The Odd One Out – A liberal’s life in an orthodox society!

By Guest Blogger, MeeraImagine a girl who heads to the pooja room every day right after bath to pray; one who wouldn’t dare to go to her orthodox cousin’s place wearing a sleeveless top or without bangles; one who would follow all customs and traditions (aachara as they call it here) to the last point even though that meant extreme discomfort to her; one who would not daresay comment anything when people bash Indians who settle abroad; one who would always nod to comments like ‘Indian culture i … [Read more...]

Slumdog and Indian businesses

Was reading this very interesting Report from First Global on India's economic crisis. The author, Le Grand Fromage, talks about how once a rags-to-riches occurs, the person who makes that journey cannot adjust back to the "rags" situation - something that happened to the young Azhar (young Jamaal in "Slumdog Millionaire") - who is from a slum but got all the attention from the Oscars and went all the way to LA for Oscars and came back to his slum dwelling and couldn't sleep because of … [Read more...]

Cost of non-cooperation in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAARC is the body with the full form - South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. But the body is anything but about cooperation. Cooperation cannot be brought about by formal bodies but bringing together hearts. Some wonder why the nations are not cooperating. Its a good question, but does the hurt of "My land for my God at all costs" inflicted on others ever go away? Is 60 years enough for that? What have we done to get away from that madness? The answer is very little. Anyways, the … [Read more...]

Britney Spears converting to Islam and moving to Pakistan

Britney Spears may be converting to Islam and moving to Pakistan. All the best to her! She is going around with Adnan Ghalib, who runs after such "prize catches" and works with a photo agency! His parents - Ghalib and Saghra - have disowned him due to his run in with the Spears bombshell.It is something about the Pakistani men that attracts women of other nations. I know of Indian women - who went in with a relationship with some Pakistani men.. and the Western women - specially of the … [Read more...]

Voices from Pakistan on Benazir's Death

Pakistan is in serious turmoil! A blogger friend - Rubab Saleem, who runs "Pak Times" has compiled reactions from Pakistanis from different walks of life on her blog. Drishtikone is grateful that she is sharing the article with our readers.AMBER KHAN, LAHOREThe personality and the politics of Benazir Bhutto evoked various responses from various people. There are very few people who were so contradictory in their personality and popularity; she was revered as a politician nationally and … [Read more...]

Hallucinations and Controversies may be the undoing of Pakistan; not the Violence!

That the country has many people in power with vested and twisted interests is bad enough.. but when the educated people start thinking and believing in nonsensical scenarios that are make-believe - it becomes truly scary! This interview with a software engineer from Lahore - Hamid, Pakistan is one such example.This guy believes in the following:1. Islamic fighters are Mujaheedins and are now - used by the Pakistani agencies - killing its own people. 2. Who is helping the "Mujaheedins? … [Read more...]

Benazir: The last pics

This was her last picture. Seconds before she was assassinated. The park was where Pakistan's first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in October 1951. This was Bhutto's first election rally in Rawalpindi after her returnAnd this is the last cup of tea she had before being assassinated.Bhutto seen at her last election rally in Liaquat Bagh Park, Rawalpindi, shortly before she was killed.The scene after the blast.Source: Rediff … [Read more...]

A Primer on Benazir Bhutto

Who was Benazir Bhutto?Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state, twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. She was sworn in for the first time in 1988 but removed from office 20 months later under orders of then-president Ghulam Ishaq Khan on grounds of alleged corruption. In 1993 Bhutto was re-elected but was again removed in 1996 on similar charges, this time by President Farooq Leghari.Bhutto went into self-imposed exile in Dubai in 1998, where she remained until she … [Read more...]