Rajiv Gandhi played a middleman for Saab-Scania aircraft deal in 1970s

By all counts, Rajiv Gandhi was one of the most horrendous choice for India's Prime Minister.  He oversaw by far one of the most terrible massacres, and started the mess in Sri Lanka.  Was responsible for Bofors scandal, and unleashed the sorry phenomenon of his incompetent and thoroughly corrupt wife and kids.  A legacy that he perfected.  Here is the Wikileaks on how he played middleman in Saab-Scania aircraft deal. Late PM Rajiv Gandhi may have worked as a middleman for Swedish company Saab-S … [Read more...]

The Indian Job Program Scam: Plunder under MNREGA

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is the flagship rural employment program of Dr. Manmohan Singh's Congress Government.  It is also the greatest mechanism created in India to suck greatest amounts of money since British created their discriminatory laws.  It involves a $33 billion investment every year!  And most of it is siphoned off.  The program is CREATED for that.  Now Bloomberg has done some research of its own and come out with some shocking reporting. “It’s an insult … [Read more...]

Arbitrary and dictatorial executive action: Congress giving Swami Ramdev the “treatment” for his audacity to protest corruption

In June, 2011 as social activist Anna Hazare had announced that he - along with his supporters - will go on a fast against the endemic and plundering corruption in India, specifically by the ruling Government, he was greeted with a dictatorial threat.  Ruling Party, Congress' General Secretary "advised" him - "Anna saheb says he will again sit on fast. If he does so, he may get the same treatment as the other (Baba Ramdev) got recently." (Same fate as Ramdev awaits you: Digvijay Singh to Anna Ha … [Read more...]

Finmeccanica deal: Obama had rejected these copters for being too expensive, which India happily bought

We are surely very rich, aren't we?  The PM and the rest of the VVIPs want to move around in machines which even Obama thinks is very expensive for him and others in the US! US president Barack Obama had found a variant of the AW-101 helicopters too exorbitant to pass muster in 2009. But the Indian government had no such qualms while inking the Rs 3,546-crore deal for 12 plush AW-101 helicopters just a year later in 2010. Btw, this is not all in terms of the toys that our VVIPs get.  Look at the … [Read more...]

75% of India’s $500 billion Black Money is held outside the country

India is rather high in the black money hoarding list. India is among the top 10 developing countries in the world with a black money outflow of $1.6 billion ( Rs.8,720 crore) in 2010, a report by Global Financial Integrity (GFI) said. The report, to be released on Tuesday, said the total outflow of black money from India since independence until 2010 was $232 billion, generally in the form of corruption, bribery and kickbacks. The cumulative value of illicit assets held by Indians during the … [Read more...]

“Those who cannot change their situation need to learn how to cope with them”

जिनमें स्तिथियों को बदलने का साहस नहीं होता, उन्हें स्तिथियों को सहना पड़ता है कल्याणीChanakya, the TV series, was one of the finest to have come on Indian TV.  Every one of its episode and dialog is still relevant today and in fact becomes more and more imperative to heed.  This one scene is my favorite for being so profound in its import.  I wanted to share this with you all.Another important part of this scene and other conversations that Chanakya has is that he had a great appreciation … [Read more...]

When the Rulers loot the nation: wisdom from “Chanakya”

What to do when the King and the rulers themselves steal from the Treasury of the nation?This is a tragedy that India has faced again and again.  And now, this has become plunder!  Here is a scene from the TV series "Chanakya" where the Chief Minister catches the swindling of the national treasury by the King of Magadha himself.  He calls him on it and walks out.What he says is so relevant even today.  Except, that we don't have such people anymore.   … [Read more...]

Indian companies most fraudulent in the world after the Africans!

We Indians keep lamenting about the politicians and their corruption.  Because they are the easy target.  The truth is that even the businesses are as bad.It now comes to light that outside of Africa, India has the highest Corporate frauds in the world! Fraud risks in India remain above the global average and, outside Africa (77 per cent), the country has seen the highest number of companies affected by frauds at 68 per cent, followed by China and Indonesia at 65 per cent, compared to the g … [Read more...]