Hollywood Getting Enlightened on Faith?

The success of The Blind Side, Soul Surfer, Courageous, and a host of Tyler Perry movies has heightened Hollywood's interest in faith-fueled entertainment.   With the studios backing upcoming projects on Noah, Moses, and the entire Bible, it has never been a better time to be a person of faith in Hollywood.    Mark Burnett and Roma Downey recently wrapped production on an epic, 10 hour series on the Bible for the History Channel and principal photography is about to begin on a feature film vers … [Read more...]

Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music: The Sea In Between

How do we make something beautiful?   The creative process can be so elusive.   No two artists, musicians, or filmmakers approach the act of creation in precisely the same way.   It is tough to know what kinds of elements need to be present for 'magic' to happen.   But talented people and an inspiring setting are a great starting point.   Thankfully, Mason Jar Music invites us into that process, demonstrating their credo:  "preserving analog principles in a digital age."   For fans of handmade mu … [Read more...]

PLAYING WITH FIRE: Prometheus and Higgs Boson

Divergent opinions regarding the virtues and vices of Prometheus have fueled rigorous online debates.  While some were captivated by Ridley Scott’s imaginative vision, others laughed in all the wrong places.   Prometheus was burdened by massive expectation.  Yet, when filmmakers dare to spin a new creation myth, rigorous critique will follow.   So does Prometheus present a fresh take on the origins of humanity or does it play with profundity in service of a silly sci-fi story?I will split the … [Read more...]

Want to Make Movies in Hollywood? Learn from the NBA Draft

With the NBA draft approaching, I am reminded that the odds of becoming a big time film director are just as long as being a first round NBA draft choice.  And the chances of sustaining a career at the top of the Hollywood pyramid as just as slim as becoming an NBA All-Star.   Thousands of aspiring directors, graduating from film schools around the world, are as likely to make a feature film for one of the studios as they are to play in the NBA.From the massive pool of young men playing ba … [Read more...]

The Facebook Police

Was anybody else creeped out when Facebook replaced your chosen email address with their Facebook email eddress?  And maybe I'm the exception, but I have resisted their efforts to place my online relationships and activity on a Timeline.   So I was pleased to see this savage satire on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Show.  And I was even more delighted to discover that one of our sharpest Pepperdine grads, Jeff Loveness, wrote and stars in this skit.  Enjoy! … [Read more...]