Billions in Aid to Pakistan was diverted against India: US Officials

There are reasons why I call the American administrations dealing with Pakistan blind. Indians knew the reality behind the "alliance" between US and Pakistan when Pakistan got into it! We all knew that the money - in billions - that they were going to get would end up in weapons that would be aimed at us. For, to fight with Al Qaeda, Pakistan did NOT need any weapons. They just needed to "tighten" those idiots. Pakistan's top brass had their main organization in their hands firmly and … [Read more...]

Increasing Alcohol consumption amongst Muslims in Pakistan – specially youth!

This is a rather intriguing news byte that I came across. The incidence in the consumption of liquor amongst Muslim men, women and children in Pakistan is very high - higher than the other communities. Specifically interesting is that more and more youth and women are consuming increasing quantities of alcohol! In an Islamic nation this is indeed an amazing statistic! These numbers are reflective of urban population. Which in some ways shows how removed the Urban population is from the … [Read more...]

Nurturing the Extremist Monster

Just found this article on TOI site by Swami Aiyar. It explains the genesis, life and end of Khalistan mess very well and paints parallels with the situation in Pakistan. I agree with him completely! Whenever anyone has raised monsters, you ultimately get eaten up by it. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sant Longoval, and now, maybe its the turn of Musharraf. The similarities are striking.For decades, the Pakistani Army and politicians nurtured Islamic militants, to use them as a tool in … [Read more...]

Pak wants to "retaliate" – against whom and why?

It seems Pakistan has given a "general warning" - that it possesses retaliatory capacity to defend its strategic assets. The big unanswered question: Retaliate against whom and with what?Its the same pattern all over again!Story Link - … [Read more...]

Bhutto's Security was in hands of Osama and Taliban's Handling officer!

How tough it is in Pakistan is not for ordinary observer to understand and appreciate. The incident at Benazir Bhutto's return where almost 140 people got killed is a reminder of the mess that is in Pakistan. Here is the scenario: Omar Sheikh was used by the then ISI chief to send USD 100k to Mohammad Atta. Daniel Pearl was in Pakistan investigating a lot of things - including this probably. He was killed by Omar Sheikh and company. On the other hand Ejaz Shah was the handling officer for Mulah … [Read more...]

Was this an attempt on Musharraf's life?

Assassinations using the aircrafts are a favorite ploy in the sub-continent! When Sanjay Gandhi was killed it was a plane. When Zia-ul-Haq was killed it was a plane. When Madhav Rao Scindia was killed it was a plane. Now, Musharraf was about to say good bye to his life. But was saved by a hair's breadth perhaps! He probably took a different helicopter than he was supposed to. Musharraf is a survivor is anything! He can turn any odds against him from the way he has shaped up over the … [Read more...]

Presenting…. a Pakistani Army officer as a suicide bomber!

Pakistan's situation worries me. I am amazed it worries not many people around the globe. Until now, they exported terrorism unabashedly. Then terrorism started hurting them itself! But until now, however much fundamentalist the Pakistani Army was they would use the poor and brain-washed as cannon-fodder. Now an incident has come to light where an Army officer himself became a suicide bomber!According to reliable sources in the local police, a Pashtun army officer belonging to the … [Read more...]

Another Mohammad cartoon Issue

There is another Mohammad "cartoon" scandal and issue. This time the cartoon appeared in a newspaper in Bangladesh - Daily Prothom Alo. Thanks to Rezwan for the blog post on this one. The cartoon says the following:* Boy, what is your name?- My name is Babu.* It is customary to mention Muhammad before the name* What is your father's name?- Muhammad Abu* What's this in your lap?- Muhammad catRezwan further reports that the protesters give this reason for the outrage:the … [Read more...]