The Greatest Indian Dance Performance of this Century

Indian Marriages are a world unto themselves.  The behavior is typical and interesting.  Bride and Groom are accidental diversions.  People actually go to live a fantasy.  Many things are common and have grown into people's imagination not because of any genuine reason, but because they are peculiar.So it is very common for all the adult men to drink and not just drink but do so out of a car trunk converted into a bar.  The car trunk-turned bar is the most common feature of the Indian marr … [Read more...]

Why Are YOU In Your Marriage?

Indian Marriages, all over the world, are seen with so much awe. Moreover, the rituals and ceremonies as shown in movies which are further popularized by celebrities have all created such a hype around Indian marriages.Indian marriages are like the perfect case studies, which are taught and sold throughout the world. People project marriages as something like a scratch-proof, metallic flower vase. Beautiful, complete, unshakable, unbreakable and always so alive as the flowers in it. Its … [Read more...]

Live In Relationships – An Indian Woman’s Perspective

In the last few years, education for the girl child was widely promoted by social and religious groups and also Indian government, in terms of financial assistance, and the result is there in front of our eyes. A whole generation of confident, English speaking, trousers clad women are India's active workforce - in traditional and not so traditional roles like DJ, RJ, film direction, event management, call centre executives, stewardesses, even petrol pump assistants etc. Although, this amounts … [Read more...]

Southern Indian Rituals

Another List of Rituals - I think this is from Southern India....Vara Satkaarah - Reception of the bridegroom and his kinsmen at the entrance gate of the wedding hall where the officiating priest chants a few mantras and the bride's mother blesses the groom with rice and trefoil and applies tilak of vermilion and turmeric powder. Madhuparka Ceremony - Reception of the bridegroom at the altar and bestowing of presents by the bride's father. Kanya Dan - The bride's father gives away his daughter … [Read more...]

Chronological Wedding Customs

RokanaMost often the primary pre-wedding custom is called the Rokana which literally means 'to stop'. The bride's parents first go to the prospective grooms house. Often a very simple ceremony attended by the parents and close relatives. The Rokana is conducted upon consent of the marriage by the bride and groom's family. The bride's parents will often give their future son in-law a small sum of money. In turn, the groom's parents go to the bride-to-be's house to do the same. With them, … [Read more...]

Kannada Wedding Rituals

Here is a write up on the Kannada weddings:Pre-wedding RitualsNaandi Kannada Wedding Naandi is performed separately at bride as well as groom's house. This is to ensure that the marriage takes place despite any circumstances.Kaashi Yatre A very old ritual Kashi Yatre, here the groom pretends to be very angry as nobody is searching for a bride for him. He announces Brahmacharya. This is when his maternal uncle convinces him and puts forth him the girl that he has chosen for him or would … [Read more...]

Indian Marriages: All About sending invitations

I am starting a series of informative blogs on Indian Culture - just different aspects of Indian Culture. Since marriages and customs related to them are a major part of the Indian culture... this is the first topic of the post. Enjoy and do post your views in the comments.*********In the South Asian cultures, wedding invitations play a greater role than just indicating what type of wedding the guests can expect. The manner in which the wedding invite is presented may actually determine … [Read more...]