India opens Siachen for trekkers

In an interesting development, India has opened up the Siachen Glacier to trekking for enthusiasts who would like to experience the dizzy heights and the cold of that place. Now, that this place has ceasefire enforced.... Pakistani army will be further pressurized to not do anything when tourists - specially the Westerners - are coming over. It is no secret that Musharraf coveted this area and his Kargil attempt was an answer to India's Siachen. … [Read more...]

Islamists bomb Girl Schools in Pakistan.

Again.. this time the Islamic radicals are not only content with saying girl education is unIslamic.... they are actually moving on to BOMB the schools as well in Pakistan!! That should help their man-hood a bit.. wouldn't it?In what appears to be an escalating spree over the last year, extremists have bombed at least four girls' schools and circulated violent threats warning girls to stay at home. While no girls or school staff have been killed, girls in some areas have stopped … [Read more...]

The Political Nightmare in Pakistan!

Pakistan is in a turmoil. Whether you know it or not.. realize it or not. It is. The options aren't great at all. Currently Musharraf has succeeded in alienating the same folks who raved about him through thorough mismanagament. Now, slowly but steadily (and to the discomfort of the US) Taliban is back and Al Qaeda is strong... so Pakistani army really has done nothing to help in that area! Moreover, Mushy may be overthrown by religious zealots - something that Lal Masjid episode amply … [Read more...]

How Partition affected the Sub-continent's Music soul!

Some letters in the Pakistani daily Dawn are sometimes very interesting. Here is another one.. where this guys juxtaposes the melodies born out of the melting pot of Bengal, UP and Punjab.. against the "two nation theory" and partition. How partition took away - ruthlessly - the soul and the many wonders out of what has been great music and what could have been even greater!! Here is the letter:I have been reading Ayaz Amir’s column every Friday, ‘religiously’. It is never comp … [Read more...]

AQ Khan is the next Pakistan "President" – "defeats" Musharraf!

This is the scenario that most in India are worried about!Abdul Qader Khan, the detained scientist who pioneered Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme, was "elected" the country's president, defeating the incumbent, Pervez Musharraf, in a mock poll held by lawyers. Musharraf received only one vote and Khan, whom he has placed under detention since January 2004, got 2,103 votes in the "presidential referendum" organised by the Save Judiciary Committee of the Lahore High … [Read more...]

Pakistan is the King of Fake Currency!

Remember the racket in fake currency run in India sponsored by the "friendly neighborhood" ISI (Pak Intelligence agency)?? (Headlinesindia . Yahoo) Well.. you know all that is correct and you are truly in Pakistan when the ATMs of even the top banks start giving away fake local currency (Pakistani Rupee) to its own customers!!! THAT is the height of corruption and proof enough of the complicity of that countries top folks in this world-wide racket!THE ATMs in Islamabad are a … [Read more...]

Iran is Afghanistan's friend and US' enemy in an Upside down War!

Iran is a friend of Afghanistan against Taliban/Al Qaeda and an enemy of US in a war against Al Qaeda. Go figure! These two lines explain why US is in such a mess and why this mess would not stop!The Bush administration considers Iran to be a dangerous influence on its neighbors. But Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, regards Iran as a helper.Ok, here goes: Iran is Shia. Pakistan, Al Qaeda, most Jihadis are Sunnis. They are classic enemies. PERIOD! There is no way in hell … [Read more...]

Pakistan Army or Group of Mercenaries?

I never had any doubt that the Pakistani Army was highly unprofessional. But this assertion from a top US diplomat in South Asia regarding the payments being made to the Pak Army and "RENTING" it for US purposes makes the Pakistani Army look more like a group of Mercenaries as opposed to a National fighting group.The United States is paying around $ 100 million a month for the deployment of 80,000 Pakistani troops on its border with Afghanistan ostensibly for the war on terrorism, a key US … [Read more...]