Jiah Khan’s suicide: Cocooned, Sanitized lives which fret mental blues are a curse

Khan at Nokia Lumia 920 launch party (courtesy Wikimedia)

Jiah Khan, a buddying actress in Bollywood, was recently found dead in her apartment in Bollywood.  The 25-year old's body was found hanging in the apartment by her mother.  She had started her career in a very talked about movie, Nishabd, opposite Amitabh Bachchan.From such a heady start to a lady in personal ruin, would have been a very tough and terrible journey.  In the aftermath of her death, many details are coming out, which suggest that her main issue in life was love life and then re … [Read more...]

Keanu Reeves in New York subway: Some stars are simple

This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves.  And he is travelling in the New York subway just like other millions of commuters.  It seems that the New Yorkers either don't care or are just acting cool.  However, he not just travels in public transport but is actually quite a gentleman.The Matrix star has had a tough life:His father was arrested when he was 12 for drug dealing and his mother was a stripper. His family moved to Canada and there he had several step da … [Read more...]

When a 19-year old Indian kid got a personally hand-written letter from The Steven Spielberg!

Sometimes, for those who have a dream and the dreams include a hero - a living hero sometimes - such dreams come true.  Krishna Shenoi is "a nineteen year old Indian kid who enjoys making movies, books, art and other stuff like that..".  He made one small film on Steven Spielberg, which he called " animated tribute to my hero, filmmaker Steven Spielberg".And then one day he got this letter, one that he would have hardly imagined would come by his way. Dear Krishna, Steven saw your animated tri … [Read more...]

Can a Spider’s web stop a train (like in Spiderman 2)?

Can a spider's web stop a subway train, say in NYC?  What will it take for a spider's web to do so?  Or was the scene where Spiderman stops the train by his web just a useless fantasy?A group of students went into this question and surprisingly found out that some spiders can surely stop a train .. and have some tensile strength to spare! First, the team calculated how much four R160 New York City subway cars — packed with a total of 984 people — would weigh (about 200,000 kilograms, or rough … [Read more...]

How a Movie Trailer can predict its success

Tonight is the Oscar night.  A night when the well made movies triumph.  But what happens on the Box Office?  Does a movie trailer make it a success?  Can it predicts how well it will do?  Well, one company does think so. According to the Innerscope Research study, if a film’s trailer fails to reach a specific emotional engagement threshold (65), it will very likely generate less than $10 million in revenue on opening weekend; a film whose trailer exceeds a certain level (80) will very likely ear … [Read more...]

Filmfare Awards: When Pakeezah and Bobby lost Best Film and Music category, and Mughal-e-Azam lost to Parakh

I was watching the Filmfare Awards nite on Sony yesterday.  Of course these days Filmfare or any other movie awards shows are not just about who won and who didn't.  They are more about performances and MCing.  Well, in yesterday's 2013 award show, I would say that Hrithik Roshan's performance of the Ganpati song was hands down one of the best ever.As much credence that is given to these movie awards, I wanted to see which movies had really won the awards in yester-years, when the pomp and sh … [Read more...]

Women work more in Indie Films than in Hollywood: Discrimination?

The playing field in the film and movie business is not level for women - specially in Hollywood.  So, what do they do?  They flock into an area that is fast growing and doesn't require "Godfathers".  It requires talent.As per a new study, more women are working in independent films than in Hollywood.  Results shared at the recently held 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah showed this. “Sundance Institute believes that stories and characters told through film play an enormously influ … [Read more...]

Making of the Kathak Song in Vishwaroopam

This song was definitely one of the highlights of the movie. Kamal Haasan's performance simply astounded me in this one. Now I can see the work that went on it behind the scenes! … [Read more...]