Pakistani kids and polio: Caught Between Jihadis and Disease

Pakistani kids are in a tough situation.  Either polio cripples them or those who give them vaccines, the Taliban kill them.  Between Disease and Islamist Jihadi, they are being hounded.  And there is no answer as to how to handle it.  At least nine people have been killed for their involvement in Pakistan's polio eradication campaign to deliver vaccines to 33 million children. The World Health Organization and UNICEF announced a temporary suspension of the vaccination campaign due to sa … [Read more...]

Pakistani Media and its perception of “Indian Media’s Onslaught”

This, as we discussed earlier, is a very common topic on the Pakistani channels.  And, it is interesting to see the views of the Pakistani media people ABOUT the media and its showing.I was kind of intrigued - not entirely shocked though (I expect a lot of things from Pakistani "intelligentsia" having listened to their media) - to hear this "senior journalist" that "Music and Dance is against Pakistan's culture".  In fact, he says these were part of "Brothels" and the media has brought " … [Read more...]

Body of Dead Indian Climber serves as milestone for others on way to Mt Everest

Ascent to Mt Everest is a dangerous journey full of situations where people lose their lives.  It is said that over 200 bodies are lying on the way to the peak.  Below is a list of some interesting human stories.  One that is the most interesting is of the Green Boots, whose body serves as a milestone for climbers to know how far they are from the top.The body of “Green Boots,” an Indian climber who died in 1996 and is believed to be Tsewang Paljor, lies near a cave that all climbers must pass … [Read more...]

Self Taught 16 year old Sierra Leone kid wows MIT with his creative innovation

16 year old Kelvin Doe is a young kid from Sierra Leone, an impoverished African country.  In his country, he is also known as DJ Focus, because he runs a radio station.  A built a radio station that he has built from discarded parts.  Because there are so many blackouts, he has also built a battery to help him work through his inventions without being hindered.  He now wants to build a windmill to take care of the lack of power issue in his village.He is a self taught inventor who doesn't let … [Read more...]

Mohali building built in record breaking 48 hours; can last 600 years

In an interesting record-breaking feat, a 10-storey building in Mohali was built within 48 hours.  Quite a feat in India and something I am sure will raise the career of the architect - I C Syal, an ex-professor of Punjab Engineering College along with the infrastructure company which built it. "We assembled the 200- tonne building, having an area of over 25,000 square meters within the stipulated time of 48 hours, whose deadline ended at 4.30 pm on Saturday," said Harpal Singh, CMD of Synergy T … [Read more...]

Frying Nemo Restaurant: That’s Punjabi Humor for you!

What do you say to this kind of humor? :)   … [Read more...]

What if money didn’t matter?

What should one do in life?  How much is money important?  Should I go for money?These are the questions that we all have.  And the answer is never easy in any situation as money does give you ability to do many things in the world.  Here is one video which argues that if you do what you like, (i) you will be happy and (ii) you will eventually make money.So, at the onset go for what you love as opposed to what makes money.  I have made that mistake in life and know what the toll is. … [Read more...]

When a man in India cut through a mountain with a hammer, chisel and nails in 22 years

There are lot of phrases which exaggerate accomplishments of people.  When someone does something big - they say he has "moved the mountain".  Well here is a story of a person who CUT through the mountain with just a HAMMER, CHISEL and his NAILS in 22 years!  If one looks at what he achieved it looks nothing short of herculean! Read Quote of Subhrajyoti Ghatak's answer to What are the most gripping stories in human history? on Quora … [Read more...]