10 ways to Inspire People

FInd below great 10 points on how to be an inspiration in life to others from ManagementCraft.I believe that to be a good person, truthful and humane are important part of being an inspiration to others. People at work life visionary people who have the courage to stand by their thoughts and words. Every manager ought to be able to see the world from other's standpoint without the noise of his/he own thoughts muddling the view!1. Be a role model of courage. When our managers demonstrate … [Read more...]

India's 1983 Cricket World Cup Win and Leadership Lessons

There have been many unlikely successes in the world of sports but for India the 1983 Cricket World Cup triumph will count as the best ever. First, India was NOWHERE near any ranking of a One-Day team. If we could win even a single game - even against Sri Lanka, we could rejoice. West Indies, on the other hand, had a side that was simply invincible in one-day games. No one could even think of beating them - least of all India!! But as the championship unfolded India beat West Indies not once but … [Read more...]

Great things from people you can't imagine

Quite a few news on Railway Minister Lalu Yadav recently addressing group of students from the elite Harvard and Wharton Business Schools of the US. I feel he deserves credit though not as acclaimed by him as he has proved that people can really do great things once they really aspire for it. It was really surprising from Lalu who was only known for corruption and had never done anything good to anyone other than himself.Lalu himself acknowledged the role of officers who helped make the … [Read more...]

Culmination of the Self Help Movement!!

Liked the cartoon a lot!! … [Read more...]

"A Special X-mas Tree" from Ms. Anouradha Bakshi

Some blog posts carry a lot of message and meaning for all of us! Here is one blog post from Ms. Anouradha Bakshi from one of her many efforts at bringing peace and end suffering for the world. In this anecdote you will see the spirit of the kids that can prevail anything that nature has to throw at them - from physical ailments to lack of resources. Mind is a beautiful thing and thank God it can rule the brain - so we still have an option!The world celebrated Xmas. In a tiny lane of an … [Read more...]

Best Practices from Millionaires!

An old post from my earlier blog that just came online - (Thanks again to Raj!!).. I think it is fairly interesting and informative post.. read and enjoy!this is what the millionaires doIn fact, the financially fabulous -- real-life millionaires -- are a pretty low-key bunch. They don't have drawbridges for driveways or drive Hummers to the gourmet grocery store. You've probably crossed paths with one of the fabs today already without even realizing it.How did they get to be so fabulous? … [Read more...]

Richest 2% own 50% wealth of the World

This is the height of concentration of wealth in the world!  Poor have no way to forge ahead is it?  Well.. if you look at yesterday's post of mine on India and China you will realize that it is all temporary and can change.. heck where was Japan on Jan 1, 1900? The richest two per cent of adults in the world own more than half of global household wealth, according to a study released on Tuesday.In 2000 the richest one per cent of adults owned 40 per cent of global wealth, a report … [Read more...]

Indra Nooyi: the new PepsiCo CEO

Indra Nooyi has been chosen as the next Pepsi CEO. She will one of the few women chiefs of a world-wide corporation. Pepsi will probably be the largest - by market cap - organization to be run by a woman exec! Who is Indra Nooyi? She is as unlikely a candidate as it possibly comes to be leading a worldwide corp. Here is her resume in brief: Education:Master of Public and Private Management; Yale University MBA, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Calcutta; India BS, Madras Christian … [Read more...]