A New Island appears off the coast of Balochistan after the Quake


This Tuesday, a rather interesting thing happened after a very sad event.Pakistan's Balochistan area was hit by a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake.  As people in the coastal town of Gwadar came out, they saw a rather incredible sight of an island suddenly having appeared just away from the coast right where there was nothing.Barely half an hour after they were jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island … [Read more...]

Water is NOT a Human Right (and other Outrageous nonsense) from Nestlé Chairman

There are a lot of nuts in the world out there, but this guy certainly takes the cake! He is Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, who while interviewing for a documentary called  We Feed the World says "water isn’t a human right". (Hat tip: Puneet K.)Doesn't stop there... goes on further to become even more outrageous! He attacks the idea that nature is good, and says it is a great achievement that humans are now able to resist nature’s dominance. He attacks organic agriculture and says gene … [Read more...]

Antarctica Melting 10 times faster than 600 years back

Scientists have found that Summer ice is melting 10 times faster in the Antarctic than it was 600 years ago, with the most rapid melt occurring in the past 50 years.  Some of their findings are truly astonishing and point to a rather damning future for the planet.Experts found the most rapid melt occurred in the past 50 years Tests carried out on ice core on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula Temperatures up by 1.6 degrees Celsius over 600 years, they foundThe study was done at … [Read more...]

Use of Antibiotics in US meat production is breeding “Superbugs” and deadly infections

The use of anti-biotics in the meat production and the farms in general is at a point, where one US House Representative says is like pouring chemicals into kids' Cheerios.  This discussion is absolutely scary!!!  I am surprised no one is even talking about it in the US the way it should be talked about. Everybody knows the basic issue with antibiotics. Overuse them, or casually use them, and you undercut the miraculous effectiveness of one of the most important classes of drugs humans have ever … [Read more...]

India heading to a massive water disaster!

India has 18% of the world's population, 2.6% of landmass and 4% of renewable water reserves.  This is something that we need to be acutely aware of.  And on top of that, we are messing up the water resources that we do have at an alarming rate.  Looks like we don't just believe in suicide, but collective and mass suicide.  As this note says very correctly - we are headed towards a disaster unless we completely change the way we think and work with water.  In 1951, there was a per capita avai … [Read more...]

The Water Rich vs the Water Poor: Inequalities of Water usage and Availability (Infographic)

Did you know that a 5 minute shower of a person in a developed world uses MORE water than a person in a slum of a poor country uses in an entire day?The inequalities of water usage and supply are many and mind-boggling.  This is an excellent infographic to remind us of some of them.  … [Read more...]

Unprecedented Global Warming: Took 4000 years for 1.25 degrees rise in temp; and just ONE generation in Industrial era

A new study lays to rest the nonsense that the right-wingers in US keep harping on.  Global Warming IS real.  Temperatures haven't spiked like this in the last 11,000 years! Research released Thursday in the journal Science uses fossils of tiny marine organisms to reconstruct global temperatures back to the end of the last ice age. It shows how the globe for several thousands of years was cooling until an unprecedented reversal in the 20th century.Scientists say it is further evidence that m … [Read more...]

Rs 6500 crores spent in last 19 years and Yamuna is dirtier than before; getting worse!!

In the last 19 years, Rs 6500 crores have been spent to clean the River Yamuna but it is dirtier than ever.  What one wonders is what happened to that money?  Who pocketed it while the main northern river has gotten worse and worse??Six years back, Delhi Jal Board proposed interceptor sewers to treat sewage before it flows into major drains, but till date nothing has really happened!  Meanwhile the total number of unauthorized colonies in Delhi have risen to 1639 from 1432!  These colonies har … [Read more...]