Cahn Closes the Values Voters Summit With Inane Sermon

To close out the Values Voters Summit, the Family Research Council brought in a couple of end-times preachers to rain fire and brimstone on the hotel ballroom, including Jonathan Cahn, who most recently whiffed completely with his "prophecy" of calamity at the end of the "Shemitah year" that came and went without incident. He still thinks God is going to go medieval on our asses any minute now. … [Read more...]

Bachmann Still Thinks the End is Near


Since leaving Congress in January, Michele Bachmann has taken to figuratively wandering the country wearing a sandwich board that says "The end is near!" Everything reminds her that we living in the last days and that God is getting ready to pour out a major ass-whopping on America because we're actually starting to treat gay people like human beings, which her God clearly does not like. … [Read more...]

Star Parker on the Evils of The Gay


Star Parker, the former "welfare queen" who turned her life around after discovering the Lord and his plan for her to become a screeching, self-righteous moral scold for fun and profit, addressed the Values Voters Summit and delivered a rather unhinged anti-gay diatribe, the favorite kind of diatribe for that crowd of bigots. She says the gays are coming for the children -- meaning they're giving homes to foster kids no one else wants. … [Read more...]

‘Sovereign Citizen’ Demands Deportation to Heaven


It's hard to find anyone more utterly ridiculous than someone who calls themselves a "sovereign citizen" and claims that they are not under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. Alaska is home to a lot of those folks, including Kevin Francis Ramey, who refuses to pay child support and says that the government has no authority to require him to do so. After being arrested for that, he demanded that he be deported to heaven, where he is a "citizen." … [Read more...]

Kelly, Kilmeade Have Dumb Conversation About Feminism


Fox News is not exactly a bastion of feminist thought on the best of days, but Megyn Kelly and the incredibly dumb Brian Kilmeade had one of the silliest conversations imaginable about Hillary Clinton and feminism. It was prompted by an interview she did with Lena Dunham, which I didn't watch because I couldn't really care any less. But listen to this drivel that it prompted on Fox News. … [Read more...]

Santorum Knows How to Make God Bless America


Rick Santorum, like every theo-conservative it seems, knows exactly what God wants and doesn't want and what we must do to get him to bless the United States. And of course, it just happens to coincide with the policy positions he already takes. He told the Values Voters Summit that God will not bless the United States as long as we're upholding the rights of women and gay people because God really doesn't like those people. … [Read more...]

‘Values Voters’ Want Cruz-Carson Republican Ticket


The Values Voters Summit is over and, as they always do, they had a straw poll of attendees to pick the candidates they favor the most. And the ticket they would want more than any other is -- drumroll, please -- Ted Cruz for president and Ben Carson for vice president. Cruz got almost twice the support for president than Carson did, while Carson led the VP poll with 25% of the votes. … [Read more...]

Staver: God Raised Up Kim Davis to Save Us


At the Values Voters Summit this weekend, the Family Research Council gave Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis the Cost of Discipleship Award for her courageous stand in favor of discrimination and her inevitably losing legal battle. Her attorney, Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, helped Tony Perkins give her the award and delivered some typically over-the-top hyperbole. … [Read more...]

Levin Blathers About ‘Secular Theocracy’


Mark Levin, a thoroughly ridiculous right wing radio talk show host, spoke at the Values Voters Summit and turned reality completely on its head while inventing -- okay, so he isn't the first to come up with it -- an oxymoron: Secular theocracy. He thinks that's what the government is now imposing, a secular theocracy, by which he means it's slightly less willing than before to impose an actual theocracy. … [Read more...]

Conservatives: Volkswagen Only Cheated Because of Regulation


I'm sure you're as outraged as I am about Volkswagen installing technology that cheated emissions tests to get approved to sell cars that spewed far more pollution than was legally allowed in the United States. But conservatives and libertarians seem to be mad not about this cheating, but about the regulations that they cheated to get around. The National Review's Kevin Williamson: … [Read more...]

Carson Would Consider Religion as Probable Cause

Credit: Michael Vadon

It's already become unbelievably obvious that Ben Carson knows nothing whatsoever about the Constitution, nor does he care a bit whether it is violated or not (except when he's ranting about others violating, nearly always when they aren't). But James Madison must be spinning in his grave after Carson told one of the Sunday talk shows that he'd be willing to consider the idea that one's religion be probable cause for 4th Amendment purposes. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: America Can’t Survive if We Defy God


At something called the Calling America Back to God Rally in South Carolina recently, Mike Huckabee railed, as he always does, against the Supreme Court's ruling in the same-sex marriage case. And as always with the Christian right, he made an argument so broad that it disproves itself when he said that America cannot survive if we "defy any standard that God has given to us." … [Read more...]