40% marriages in Mumbai end up in divorce!

Is there something going wrong with Indian marriages?  Well, new data and study shows that ~40% of all marriages in Mumbai and Thane are ending up in courts!  Pressures of modern day life?  Probably.For every five weddings registered in Mumbai and Thane since 2002, family courts have received two applications for divorce.Exactly 104,287 marriages were registered in Mumbai and Thane between January 2002 and October 2007. During the same period, the family courts in the two districts re … [Read more...]

Languages and Culture

There are very few blogs across the world, where you see people writing something "original" - something that THEY have researched and come up with. Here is a blogger - Blokesablogin (Meenakshi?) - who discusses the relationship between the languages and culture/civilization. She goes on to look at how Sankrit is different in its structure from English and how it paves way for the world view that people have? A must read!In Samskritam, the Prathama Purusha (or primary person) is actually … [Read more...]

Chanakya Cinema passes into history

A whole generation of movie goers have grown up in Delhi watching Hollywood and good Bollywood movies in South Delhi's Chanakya theater.This 1076 seat hall with an annual attendance of 850,000 and a turnover of Rs 15 million, started off in 1970 with "Mera Naam Joker" and the screening of the 9-45 p.m. show of “Taare Zameen Par” at Chanakya cinema here on night of December 27, 2007 marked the end of the journey for this cinema hall which marked high of good cinema. The father and son Rajesh an … [Read more...]

Now, Carnatic Idol – Music reality show in Carnatic Music

After the fantastic success of Indian Idol (finals got 20 million votes) and Saregamapa (finals got 100 million votes) - now, there is a Carnatic Idol - called Carnatic Idol 2007 on Carnatica. It being held on a experimental basis but next year even the Indian living in the US and Canada will be targeted. Here are the details: Criteria for participation: anybody who has learnt Carnatic music for a minimum of five years with a repertoire of at least 30 kritis, who can sing alapana, neraval and … [Read more...]

Reasons for decline of Bengal

After reading many things on Netaji (Subhash Chandra Bose) and Swami Vivekananda - the two intellectual giants of their own field (and many other!), I constantly wonder at the society which bred such minds! Bengal has been an eventful place to say the least. Bengalis have the distinction of the highest number of Nobel prizes within India - two. There could have been many others but unfortunately they did not happen - JB Bose and Satyen Bose would be my two candidates. In any case, Bengal had … [Read more...]

The 10 Best places to eat in India: Ajit Chaudhuri

One of the alumni of IRMA - my senior from IRMA, Ajit Chaudhuri - wrote this wonderful article on the 10 best places to eat in India. I thought I would share it with the Drishtikone readers. He has graciously allowed me to share it on this blog. Ajit writes his blog at "Kaalu on the Road" Can you please share your candidates for YOUR best places to eat in India - whichever city it may be - in the comments area for other readers? To the genuine foodie, there is one and only one … [Read more...]

How Partition affected the Sub-continent's Music soul!

Some letters in the Pakistani daily Dawn are sometimes very interesting. Here is another one.. where this guys juxtaposes the melodies born out of the melting pot of Bengal, UP and Punjab.. against the "two nation theory" and partition. How partition took away - ruthlessly - the soul and the many wonders out of what has been great music and what could have been even greater!! Here is the letter:I have been reading Ayaz Amir’s column every Friday, ‘religiously’. It is never comp … [Read more...]

Dont destroy my Language

I was recently watching the program on TV about the seven wonders, and what struck me was that even our own Desi Bipasha Basu had to say “Taaj Mahaaal”, and not “Taj Mahel” as it is pronounced.I have constantly been irked by people, especially Indians, who agree with, take pride in speaking in a firangee accent, and even themselves change the pronunciation of things dear to us, even names of our Hindu Gods, to copy the way foreigners speak or write them.The list is endless, but it has now gon … [Read more...]