Counting on a Miracle With U.S. Debt

URL Link: In science-fiction movies, no obstacle is too big to overcome. The brilliant, determined scientist finds a way to divert the asteroid before it collides with Earth. In real life, some problems are so daunting they are ignored until the collision occurs. The inadequacy of New Orleans's levees and the erosion of its barrier islands offer one painful example. The U.S. … [Read more...]

Dr Doom expects trouble between US and China

URL Link: Swiss-born Hong Kong-based economics expert Dr Marc Faber says that the US and Chinese may yet end up at war over dwindling oil reserves. Dr Faber is author of the Gloom, Doom and Boom Report - and author of bestselling book Tomorrow’s Gold. Classic Business Day speaks to Dr Doom, in South Africa to address an investors’ conference LINDSAY WILLIAMS: I was lucky enough to MC a con … [Read more...]

Demystifying the World of Options

URL Link: Like politics and religion, options are not a safe topic for conversation in polite company. Entrenched beliefs, misconceptions and different agendas tend to cloud the discussion. The battle lines are usually drawn along the subject of risk, both real and perceived. As someone who writes an options column, I obviously belong to the camp that believes options are a valuable investment tool that, when … [Read more...]

Arctic Ice is Melting

URL Link: The floating cap of sea ice on the Arctic Ocean shrank this summer to what is probably its smallest size in at least a century of record keeping, continuing a trend toward less summer ice, a team of climate experts reported yesterday.That shift is hard to explain without attributing it in part to human-caused global warming, the team's members and other experts on the region said. The change also … [Read more...]

Top Graduates Line Up to Teach to the Poor

News Source: New York TimesNews Highlight: Lucas E. Nikkel, a Dartmouth graduate, wants to be a doctor, but for now he is teaching eighth-grade chemistry at a middle school in North Carolina, one of nearly 2,200 new members of Teach for America. "I'm looking at medical school, and everybody says taking time off first is a good idea," he said. "I think I'm like a lot of people who know they want to do something meaningful before they start their careers." For a surprisingly large number … [Read more...]

Lifting the veil: 'Look beyond Sania's skirts'

News Source: Indian ExpressNews Highlight: Ruby Rizvi is a kamdaani worker. For a day’s labour in which she risks cutting her over 1/2 tola of metallic wires, she gets just Rs 30 while a man doing the same work takes home Rs 50. For intricate work on a sari, she gets just Rs 10 while her male counterparts get Rs 90. Shakila of Mandiaon is a widowed chikankari worker with four children. Her failing eyesight has forced her to give up her craft and work as a maid. Her children are employed i … [Read more...]

Development of this portal towards an end…

Now this site seems to have enough functionality that I had required in any of my portals. There is some more stuff that I would like to add but that will have to take a little time. I have added a lot of tools that I have not activated because they didnt work well.. maybe one day when those tools have stabilized I will use them here.. until then enjoy my experiment at a personal portal. … [Read more...]

Home heating bill to send chill down US spine

News Source: Australian Financial ReviewNews Highlight: Natural gas prices have set a record in the US, presaging higher heating bills for a majority of Americans in the northern winter as well as soaring costs for manufacturers of products such as plastics and chemicals. Since the beginning of the northern summer, the price of gas has doubled. Unlike crude oil or petrol, whose gains have been felt by most Americans, the surge in gas prices, the most popular form of energy for home … [Read more...]