Are CEOs and Entrepreneurs psychopaths? Multiple studies say “Yes”


Either it is the sign of our times, where success is almost akin to mental sickness, or our generation has a rather unfair share of mentally sick individuals.  Because some of the findings on the world of business seem rather strange.A news research study by Australian School of Business at the University of NSW suggests that psychopathic tendencies can also make for good entrepreneurs.  The behavior of psychopaths and entrepreneurs is not very different.  Their modus operandi seems seems ver … [Read more...]

How does it feel to be shot by a gun?

There are many crazy men and many interestingly crazy things that people do, but what this young man did to check out how it feels to be shot by a gun is the most amazing!  Check it out. Read Quote of Mircea Goia's answer to What does it feel like to be shot/wounded by a bullet? on Quora … [Read more...]

On why Pico Iyer Unplugged from the Digital Grid and Social World

The digital world has taken over our lives.  So much so that we can't escape being constantly connected 100%. We text, we tweet, we carry cell phones like they’re life lines. We check our e-mails, our Facebook pages, our online status six different ways.  And then we start again.  We’ve known for a while now that the digital world – great as it is – could be addictive.  Overwhelming.  An obsession.  A leash.  A prison.Some people are breaking out.  Letting go.  Staying off.  Travel writer Pico … [Read more...]

Reason why Men struggle to understand Women Moods: Our Brain Systems dont work

Researchers at LWL-University Hospital in Bochum, Germany took 22 male volunteers - all single and all between the ages of 21 and 52 - to do an interesting study.  They were asked to view photographs showing just the eyes of a person, while undergoing an MRI scan.  Each photograph showed an emotion and choose between two words given to them that best described the mood of the person they were looking at.  They weren't given any other information.The idea was to see if these male subjects could … [Read more...]

Sex and the Arab World: Intimate Life in the changing Arab World

With the new developments in the Arab world - the Arab spring and the new Islamization of the politics - how are the sexual mores and pressures bearing upon the women?  Not well, avers Shereen El Feki, the author of the book - “Sex and the Citadel” The Arab Spring may be sputtering.  They’re still in the streets of Cairo, but lately it’s been for sectarian standoffs and, too often, the abuse in the streets of women. Sexual abuse.Pay attention to that realm, says Shereen El Feki. The realm of se … [Read more...]

Study says think again – 15 minutes fame can actually last decades

Does fame lacking any basis in accomplishments last only 15 minutes?  Well, a new study now says no.  It does last many years.  Sometimes decades.  Even in the world of entertainment, where fame is fleeting and transient. Researchers studied the names mentioned in approximately 2,200 US daily newspapers, weeklies, and more infrequent periodicals over a period of several decades using Lydia, a research project in natural language processing (NLP) that reduces text streams to time-series data on th … [Read more...]

Science of Winning and Losing: People are wired differently; an interesting discussion

People differ in how they approach competition.  Men and women are different as well in their approaches.When the stakes are high, when it’s all on the line, some people rise to the occasion.  They savor the challenge.  The thrill of competition.  They want, badly, to win.  While others feel dread.  Their hands go cold.  They begin to sweat.Bestselling authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman have looked at the research of what happens to us when we compete.  They’ve found that some people are … [Read more...]

Orphaned Tiger makes friends with goat kept in his cage as food!!

A Bengal tiger cub was rescued in 2009 from the Dhaba forest range in India.  He had been left orphaned after the disappearance of its mother.  The cub named Bhangaram, was then raised by the keepers of  Bor Wildlife Sanctuary.They were hoping that one day, they could release him into the wild and he could take care of his life there.But the way things have turned out, their hopes have been completely dashed.  And this became clear when they released a live goat into his enclosure with the ho … [Read more...]