Wiley Drake Declares Himself, Alan Keyes to Be King Birthers

Wiley Drake, who prays for someone to kill Obama, and Alan Keyes are apparently tired of Republicans saying Hillary Clinton started birtherism. They want full credit where credit is due, as Drake told James David Manning, who thinks Starbucks puts gay semen in their lattes. … [Read more...]

Jones: ‘Vote Donald Trump if you want to live’

Oh, Alex Jones. I must have done something right in a previous life to be blessed with a volcano of stupidity like you to give me ready-made blog posts. His latest is particularly amusing: Hillary Clinton and George Soros are not human (reptilians, dontchaknow) and you have to vote for Trump if you want to live. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Trump is ‘Carnal,’ Clinton is ‘Demonic’

Wanda Alger, a "five-fold prophetic minister" (whatever the hell that is), seems to be as good as Gordon Klingenschmitt at identifying "demons" (whatever the hell they are). In a column for Charisma, she says that Trump is "carnal" (which is bad), but Clinton is "demonic" (which is way, way worse). … [Read more...]

Rick Scarborough is Utterly Clueless

Wingnut preacher Rick Scarborough of Vision America couldn't be more clueless if he intentionally set out to achieve that. His latest holy water cistern full of stupid is his declaration that gay marriage "literally made it unlawful and illegal for Christians to hold positions on the federal courts." … [Read more...]

Fallin Declares a Day of Prayer. For Oil.

Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma would probably be the single most ridiculous governor in the country if Maine's Paul LePage didn't exist, has declared a day of prayer in her state. Why? Oil. They're not pumping enough oil to support state revenue. … [Read more...]

God Sent Hurricane Matthew Because of The Gay

It's hurricane season and that can only mean one thing: Bring on all the wingnuts identifying precisely what made God angry so he whipped up his divine wind machine. Andrew Bieszad, a Christian fascist who writes for the Shoebat's holy website/killing fields, blames it on The Gay. Because of course he does. … [Read more...]

Beck Issues Another Apocalyptic Prediction

Glenn Beck is apparently back in one of his "we're all gonna die" moods (which will soon be replaced by an upbeat "we're the ones who will save the world" mood). He's delivering yet another apocalyptic "prophecy" about how all of civilization will soon collapse. … [Read more...]

Vote for Trump to Save Joseph Farah’s Weak Stomach

Two days ago Joseph Farah wrote that he would fear for his life if Hillary Clinton gets elected because he's just so important that she'll send her elite murder squad after him. Yesterday he said he's afraid he'll die because his weak stomach just can't take her winning. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Hillary’s Fainting a Sign of Imminent American Collapse

Jim Bakker has another cockamamie notion that he's pushing to sell more of his crappy buckets of food. He says that the fact that Hillary Clinton got pneumonia and fainted on 9/11 is yet another warning from God that America is going to collapse if she's elected. … [Read more...]

Is the Christian Right Abandoning Roy Moore?

Sarah Jones, who used to work for Americans United for Separation of Church and State and now works for the New Republic, has an article about the very loud silence coming from most of the big Christian right groups and leaders about the second suspension of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. … [Read more...]

More Evidence that Beck’s Media Empire is Crumbling

The Huffington Post has an article written by Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart.com reporter who quit when the site wouldn't back her after she was roughed up by Trump staffers at an event, citing sources inside Glenn Beck's The Blaze saying that the place has the stench of death. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Throws a Fit About Lesson on Islam

A Christian mother from Tennessee is quite angry that her daughter had to learn some very basic things about Islam in a 7th grade social studies class, apparently because she has no idea what social studies means. And she's throwing a tantrum over it. … [Read more...]