When Bella made it all look fine


It had been a long and rough day.The morning that day started off with a puncture in the middle of a highway on the way to work.  I somehow pulled over and for the first time started to use the instruments and the spare tire to get going.  Setting up the jack was a problem.  I somehow managed it.  Slowly I started working on each nut.  When I was done, I had realized it had all taken 1 hour on the busy highway.  "Shit!!" I muttered to myself, "the business users meeting is in another 30 minut … [Read more...]

Richard Branson blogs about a story of Generosity that brought a couple together

Richard Branson shared an interesting story on his blog, about the generosity of his friend, Pankaj Shah.  Pankaj is a businessman who has an intriguing, but generous habit - "Whenever he is out to dinner, he asks the staff to find the couple who look most in love, and takes care of their bill."Over the holidays last year, he was in Boston at a restaurant he hadn't been to in 3 years.  The manager came up to him and told him that the couple he had paid for 3 years ago were back at the r … [Read more...]

Girl Flirts, Stops for few days, then flirts again: What does it mean?

This is a situation that many people have seen or gone through.  What does it mean?  Two views - different from each other - but very interesting!The Artichoke WayRead Quote of Sanjay Sabnani's answer to Romance (love): I'm into a girl who flirts then stops for few days then flirts again, what does it mean? on Quora Convenience Store Read Quote of Ken Miyamoto's answer to Romance (love): I'm into a girl who flirts then stops for few days then flirts again, what does it mean? on Quora … [Read more...]

Chito and Pocho: How a Costa Rican man has a Crocodile as his best friend

Amazing story of love and friendship across species.Deep in the Costa Rican jungle, a fisherman named Chito discovered a crocodile that had been shot in the eye by a cattle farmer and left for dead. Chito was able to drag the massive reptile into his boat and brought him to his home, where he stayed by his side for months, nursing him back to health.He named the croc Pocho. “I stayed by Pocho’s side while he was ill, sleeping next to him at night. I just wanted him to feel that somebody lov … [Read more...]

When two Beggars beg from each other: What is Love?

What is Love? Do we even know how to love? One who has never loved himself, how can he love the other?  How does Love work?  What makes it better and what makes it grow? … [Read more...]

A Unique (& Hilarious!) Love Story of a Geek Girl interested in Biology and Parasites

This is such a hilariously interesting "Love Story" of a Geek Girl who is interested in Biology, Parasites and the like. … [Read more...]

Monkey in Bali Forest adopts an abandoned kitten (Pictures)

This is an incredible story I came across:A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali.   The reserve has 340 monkeys in four groups living there.  It is considered sacred and it is frequented by 10,000 people every month.  The kitten seems to love the attention being given to her by the monkey.This macaque is so protective that he doesn't allow other macaques to even come close to the kitten.According to the photographer: The monkey didn … [Read more...]

Are Women Cheating more these days?

According to some recent surveys, female infidelity is on the rise.  For example:National Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cheated at some point in the marriage - Men = 20-22%; Women = 15% Indiana University-Kinsey Institute study: Cheating in men = 23%; In women = 19%Men have been most often been the main people cheating, but it seems either women are cheating more... or being caught more often.  In fact even in these surveys the organizations found that men t … [Read more...]