NASDAQ Commemorates Diwali this year

Here is an interesting picture from SAJA of the Nasdaq building commemorating the Indian festival Diwali. Its about time I guess!Source: SAJA Forum Technorati : Diwali, NASDAQ … [Read more...]

What has India Given to the World and Why is it Important?

You must have gotten and read many of those emails that talk of India's historical accomplishments. They are meant to enhance and help our ego. Why do we need such a "boost" to our "ego"? I believe that for Indians it has been the issue of getting their place under the sun... after the damage that Brits did to the culture. Examples like messing up temples and buildings like Konark etc.. and usurping the inventions like Wireless by Marconi from Jagdish Chandra Bose are but a few examples where … [Read more...]

India: its Good and its Bad

In reply to my email on my impressions of India on my recent visit, Anurag had written his thoughts on how there is little hope. In another personal message, he also felt that people from other countries - specially the Europeans and Australians - do not feel bad going to India because of the dirt, stray animals and other loud and dusty environment that the country has to offer. Raj, another friend, argued that some of his friends would like to go to India for just those reasons and that despite … [Read more...]

Chandamama: the magazine that nurtured India's Young Minds turns 60

There are a few things that we all have grown up with. Amar Chitra Katha - the comic books that illustrated the Indian History - and Chandamama - which had so many tales including Vikram aur Vetal. So many kids in India grew up on this simple but well meaning staple that the hand in nation building of the creators of these two series in very big! Not many realize it but it does have a big hand.India was just a month away from attaining freedom from the British. It was then that two men, who … [Read more...]

Bikini beauty from Pakistan: Mariyah Moten

Here is a bikini clad Miss Pakistan - finally from our western neighbor too. I remember Paki Prez Mushy had said sometime back about the lack of conservative values - which he suggested that Pakistanis revel in... well... this is fairly conservative. hmm.. and I have not even brought up the various MMS' that line the internet these days from Pakistan.. I wonder how with the ISLAMIC republic deal with this beauty? Btw, she is a Houstonian.. and like they say.. "Everything is BIG in Texas".. from … [Read more...]

Pain of a Kashmiri Pandit…

Rahul Pandita is one of my favorite writers on the web! I love his sensitive writing style... here is a poem from him that captures his family's pain of having left Kashmir and the notalgia that still prevails.For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live: Theodor AdornoTwo days ago I sawMy land like a touristOn the Discovery channelMy father shouted andTold my niece:Look that is the Dal lakeWhere lotus stems come fromIn his shikaraGulla carriedBunches of … [Read more...]

Secessionist Movements in the Indian Sub Continent: Is Balochistan another Bangladesh?

Balochistan is on fire. Because Musharraf's Army killed Bugti - the Baloch leader - and his closest men. Is this the beginning of secession of Balochistan? I think so. Is it going towards the Bangladesh direction? Maybe. Should India help the Balochs? Heck yes! Why? Because really speaking I am sick and tired of Pakistan's many games. There are only so many ways to deal with it. One of the best way, that a pacifist friend of mine once articulated was - just break them into smaller countries so … [Read more...]

Sikhs in Sports

Interesting article on the Sikhs in sports - motivated by the rise of Monty Panesar. The writer, Frank Keating, starts with Bishen Bedi - one of the best all time spinners in cricket!Bishen Singh Bedi was the very same age, and I savour the thrill of enchantment at my very first sight of him twirling his softly supple southpaw slows alongside the gasometers that midsummer of 1971. The preening choc-caps of Surrey were on their way to another county championship but that day, against the Indian … [Read more...]