Improved Hiring Forecast in India as 94% businesses plan on hiring in 2013

India Inc is hiring in 2013.  The confidence index seems to be stable as of now.  Although it has slipped 4 points since October, but the Regus global business confidence index for India is currently at 137 points for April.  In a survey by workplace solutions provider Regus which spanned more than 26,000 businesses in nearly 100 nations - including India - gave an insight into the hiring patterns of the global companies.For India, 94 per cent of the businesses are planning to hire. "...94 per … [Read more...]

Signs of recession in India show in the Job applications to State Bank jobs

India is in a downturn.  And the recessionary times are clear.  State Bank of India recently received 1.7 million applications for just 1,500 entry-level clerk jobs!  The main attraction?  Good perks, obviously.. but "Job for life" status.In fact for the Probationary Officers job, the perks at State Bank seem very lucrative, given the market. For positions in Mumbai, the bank offered a starting package of 69,000 rupees (1,270 dollars) a month for the "probationary officers" including a housing … [Read more...]

Gender Bias in Job postings turn women off from applying

A recent study by Gaucher, Friesen, & Kay published in American Psychological Association has suggested that gender-biased words used in advertising create significant issues for women psychologically when applying for jobs.  That, job descriptions that lack feminine-gender words actually repel female applicants!The hypothesis the team started with was that "to women, masculine-themed words alerts them to the possibility that they will not fit or do not belong".To test the team created … [Read more...]

US Employee outsourced his own work to China to surf the Net; paid Chinese fifth of his salary, earning six figures

There are many benefits to outsourcing work to out of US, but this is by far the most brilliant of them all.  A person living in the US, hired a Chinese firm to do his day job while he would be on Reddit and eBay. He would pay the Chinese firm just 1/5th of his six figure salary and get his work done.  Interestingly, he wasn't just working in one company, but several local companies.To accomplish this he sent his RSA card via Fedex to the Chinese firm and let them do the work.  The fraud was un … [Read more...]

75% of IIT-B students focusing on hobbies and not academics; don’t know why they came there really

As per Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), India, coaching for IIT's JEE examination is a Rs. 10,000 crores (roughly $2 billion) industry. Coaching for admission to the IITs and other engineering colleges has acquired the status of a big industry in India. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the size of the industry is Rs 10,000 crore.ASSOCHAM's conclusion is based on the assumption that six lakh students attend these classes every year and the … [Read more...]

Almost Half (44%) of working Indians believe they have their Dream Jobs; but why is Attrition Rate so high then?

Now, this is quite an achievement!  How many of us can say that we are in our "Dream Job".  To have half of the working population believe that they are in their Dream Job, the Indian companies must be doing something really awesome!  The only issue, however, is that most of the Indian companies have a very high attrition rate.  So, it is as if "I love my job.. its a dream job.. but the one "over there" is always a bit better"! India has topped the list of countries where people are working in th … [Read more...]

Why you shouldn’t bother teaching Mandarin to you kid for his future career

This is a very interesting answer from a native Mandarin speaker. Things that I didn't know about or realized.Read Quote of Tao Tan's answer to Life Advice: What non-English language will be most useful for my child to know in 20-30 years? on Quora   Related articles from External SourcesAs voice actors bring life to cartoon characters, characters give life back 'More Swedish kids should learn Chinese' Teaching China to speak English Pre-schoolers dive into … [Read more...]

What can you do with a degree in psychology? (Infographic)

Psychology is a popular major amongst the undergrads in the US.  Every year 100,000 bachelor’s degrees are awarded in US every year.  So what are the different careers available for people in this area?  What can you do if you want to specialize in Psychology.  I am sure many young people would be grappling with this.Here is a very informative Infographic to lay out the options. Infographic credit: Online Degrees … [Read more...]