The Big Fat Indian Wedding vs The American Wedding: Market, Trends, Direction (Infographic)

A very interesting infographic showing a comparison between the Indian Weddings and the market vs the Weddings in US.  The figures show the market/trends and social direction.  Very interesting!Source … [Read more...]

Relationships are divisions between Individuals

The following talk was given on April 24, 1971, New York and has been taken from "Awakening of Intelligence" by J. Krishnamurti. I would like to talk about relationship, about what love is, about human existence in which is involved our daily living, the problems one has, the conflicts, the pleasures and the fears, and that most extraordinary thing one calls death.I think one has to understand, not as a theory, not as a speculative, entertaining concept, but rather as an actual fact - … [Read more...]

Interesting and Funny “Interview” session before an Arranged Marriage (Video)

Every "interview" session is unique for all, but this is very typical - as in the discomfort, pauses, and uncomfortable questions - of the "dating" in an arranged marriage.  Interesting and funny!   Related articles from External SourcesForced marriage in our own backyard ARRANGED MARRIAGES: To be in one, or not to be? 'Arranged-with-love' marriages blend India traditions, modern culture Arranged Marriages Arranged Marriage and Shopping...Not so dissimilar after … [Read more...]

Why even have relationships?

Amazing depth of wisdom on the need and relevance of even having relationships.  When we are complete, why even seek completeness outside?  When the source of joy is within, why use someone else for it? … [Read more...]

“Maitri Karar”: Gujarati Social Custom of keeping mistresses by circumventing Hindu Marriage Act

In Gujarat, there is a social tradition that is used to circumvent the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act by men so they can "have another woman" in their lives.  Hindu Marriage Act only allows one wife.  Polygamy is a punishable offense. In Gujarat a system prevailed in which a man and a woman entered into a friendship agreement, a legitimate contract before a magistrate. It had a social and legal sanction and was popularly known as "maitri karar". Later this practice was converted into a " … [Read more...]

Indian man lives in tree for nine months protesting his Wife’s Infidelity

Now this is what I call love.Here is a story of a man who was mad at his wife’s infidelity.  The story began when he found his wife in a compromising position with his neighbor at their home in Mumbai.The couple returned to Ramgain village near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh to resolve their differences.  But the wife refused to apologize and returned back to Mumbai.That is when our modern day Romeo climbed up a Guava tree and has been living there.  He sleeps there, eats there and even reli … [Read more...]

Monkey in Bali Forest adopts an abandoned kitten (Pictures)

This is an incredible story I came across:A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali.   The reserve has 340 monkeys in four groups living there.  It is considered sacred and it is frequented by 10,000 people every month.  The kitten seems to love the attention being given to her by the monkey.This macaque is so protective that he doesn't allow other macaques to even come close to the kitten.According to the photographer: The monkey didn … [Read more...]

Adam Lanza is a product of a society full of Emotional Prostitutes.

This is a very sensitive and a very brave account written by a mother with a 13 year old son (I am Adam Lanza's mother), who is displaying behavioral patterns where he threatens to kill and harm her and himself.  Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, he is brilliant and a gifted kid. At the start of seventh grade, Michael was accepted to an accelerated program for highly gifted math and science students. His IQ is off the charts. When he’s in a good mood, he will gladly bend your ear on subjects … [Read more...]