Philippines Mudslide Rescue

This was yet another tragedy to hit South East Asia - almost the entire town has been wiped out! Over 1000 dead!Teams of Philippine soldiers and U.S. Marines, along with Malaysian and Taiwanese experts, had suspended the search overnight because of concern that rain was making the area more prone to further landslides. Also, a small generator used to light the area ran out of fuel."We have not found any structure to indicate the location of the school," said Joel Son, in charge of a group … [Read more...]

Inzi is Speak

Here is a hillarious version of an interview with Inzimam-ul-Haq, the Pakistani Cricket captain. It aint real, of course.. but it seems Inzi holds the place for jokes that Kapil used to have when it comes to twisting languages... ENJOY! :-) And, just for the background, this is after one of the recent Indo-Pak ODI (One Day Internationals) - and Rameez is one of popular TV commentators from Pakistan!Rameez: So Inzy, disappointed with your performance today? Inzy: Bismilla-e-rehman-e-rahim. … [Read more...]

UN evacuates staff from Afghanistan because of Cartoon riots

Here is the news this morning on the latest in the Cartoon Controversy:The United Nations evacuated staff and NATO peacekeepers rushed reinforcements to a northwest Afghan town after deadly fighting erupted during a protest against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, officials said.linkAll I can say at all this stuff is this:"Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat."- Sir Julian HuxleyTechnorati : cartoons, prophet … [Read more...]

Danish Cartoons Protests on Indian Streets!??

This is what Yahoo reported on the violence on the cartoons. Now, I just dont get this - what the HECK has India and Indians to do with the cartoons?? So why should an ordinary Delhi-ite or Kashmiri be subjected to mindless trouble??!The main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir came to a standstill as shops, businesses and schools shut down for a day to protest the caricatures. Dozens of Muslim protesters torched Danish flags, burned tires, shouted slogans and hurled rocks at passing cars … [Read more...]

India as Pakistani kids read us!

There has been so much of controversy about the History books in India.. and on India. Here are some excerpts from the History textbooks of Pakistani history books.But then again what does a country that just conjures itself up one fine day.. write its history?No wonder those mullah inspired extremists on the west are always on the high to kill Indians.Class IV* The Muslims of Pakistan provided all facilities to the Hindus and the Sikhs who left for India. But the Hindus and the … [Read more...]

Pakis worried of Sehwag's Batting: Cricket

 The first India-Pak cricket test in Lahore's Gaddafi stadium was a run fest!  The HIGHEST runs per wicket EVER IN HISTORY were scored!  Here is a piece on how Virendra Sehwag - the Indian opener - worries the Pakis!  Last year he scored the first triple century by an Indian and he has already started with a 250+ score in the opening game!  So are the Pakis worried?  HECK YES!  Here is a story from rediff:Pakistan have gone back to the drawing board to find a … [Read more...]

One year past Tsunami: WHERE's the MONEY?

Its been an year since the Tsunami.. and lots of money poured in for help.. but has it all gone to where it belonged?? This is an article regarding this issue!One year ago -- Dec. 26, 2004 -- a tsunami walloped a huge swathe of the world from Indonesia all the way to Africa. Some 300,000 people were swept to their deaths, from the grandson of the king of Thailand and the daughter and granddaughter of film director Richard Attenborough to Njoroge, a Nairobi car mechanic, who picked the wrong … [Read more...]

Siachen – why the occupation?

This is an interesting "letter to editor" of Dawn - a leading Paki daily - regarding the reason behind India's Siachen occupation.You state that India “surreptitiously took over the strategic terrain widely seen as belonging to Pakistan … [Read more...]