- Truth is a Pathless Land!

This is from a statement from J. Krishnamurthi made in 1929. The two thinkers who have helped me the most in my spiritual quest and "growth" are Swami Vivekananda and J. Krishnamurthi. They truly have said things fearlessly and with an objective understanding.In most situations Learning and Spiritual Quests become structured - where the teacher or the Guru "RULES" and "DIRECTS" a pupil's thought. There is nothing for a student to explore on his/her own. Codes of conduct, Morals, Laws are … [Read more...]

- Sania on Time – overkill!

Saw the news item "Sania on Time cover"? I think that media is on an overkill for this lady! She is too young and needs to focus on her game more. She has done well and is very ambitious - which is good - but she is needs to get to the top!In a country where sports achievements are few and far between, even a No. 50 ranking in the world is a great news... we need at least 5-10 folks in top 50.. and few in top 10!!Hope maturity keeps close to Sania! … [Read more...]

Sania to be featured on Time cover

News Source: Rediff.comNews Highlight: In another ace for teenage tennis icon Sania Mirza, she became the first Indian sportswoman to feature on the cover of Time magazine and is being included in its 2005 list of Asia's heroes. In the list of heroes, Sania shares the space with Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu, South Korean footballer Park Ji Sung and Japan's Ken Watanbe. The tennis star, who has been described by the magazine as a role model for women in the country and the fastest rising … [Read more...]

Doubt & Leadership

Today, I wanted to bring to you this episode of Engines of Ingenuity (#2011) presented by John H. Lienhard every morning on Houston Public Radio - transcripts can be read at the UoH site. Certainty is the Enemy of Learning Every one of them is a classic! This is a very refreshing take on leadership by a scientist...One of the lines I really liked was "Certainty is learning's enemy, for it already knows and it cannot be surprised." - it resonates with my belief that Morality is the greatest … [Read more...]

Job Search 101 from Fast Company

URL Link: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/57/cheever.htmlHighlights: 1. You are not your job title. It's a familiar observation that we define ourselves by what we do. Five years ago, that was considered a good thing. Hundred-hour workweeks, sleeping at the office, Foosball tables in the conference room: All of those were signs that your life and your job were inextricably intertwined. But even now, with the economy and its accompanying fervor cooled, it's difficult to separate your … [Read more...]

India to be hub for US drug firm

News Source: Rediff.comNews Highlight: An American nonprofit company that helps set drug standards in the United States wants to make its soon-to-open Indian laboratory a hub for certifying medicines manufactured in Asia, a company official said Monday. US Pharmacopeia's laboratory in Hyderabad -- its first lab outside the United States -- will likely open in February, and scientists will collaborate with the company's lab in Washington to determine if various drugs' standards are up to … [Read more...]

'Bush impressed with our experiments in democracy'

News Source: rediff.comNews Highlight: As President Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the joint press conference at the White House, India's National Security Adviser M K Narayanan passed a slip of paper with the words 'civilian reactors' clearly visible to United States Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns. Clearly, despite what the president and prime minister were telling us that morning, the deal was not done as yet. That exchange of paper is said to have … [Read more...]

Counting on a Miracle With U.S. Debt

URL Link: http://online.wsj.com/public/article_print/SB112794784818255155-TAeC6fqHPk7KpntH9QcotGzv9Lk_20060929.htmlHighlights: In science-fiction movies, no obstacle is too big to overcome. The brilliant, determined scientist finds a way to divert the asteroid before it collides with Earth. In real life, some problems are so daunting they are ignored until the collision occurs. The inadequacy of New Orleans's levees and the erosion of its barrier islands offer one painful example. The U.S. … [Read more...]