The Most Transformational Moment: When an abused lady Prostitute walked out on the Promise of Love


You sometimes come across a personal account that is painful, poignant, humane, as well as full of power.  This answer from Quora on the question "What was the most transformational moment of your life?" by a lady who lives in UK named Sarah Ouellette.  ==========  =========  ========== When I was 8-10 I was raped repeatedly by my neighbor. I also grew up with my father making appearances in and out of my life periodically and so I had a lot of problems - specifically with sex, trust and dep … [Read more...]

Richard Branson blogs about a story of Generosity that brought a couple together

Richard Branson shared an interesting story on his blog, about the generosity of his friend, Pankaj Shah.  Pankaj is a businessman who has an intriguing, but generous habit - "Whenever he is out to dinner, he asks the staff to find the couple who look most in love, and takes care of their bill."Over the holidays last year, he was in Boston at a restaurant he hadn't been to in 3 years.  The manager came up to him and told him that the couple he had paid for 3 years ago were back at the r … [Read more...]

What are the top 10 things about Life that we ought to be informed about

If you wanted to know just 10 most important things to lead a better life, what would they be?  Here are attempts of some folks. Very interesting. Read Quote of Justin Freeman's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life? on Quora Read Quote of James Walker's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life? on QuoraRead Quote of Jay Bazzinotti's answer to Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed … [Read more...]

How a guy made a Bike out a car, when it broke down in the middle of Sahara, to come out of the desert

When adversity hits you, how do you react?  That is the most important ingredient for happiness and success in life.  This is a story of a guy who was stranded in the Sahara Desert with a broken down car.  But he used what he had to create something for himself to get out of that place.  Incredible story!! Read Quote of Christopher Reiss's answer to Life: What is the best thing that anyone has made? on Quora … [Read more...]

How a High School Basketball player helped a disabled opponent play his greatest moment!

Some moments in a game are to die for.  Those moments distinguish just players from Sportsmen.  This was one such moment.Mitchell Marcus is a team manager for Coronado High's basketball team in El Paso, Texas and he has a developmental disability.  He loved a basket ball since he was a kid.  But could never play in a real game.  In the last game of the season, his coach decided to bring him in in the last moments.  No matter what the score.As Mitchell came in .. in his jersey, his name was be … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying And Sexual Shaming: Teenage bullying at its worst!

When cyberbullying turns into sexual shaming, with one teen who decided to tell her peers it’s got to stop.In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter,” the sexually-shamed woman wore her shame with a capital A.  But that three hundred and fifty years ago.  The new scarlet letter is harder to shake.Digital images, sexual images, taken surreptitiously or otherwise, and posted and shared online.  It’s potent tool of teenage bullying, in particular.  Digital, online, sexual shaming.  A teenage … [Read more...]

When something beyond beckons you: What is your “Line”? (a Poem)

In the drab life of the certain, the cliched, the regular, does your heart ache?  Does it ache for something that is beyond the "normal"?  Something that extends as part of you?  Your line.What is your line?  … [Read more...]

How to Beat Procrastination: Illutrative guide

Procrastination hits all of us sometime or the other.  Doing the project or assignment at the last moment, doing taxes just as it is due, paying the bills on the due date etc.  Here is a very interesting take on how to beat procrastination. Read Quote of Oliver Emberton's answer to Life Advice: How do I get over my bad habit of procrastinating? on Quora Featured Image Credit: Asja  Related articles from External SourcesAre you aware of the procrastination cycle? The 6 stages o … [Read more...]