Responding to Bryan Fischer

A few minutes into my radio show with Bryan Fischer, he talked about a baker who refused to bake a cake “with Bible verses on it” and that the court said “It’s okay to discriminate against Christians, but not the other way around.”Gay Cake

At the time, I didn’t know enough about the case to respond properly, so I told him, if that was the case, I’d stand with him on that being wrong. And then I did my research.

Here are the facts:
The Colorado customer he was referring to, was a self-identified “Christian Activist” who requested two cakes, reading “God hates sin – Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin – Leviticus 18:22.”
He also requested a decoration of “two groomsmen holding hands, with a cross, and a ‘red x or cross-out/ghostbusters’ symbol over it to illustrate that such a union is unacceptable biblically.”
So no, it’s not like a sweet old lady walked in to get “Love thy neighbor” on a cake, and was thrown out by bible-hating gays. This was an activist bringing a hateful anti-message to a bakery as protest to push the limits of hate speech. 

So why is this not discrimination?

The court’s ruling was not that “Because it was a Christian being discriminated against, it doesn’t count” as Bryan Fischer touted on Dogma Debate. But rather, the cake was refused due to “derogatory language and imagery” which is not discrimination against a group of people.

There is a clear difference between being for your own cause, as opposed to being anti someone else’s.

Another activist in Texas contacted 13 “gay bakeries” (which are either owned by LGBT couples, or who are known to support gay marriages) and requested that a cake be made which said “Gay Marriage Is Wrong.”

Why do Bryan Fischer and other Christians not see the major difference here? Let me be as clear as possible:

Your so-called “Christian Cakes” are direct attacks against someone else. They are not celebrating love, or simply representing a union. They are negative in nature, stating that something is “wrong” or wanting things “crossed-out” or calling things “a detestable sin” which is a judgment call against someone else, which the baker does not have to participate in.

A wedding cake depicting two grooms celebrating their love, is not an attack on anyone. But maybe that’s the problem. Bryan Fischer and other traditional family groups, feel that a gay union is somehow an attack on them, personally.

Every example you have to support your case is something like… “A black baker turning down a KKK cake” or “A Jewish baker turning down an anti-semitic cake.” These are hate messages which are anti in nature.

Cakes for gay weddings aren’t anti your straight marriage.

If you were to show me a bakery owned by an LGBT couple, refusing to bake a cake for “straights, because it’s gross,” then I’d understand your concern and stand with you in protest. Or if a gay couple wanted a cake depicting a burning Bible, or a ‘cross-out symbol’ over Jesus,you can turn that down. You have that right. It could be considered ‘derogatory language and imagery.’

But you’re not comparing apples to apples. You’re comparing messages of love to messages of hate, and then acting like you’re being persecuted.

Please tell me, Bryan. How is a cake celebrating the love of two people (who happen to share the same reproductive parts), derogatory language or  imagery that offends you?

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