Rios: Impeach Obama for Bush’s Actions!

Sandy Rios is upset that some Republicans don't want to impeach Obama and she's using something Bush did as proof that he has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors." Specifically, the fact that the leader of the Benghazi attack was released from Gitmo. There's just one problem: He was released in 2007. … [Read more...]

Santorum’s Bad Arguments Against Marriage Equality

Rick Santorum continues to make terrible arguments against marriage equality, most recently in an interview with Phyllis Schlafly. Of course, all arguments against marriage equality are bad, but it's kind of impressive how they make arguments without even a hint of applying them consistently. … [Read more...]

Impeachment Talk Backfires on the GOP

A furious push by conservatives to convince the House to vote articles of impeachment against President Obama for... oh, whatever they're flipping out about at the moment ... has backfired on the Republicans, so much so that House Speaker John Boehner is forced to pretend Obama is behind his own potential impeachment. … [Read more...]

Morgan Brittany Hits the Ground Running

Morgan Brittany, the Worldnetdaily's latest washed-up has-been celebrity columnist, has learned her craft quickly. Specifically, she's learned the art of telling a ridiculous lie to support a paranoid conspiracy theory, this one about the IRS controlling our health care decisions. … [Read more...]

An Incredibly Incoherent Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor of a newspaper can be notoriously inane and incoherent, but this is one of the most ridiculous ones I've ever read. Every paragraph is just a combination of words that makes no sense whatsoever and leaves you tilting your head to the side like your dog does when he's confused. … [Read more...]

WND Will Tell You the Exact Day of Jesus’ Return

The New Testament makes clear that no one can know the day that Jesus will return. You'd think that would slow down alleged Christian Joseph Farah, but not if there's a buck to be made. If you send them five bucks, they'll tell you the exact day when the lord returns in his glory to smite everyone Farah doesn't like. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Worries About ‘Mexichusetts’

Jeffrey Kuhner is your standard issue right wing radio show host, having nothing to offer but ignorance, xenophobia and dumb ideas. And he's very concerned that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is turning that state into "Mexichusetts" by helping out a few hundred child refugees. … [Read more...]

The Grand Unified Obama Conspiracy Theory

William Gheen, the terribly bigoted head of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, joined Alex Jones on his daily shitshow to concoct a sort of Grand Unified Theory of Obama Conspiracies, pulling together multiple independent spook stories into one big melting pot of paranoia: … [Read more...]

Move Over Facebook, Here Comes Reaganbook

Far-right anti-choice advocate Janet Porter is sick of Facebook and its liberal ways, so she's created Reaganbook, "the Facebook for patriots." They do realize that this will be the holy grail for internet trolls, don't they? Probably not. But it will be. … [Read more...]

Gohmert Gets a New Conspiracy Theory?

There is no idea so extreme and bizarre that Rep. Louis Gohmert won't swallow it and promote it, so it's hardly a surprise that when a caller on Tony Perkins' radio show suggested that the Sandy Hook tragedy was part of a grand conspiracy, Gohmert was more than happy to entertain the thought. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians to Have Sex

From the mouth of the man who thinks feminism is about making women kill their children, divorce their husbands, practice witchcraft and become socialists comes a whole new ridiculous claim: Gay people are going to force Christians to have sex with random people just like in Sodom and Gomorrah. … [Read more...]

AL Officials: Coal Plant Regulation Violates God’s Will

From the same people who brought you "global warming isn't real because God controls the climate" comes a group of elected officials in Alabama who held a press conference to say that EPA rules regulating pollution from coal plants violate God's will because he gave coal to the state. … [Read more...]