The most successful airplane Hijacking ever in the history of aviation!

I came across this very interesting hijacking incident, where the hijacker not only hijacked the plane, but also got his ransom and then, of all surprises, jumped from the plane using a parachute and has never been heard of ever again!Not just that, even the money wasn't recovered ever.  Mind-blowing case!  It remains a mystery as to where the heck he went!  Investigators still try to solve this mystery - New clues in DB Cooper hijacking case after clip-on tie discoveryRead about the case her … [Read more...]

Serbian council issues a Vampire warning; Garlic sales sky rocket!

In a rather bizarre story, a local council in Western Serbia has issued a public health warning that a Vampire is on loose.  This has led to sky rocketing garlic sales in the area! Sales of garlic are booming in western Serbia after the local council issued a public health warning that a vampire was on the loose.The warning came after an old ruined mill said to once have been the home of the country's most famous monster in the form of vampire Sava Savanovic collapsed.Sava Savanovic was said … [Read more...]

Sonia Gandhi tera munh kaala

This is hillarious.  (courtesy: Atanu Dey's Deeshaa)    … [Read more...]

When Sonia, Manmohan, Digvijay, and Kapil Sibal went shopping for a law in UAE

It has been heard that Dr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal have suddenly taken a flight to United Arab Emirates.  They are on a sabbatical you see.For no reason whatsoever, they have found common and ordinary citizens demanding accountability for just a few billions that they have been dipping their hands into in the large and vast flow that occurs in the Indian treasury.  After all they represent India as its Government, so "itna lootna to banta hai... baap!".  Bu … [Read more...]

Funny India in Pictures

These pictures are so funny and hillarious that I had to share them. I don't know their source, nor to whom I need to credit for them... but to whosoever it is .. thanks!![scrollGallery id=18] … [Read more...]

Absolutely Hilarious (and shameful) quotes from Indian Politicians

Indian politicians, however educated or illiterate, can beat anyone to some pretty nutty humor.  Here are the choicest of quotes by Indian politicians in the past few years which will go down in ignominy and humor both!  All are amazing, but the last one from Rahul Gandhi takes the cake.  This dude is one BIG dud!!  Doh!! Terrorists have advantage of surprise -Manmohan Singh after Mumbai terrorist attacksWhen you can buy ice cream for Rs 20, why complain about price rise? No loss to go … [Read more...]

How did Satyan Gajwani become Times Internet CEO at just 27? (And his reply!)

In this day and age of celebrity egos and anger, it is interesting to come across someone who is comfortable being what he is and trying to make sure his work is worth something.In Quora today, I came across an interesting question on Satyan Gajwani, the CEO of Times Internet. How did Satyan Gajwani become Times Internet CEO at just 27? The question is obviously pointing to a certain answer, which could be an embarrassment to Satyan.  Well, I was sure whatever the answer may be, this guy is … [Read more...]

Google Street view catches a Frenchman peeing in his garden

Google can track everything you do online through its vast network of tools and sites.  A guy in France learnt that even offline he can't escape Google!A Frenchman is in a fix.  The guy was peeing in his own garden - crazy spot to do so - when the Google's Street view cameraman came calling.  Google Maps has a street view, where the pictures of the houses are shown.  These pictures represent a point in time.  And the Frenchman's time was when he was in full view.He lives in a village where ev … [Read more...]