Live In Relationships – An Indian Woman’s Perspective

In the last few years, education for the girl child was widely promoted by social and religious groups and also Indian government, in terms of financial assistance, and the result is there in front of our eyes. A whole generation of confident, English speaking, trousers clad women are India's active workforce - in traditional and not so traditional roles like DJ, RJ, film direction, event management, call centre executives, stewardesses, even petrol pump assistants etc. Although, this amounts … [Read more...]


The first thing I asked when I saw him was, Maa, is bhai a boy or a girl? I was disappointed that he didn’t look like a doll I was expecting. He was thin, gangly and cried all the time.Even though he was my long-awaited sibling, I just couldn’t get myself to love him. In one stroke, he had taken away all the attention from me. All of a sudden, my Maa and Baba were just not mine anymore. I was expected to share their love – God, I so resented it.He was a bright naughty baby, hopelessly attac … [Read more...]

Raavana Is In My Soul

I wrote this some time back :Its Dussehra or call it Vijaya Dashmi. The same story is going to repeat itself once again this year too. I had been reading it since my school days - Burai par Achchai ki jeet ka tyohaar - victory of goodness over evil.The jubilant crowds gathering at local parks to watch the three brothers go up in flames, the same burning of effigies and lots of fireworks. The fatal arrow aimed towards Ravana will burst him to pieces, yet another time.This time, I am sad. I … [Read more...]

Ardhanareshwar, Urdu and Masala Chai

Ardhanareshwar (translated as "Half- Man-Woman") is a unique way to describe the creation and its parts. That a person is a male or a female is a fact, but it has the inputs of both man and a woman is the Truth. Feminine and Masculine are therefore mere tendencies that define the Universe. They maybe conceived as "Opposites" but they are inherently Complementary.The mindset that was behind concept of Ardhanareshwar is also responsible for two interesting products - Urdu and Masala … [Read more...]

East vs West: Myths that Mystify

A very well done speech and sequence of thoughts. Worth listening to again and again! … [Read more...]

Lost Civilization before us

There is a small possibility that the current civilization can face a complete destruction or annihilation either from a great deluge due to global warming or earth quake, or a nuclear war or even by an appointment with some asteroid. It is possible that everything we created, everything we invented may totally get lost and annihilated. So, many of us might think on how we can preserve and pass on knowledge to the nascent civilization of future generations which can help them. However, a whole … [Read more...]

Happy Lohri and its significance

Every year today, in Punjab Lohri is celebrated. Those, who are from Punjab, this is a special occasion when people light bonfires and dance and make merry. There is also another tradition, where the young kids go around the neighborhood asking for Indian knick-knacks (sweets etc.) by singing this traditional song in Punjabi..Its celebration of the winter solstice. Instead of celebrating Lohri on the day of the winter solstice, Punjabis celebrate it on the last day of the month during which … [Read more...]

Love vs Culture and Culture of Love

Pramod Muthalik, of Sri Rama Sene, a Hindu organization has recently been in news for the wrong reasons. He and his men were involved in beating up boys, and specifically girls for going to pub. And if that was not enough, now he and his goons are threatening to hit at the you who are going to celebrate the Valentine's Day.Now, the Karnataka Government has arrested him and 140 others as a precautionary measure. Why are he and his friends doing this? Well, they love their "Hindu Culture". … [Read more...]