A New Island appears off the coast of Balochistan after the Quake


This Tuesday, a rather interesting thing happened after a very sad event.Pakistan's Balochistan area was hit by a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake.  As people in the coastal town of Gwadar came out, they saw a rather incredible sight of an island suddenly having appeared just away from the coast right where there was nothing.Barely half an hour after they were jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island … [Read more...]

Russian Meteor weighed 10,000 tons and released energy equal to 30 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs!

Remember the meteor over Russia that exploded?  It was a once in a century event.  Last time such a massive meteor of this size hit the earth was in 1908!  And unlike the initial estimate of 10 tons that the scientists had of this meteor; it is now believed to have been 10,000 tons.  And, it released energy equal to 30 Atom Bombs that exploded over Hiroshima!  Heck, a little closer to Earth and the impact could have been really devastating! New estimates reported by NASA indicate that the meteor … [Read more...]

Sikkim’s Glacier lakes with billions of liters of water are a ticking time bomb!

A devastating flood disaster is waiting to happen in Sikkim!  If only one will awaken to it.  Analysis of satellite data has revealed that the lake has formed at the snout of South Lhonak glacier, that is about 7,000 metres high on the mountain in the northeastern state.  The lake, bounded by loose soil and debris, could cause havoc downstream if it ruptures, according to scientists at the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) in Hyderabad. The lake is 630 metres wide and 20 metres deep and is ov … [Read more...]

Superstorm Sandy: 90 dead, millions without power, NYC residents grabbing food from Garbage Dumpsters!

The devastation by the Super storm Sandy has been mindboggling.  A recap:90 people are dead (link).  Worst hit was Staten Island amongst all the boroughs.  36 in New York City, and 14 from Staten Island.(link) At one time 8.5 million homes and businesses didn't have power.  Now it is down to 4 million. Power may not be available until Nov 10/11: (link)Con Edison said it plans to restore power to the vast majority of affected customers by the weekend of November 10 and 11, citing "un … [Read more...]

How a Volcanic Eruption in Iceland caused terrible Famine in India leaving 11 million dead

The Chalisa famine of 1783-84 was one of the worst famine in India and the world.  It got its name Chalisa from the Vikram Samvat year 1840.  Over 11 million people died.The genesis of this famine lay in a volcanic eruption very far away in Iceland.  Laki is a volcanic eruption in Iceland.  It is near the  Eldgjá Canyon and village Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  The Laki (or Lakagigar) fissures are part of a volcanic system including the volcanoes -  Grímsvötn and Þórðarhyrna.The eruption in 1783 was … [Read more...]

How floods in Thailand are impacting your Computer Hard Drives

In the world of today, the businesses around the have become intertwined like never before. This announcement in OfficeMax about the severe crunch on their Hard Drive inventory is a good example of that. Thailand is facing unprecedented floods after 3 months of heavy rains - heaviest in five decades. Over 500 people have died and many parts of Bangkok are also flooded. North Thailand is the heaviest hit. While the hard working workers in the factories are using Jet Skis and wooden skiffs to … [Read more...]

Japan Calamity 2011: A potential Nuclear Catastrophe unfolding?

A nuclear catastrophe is potentially around the corner. After the earthquake affected the Japanese nuclear plant, three explosions and a fire have occurred in four days. Quite simply, the situation at Japan's earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is dire. On Tuesday there was an explosion at plant's No. 2 reactor and a fire in a cooling pond used for nuclear fuel at the No. 4 reactor.The radiation threat has grown as the Japanese authorities have started warning the citizens … [Read more...]

Earthquakes and Icelandic Volcano

As freak an incident as Icelandic volcanic eruption may have been, it goes to show what weather and nature gone haywire can do to our best laid out plans. For many these were vacation plans. Airlines are losing in milliions! And people are suffering at the airports.. where there is no respite.While the commercial flight cancellations have made news, no one has really noticed that Fighter Jets have also been rendered useless. They cannot fly. Their engines are even more sensitive than the … [Read more...]