Drishtikone moves to Patheos Platform

Welcome to Drishtikone.com's new home!It has been sometime since I posted my last blog post on Drishtikone.  After 7 and some years of blogging on independent platform here at Drishtikone, we have now moved the blog to Patheos.com - the largest Religious and Politics blog portal.This move is significant because of the following things:Drishtikone will find a new set of audiences being on Patheos.com Patheos doesn't have many Indians and Hindus blogging on issues relevant and impor … [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan, star blogger, gets $333k in subscription in 2 days for independent blog as he ditches The Daily Beast

Andrew Sullivan, the star blogger at "The Daily Beast" is leaving the online magazine and starting on his own with his own business model.  Well, the model was supposed to be bold -No Ads Charging the readers for deeper content, more specificallyYou'll be able to read any story on the site for free if you get there via a link or social media. In fact, you'll still be able to read most of the content on the Dish even if you go straight there. Sullivan is merely blocking you from clicking … [Read more...]

How change in Blogging Treatment and Theme has impacted the Analytics measures of my blog

As you may have notice, I have changed the way I blog and the theme itself.  Why?  Because I wanted greater flexibility in the topics I deal with and the treatment I wanted to do with these topics.  This blog is my brand, and I want it to reflect my personality, my interests, and my expanse of what my mind deals with.Here is the impact of all that on the analytics measures of the site.. within the course of a week.I will strive to make this site even more interesting and one that provides v … [Read more...]

The Odd One Out – A liberal’s life in an orthodox society!

By Guest Blogger, MeeraImagine a girl who heads to the pooja room every day right after bath to pray; one who wouldn’t dare to go to her orthodox cousin’s place wearing a sleeveless top or without bangles; one who would follow all customs and traditions (aachara as they call it here) to the last point even though that meant extreme discomfort to her; one who would not daresay comment anything when people bash Indians who settle abroad; one who would always nod to comments like ‘Indian culture i … [Read more...]

My own favorites from Drishtikone since Aug 2005

Over the years, Drishtikone has had many articles. Of the ones that I wrote, I wanted to pick some of my own favorites. Here is the list.INDIA,ITS HISTORY AND POLITYGujarat, Modi and Riots: The work of the various activists has been explored in detail in the following articles.Pseudo-Secularism and Teesta Setalvad's Cooking up Skills Machiavellian Activism in Gujarat riots that jeopardized harmony and national security Shameless Targeting of Narender Modi Gujarat Riots 2002: … [Read more...]

Musings of the Restless, Maverick and Quirky bloggers

When you look around the blogosphere, it seems everyone wants to have a distinction, even if it is to be quirky. In fact quirkiness is supposed to add a "cool-ness" factor. So, we have all sorts of people now: Mavericks, Restless, Reluctant, Random, and all types of quirky titles. Of course, there are enough bloggers out there Ranting and Raving. In fact, ranting and raving has for a long time been synonymous with blogging itself. If you get the license to write in public, then it was … [Read more...]

The Art And Science Of Commenting On Blogs !!

First thing first, WE ALL LOVE COMMENTS! Some accept it, some declare it on their blogs and some remain stoic on this issue. But the fact remains that we bloggers love it when someone notices our blog, reads it patiently and leaves a comment for us. Or else, we all would be writing in our diaries!Jokes apart, Here I am to discuss the Art and Science of Commenting !!THE ART OF COMMENTING :DO YOU REALLY COMMENT ?? I have often scratched my head over this question! I have seen a beeline of … [Read more...]

What Does Your Profile Picture Say?!!

Blogosphere is an amazing world, with each blog speaking its own mind, having its own personality. Your profile picture and your profile name is the window to the reader to your little world. Do you give enough thought before choosing a picture ? Do you know it can have tremendous effect on the reader's decision or otherwise to check out your blog or not?Various people choose many types of pics - self, other's, cartoons, animals, things, slogan etc.On the basis of my observations of … [Read more...]