The Greatest Indian Dance Performance of this Century

Indian Marriages are a world unto themselves.  The behavior is typical and interesting.  Bride and Groom are accidental diversions.  People actually go to live a fantasy.  Many things are common and have grown into people's imagination not because of any genuine reason, but because they are peculiar.So it is very common for all the adult men to drink and not just drink but do so out of a car trunk converted into a bar.  The car trunk-turned bar is the most common feature of the Indian marr … [Read more...]

Oprah’s Indian Fascination and Discussion on India as an “Exotic Interest”

Oprah Winfrey went to the Jaipur Literary Fest and had something interesting to share about her experience in India.  As interesting as it is, I wish India wasn't addressed as if it was some kind of an exotic bird or an animal.  Whenever someone from outside of India - specially West - comes over, s/he finds there is an energy, that is missing in other places and so comes out with interesting comments - either out of political correctness (if s/he cannot really come to grips) or out exasperation … [Read more...]

Jay Leno’s Mitt Romney Joke on Sikhs Golden Temple “not cool”!

American Entertainers are funny but many are pretty darn stupid. In this video, on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Jay Leno - in an attempt to look funny and deride Mitt Romney and his wealth, shows the sacred religious place for Sikhs (and even Hindus) - The Golden Temple - as the home of "rich Mitt Romney".Sikhs are not very happy with using their religious place as a plug for mockery in the US Presidential race. And one can understand why. This is not the only time people aren't … [Read more...]

Kolkatta Couple Lose their kids to Norwegian “Liberalism”

Scandinavian countries are known to be liberal societies. Well "liberal" is a relative word.In Indian homes you cannot have a meal without eating with your hands. And it is very common for the kids to also sleep with their parents. A Kolkatta couple - Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya - living in Norway, were just doing the usual. Or so they thought.Norway's child protective services came one day and took the kids away from the parents and placed them in foster homes. Why? Because "the … [Read more...]

Walmartization of Andaman Tribals by Tourists and Evangelists

India's tribal people, even those who are at the risk of going extinct, are under threat from Tourists and Evangelists. Throughout history, mindless tourists - seeking exotic joy - and evangelists seeking numbers have devastated entire continents and washed them clear of rich and substantive cultures into a large Walmart of one monotheistic clan.The same combination of devastating camouflaging as altruists - Tourists and Evangelists - are now hitting the Andaman tribals.Tribals in Andaman … [Read more...]

Menaka redux: Rakhi falls for Ramdev

Sometimes it takes a mindless "Savant" to turn a Swami into a "hot dude". Rakhi Sa(v)want seems to be endorsing Swami Ramdev's Hot-ness quotient. The "One Gram a Breath Blast" promise of Anulom Vilom of the Swami has helped him keep a flat tummy which is noticeable by the mindless and clotheless damsel, even from under the Saffron robes. It is obvious that the lady focuses what excites her about Ramdev, when the Yogi is busy focusing on his breath. Thankfully, unlike Menaka, this lady's gaze … [Read more...]

Calcutta Chronicles

The long, meandering line of lights blinks, burns and finally stands still at a cross-road. The passengers inside the hatchbacks-Chevrolets, Hyundais, Fords-mostly in their thirties, fretter and fume with routine indignation. They are the stalwarts in IT giants, just coming out of the newly built Salt Lake Sector-5 who spends most of their waking hours clock-working with task-force round the globe. For them, halt is stagnation. Time is money. Moments later, the bizarre honks at great scales … [Read more...]

Arranged Marriages: Not the way Americans think they are

In my discussions with Americans, I have been asked many times about the practice of finding a partner amongst the Indians. Behind the question, most of the folks are curious and intrigued by the "Arranged Marriage" principle. The fact that someone could meet once with a prospective partner and then decide to live the entire life with him/her. Some don't even get that privilege and never get to really meet.To me it sounds like an ironic question coming from a people where divorce rates are … [Read more...]