AFA Official: Opposition to NC Bill is Due to Satan

Rob Chambers, national field director for the American Family Association gives the familiar old explanation that the Christian right has for everything. Why do some people oppose North Carolina's anti-LGBT law? Why, because of Satan, of course. The perfect scapegoat for everything. … [Read more...]

A Trump Adviser’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights has a report on Joseph Schmitz, one of the five foreign policy advisers that Donald Trump identified as those he consults with. Schmitz, it turns out, is quite a piece of work, with all manner of bizarre and ridiculous positions on things. Like this: … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz Decries ‘Tremendous Persecution’ of Christians

Rafael Cruz continues to be a ridiculous demagogue while campaigning for his son. Appearing on the radio show of the utterly unhinged Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners, he decried the entirely mythical "tremendous persecution" of Christians in this country, which of course is just part of a larger conspiracy to turn the country communist. … [Read more...]

Barton: Bible Says No Such Thing as Adolescence

David Barton likes taking life lessons from the Bible. Of course, he takes some incredibly stupid lessons from it. On his radio show recently, he said that the concept of adolescence is unbiblical, that you're either a child or an adult and that age 13 is the dividing line. … [Read more...]

Beck: God’s Help Needed to Put Hillary Clinton in Jail

Glenn Beck pulled out his trusty blackboard this week -- several of them, actually -- to deliver a long-winded diatribe about Hillary Clinton's email servers. And he said that no one has the guts to put her in jail over it, so we're going to have to have some help from God to do so. … [Read more...]

Cruz Tells Orthodox Jews God Wants Him to Be President

In New York, there's a sizable bloc of Orthodox Jewish voters and candidates from both parties have tried to reach out to them. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have even put out fliers and ads in Yiddish. And Cruz' Yiddish ad says that he believes God wants him to be president: … [Read more...]

Perkins: Anti-Discrimination Laws are ‘Forced Servitude’

It's always amusing to hear conservatives rail against the evils of anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people with arguments that are actually in opposition to all anti-discrimination laws, then try to find ways to wiggle out of the dilemma they create for themselves. Tony Perkins, for example: … [Read more...]

David Keene Hammers Frank Gaffney

David Keene's conservative credentials are unimpeachable. The longtime leader of the American Conservative Union and the NRA has been hugely influential in conservative circles for decades. But he's had his fill of the far-right paranoid conspiracists like Ted Cruz adviser Frank Gaffney: … [Read more...]

Pat Boone: SNL is Like Satan for Mocking God’s Not Dead 2

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live did a very funny sketch making fun of God's Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo and it appears to have gotten Pat Boone's blood of the lamb boiling. Boone has a role in the movie, you see, and he says SNL making fun of it is doing just what Satan wants them to do. … [Read more...]

What a Leading Forced Birth Advocate Knows About Science

The Zika virus continues to wreak havoc in Central and South America, causing microcephalic babies and other birth defects, but the forced birth brigade just wants to make sure no one has an abortion. Here's Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, demonstrating her highly educated view on the subject: … [Read more...]

Corsi, Jones Predict Billions Will Die in 2016

The Worldnetdaily's Jerome Corsi, also the founder of the Swift Boat Veterans back in 2004, went on the Alex Jones show and they made all sorts of bizarre dystopic predictions for 2016. We're talking worldwide economic collapse, nuclear war and 5-6 billion people dying. … [Read more...]

Catholic Fundies Blame Priest Rape on ‘Feminized Boys’

Michael Voris is a far-far-far-right Catholic extremist here in Michigan who is prone to saying some truly appalling things. He runs the Church Militant site and put up a video complaining that altar girls make boys not like the liturgy and that the whole priestly rape thing is because Catholic women raised "feminized boys." … [Read more...]