Indian rapes and German rapes: a tale of Neo-Imperialism

rape - sabine

We have talked about the unethical ways of the documentary - India's Daughter - made about the Indian girl who was raped brutally in a moving bus.  All sane and normal policies of depiction of death and rape in Europe in general and in particular in UK were jettisoned!  Why was it necessary to provide voyeuristic details of how the entrails of the girl were taken out and then disposed off, for example?  Or how the unrepentant rapist-killer thought she brought it upon herself?  Also pertinent is h … [Read more...]

India’s Daughter: Ok, We are Outraged, Indian Men are Devils Incarnate with Medieval Mindset… now WHAT?!!


“A trial by press, electronic media or public agitation is the very antithesis of rule of law” stated India's Supreme Court in State of Maharashtra v. Rajendra J. Gandhi [(1997) 8 SCC 386]. This goes to the heart of a democratic society as opposed to a banana republic. The struggle between Freedom of Expression and Justice has been going on for a long time in the free socities of the world. English, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India have approached it very differently. Whi … [Read more...]

Is it safe for a single American woman to travel in India?

Due to the recent spate in rapes in India, there has come about a question mark on how safe women are in India when they travel alone. Specifically for an American woman, or any foreign woman in general. Here is a very interesting and detailed answer to that question.Read Quote of Adrianna Tan's answer to Travel and Tourism in India: Is it safe for a single American woman to travel in India? on QuoraImage courtesy - Hindi Speaking White Girl … [Read more...]

New Sexual Assault Law: Without Consent, Sex is Rape

The new Sexual Assault law is being criticized in a lot of areas, but some of its provisions may bring cheer for women.  It puts the decision for sex being consensual on the victim squarely.  If the victim  says it was not consensual, it wasn't. On consent for sex, the woman's word will be the last one. Once the prosecution is able to prove that there was sexual intercourse in a wide-range of cases, the new sexual assault law requires the court to presume that the victim did not consent as cl … [Read more...]

“Rent a Womb”: India’s “Growing Industry”; Is it Biological Colonialism?

Many women from outside India - specially developed world - are "renting wombs" of Indian women to have their babies. In a study recently published in Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, researchers found that there has been "an increasing demand in the number of couples registering children to foreign surrogates" from the UK.Australia is another major source of demand for Indian surrogate mothers, according to study by Surrogacy Australia. The study found that, in 2012, there were 200 … [Read more...]

“Mohammad the Intestine-Ripper” (Delhi Gangrape) should be given Jail for Life: Can’t let this animal loose on streets of India!

In the recent Delhi Gangrape case, there were 6 rapists: Ram Singh, the bus driver, and his brother, Mukesh Singh,  Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor, Pawan Gupta, a fruit seller, an unemployed youth Akshay Thakur and Raj Mohammad supposedly a juvenile.That night after the bus, that should NOT have plied in Delhi taking passengers - because it was private - and because it had tinted glass - had already been witness to a crime - a carpenter had been taken on and robbed off of Rs 8000; to … [Read more...]

Delhi Rape Victim’s friend remembers his friend and their unique, sweet relationship

Relationship between Delhi Braveheart and her friend, who was also badly injured that night, was a very sweet one.This is how they met: The two first made contact in December 2010. It wasn't exactly a success. A mutual friend had suggested that the young man might help her with her studies, and gave her his number."Hi, how are you?" she texted him. "What's going on?"He thought it was the mutual friend, playing a prank."I know who you are, man," he replied. "Is this your new number?""I … [Read more...]

When women do better, economies do better: IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde

If equality, respect and inclusiveness are on the agenda, the economies will fare better, it's now a proven fact, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director at IMF, said at the WEF meet. … [Read more...]