Corruption: The New Apple Pie

My fellow Americans,American Flag with Money

We’ve been swindled. And it’s been happening for about 200 years.

The reason you think Hillary is a crook, is not because she has done

something unusual for politicians. It’s because in the age of the Internet & hackers, we now have ways of finding out things we were never meant to know.

News came out today that Trump will likely have to face a trial for his fraudulent Trump University, and more emails are being released by WikiLeaks suggesting that Hillary was pushing to arm ISIS.

More and more information is surfacing that the DNC rigged the election, and colluded in voter fraud, and possibly even hacking electronic voting machines. The brief explanation for this is, at polling places
where the voting method wasn’t hackable, the exit polls matched perfectly with the results. But in places where the electronic hackable machines were used, Bernie had a landslide in the exit polls, but lost the “official count.”

Combine this with the DNC collusion emails, the “firing” of the DNC Chair, only to have her “picked up” by Hillary’s campaign, and you have a lot of pissed off people.

This isn’t about being “pissed because we didn’t get our way.” It’s about being silenced by corruption, and even when that corruption is exposed, we get a brief apology, and we’re told to get back in line and drop it.

And the only reason it’s working for most people (including me) is because of Donald Trump. The DNC needs the monster of Donald Trump to keep Democrats like me in line. Otherwise, we’d be revolting in the streets.

But again, this is nothing new.

Do yourself a favor and watch Race for the White House by Kevin Spacey on CNN. I get it on demand through the CNNgo app on AppleTV.

Whatever you do, watch it. Do your research.

Elections have been stolen for 2 centuries, and our voice has rarely mattered.

Without voter fraud, and literal fake tickets being printed for the convention, Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have been president. He stole that primary. And aren’t we glad he did?

I’m not saying your vote doesn’t count. It does. As long as it’s in line with corporate thugs like Trump & Clinton.

That’s not how a democratic republic is supposed to operate. This has turned into the gross exploitation of We The People, using the poorest of our people as pawns.

Yet, corruption and voter disenfranchisement have become the norm: our new apple pie.

I haven’t decided whether or not I will vote for Hillary. But looking into our history, change only happens with a revolution.  But at what expense?

The questions I have to answer for myself are:

1. Is my protest, or “voting my conscience” worth a Trump presidency, appointing Trump justices to SCOTUS?

2. Is my vote for Hillary acceptance of fraud, a failed 2-party system and voter disenfranchisement?

3. Is swallowing #2 worth preventing #1?

4. Should we pause our revolution for when the other option isn’t Trump?

5. With all the corruption, voter fraud, collusion, corporate interest, and manipulation, does my vote even count?

I have some soul searching to do. And that’s hard for an atheist.

Consider me a pissed off undecided voter on the verge of joining the revolution.

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