Indians more Australian than European Settlers: Study finds Indians went to Australia 4230 years ago

In times when Australians - Caucasian primarily - are targeting Indians, for being "outsiders"... comes the scientific reminder from the Gene pool.  Mate!!  We are MORE Australians than you all are!  From the perch that Indians see Australia now, YOU may be outsiders! LOL.  See, how a small Gene thingy turns the tables?The recent study published on the "Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America" website (Link) says this: The Australian continent holds some of t … [Read more...]

Cricket India's Financial impact on the Cricket World

The importance of India in world cricket is underscored by how presence of India helps the financial state of other countries' cricket boards.  One line at the end of an article in Sydney Morning Herald on Cricket Australia's operating results says more than anything else. Cricket Australia yesterday announced a $41 million rise in its operating result, attributed to India touring for last summer's Test and limited-overs series We have seen how Pakistan's board has been impacted by the India not … [Read more...]

Why does a New Zealand school teach Sanskrit?

These days in India, if we have any schools making it important to learn Sanskrit, it would raise a huge hue and cry, specially amongst the Seculars. But it takes a school in New Zealands Auckland to come up with a curriculum to learn Sanskrit. And they have laid it out very clearly why it is so important for Kiwi kids to learn Sanskrit. (Hat Tip: Shaas Ruzicka)Mind you, the school says in an earlier answer that it looks itself as a Christian theology based - although it respects other … [Read more...]

Australia, Racism, and "Routine" City Burnings

In the last few weeks at least four Indians have been attacked, couple of them fatally in Australia. Such attacks have been going on for over an year now.Indians in Australia have been specific targets by criminals and killers. Protests from the Indian Government have been there for a over an year, since the attacks started.Until now, Australian government was apologetic and was promising "action" and appropriate measures. However, now, they have changed the tack. Acting Prime Minister … [Read more...]

Aussie Intolerance of Indian Migrants

Yet another Indian immigrant - Nitin Garg - had been murdered in Melbourne, Australia. He had emigrated from Punjab and had a Permanent Residence card. He worked at Hungry Jack restaurant and somehow stumbled into it, after being stabbed just 300 meters away from it.Now, this is yet another killing of Indians in a long series of targeted murders of Indians by the Aussies in Australia. These incidents have gotten visibility at the highest levels and involvement from Prime Ministers of both … [Read more...]