Oh, Joseph Farah. You are nothing if not an incredibly reliable voice of utter stupidity. In a recent column, he says that global warming is not caused by putting too much pollution in the atmosphere, but by people sinning, causing God to turn up the thermostat on us. … [Read more...]

Another Day, Another Clueless Barton Claim

David Barton is like a volcano of lies that never, ever stops erupting, burying Pompeii in a lava flow of nonsense. On a recent show, he managed to lie about American history and simultaneously claim that, as a white man, he has less rights than everyone else. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Barber and Staver Brought to Tears by Rain During Inauguration

Matt Barber and Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, got all weepy on their radio show about a light rain during the inauguration, which was obviously a sign from God that he was cleansing away all the "chaos and harm and blood" from the Obama administration. … [Read more...]