Why "Oh My God" Exposes Spiritually Weak Hindus

Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma - which means Eternal Law - has an interesting nemesis.  The Hindu.The Hindu of today is a religionist.  He has been drenched in the paradigm of religion - complete with contextual and made-up morality, ethics, and principles as well as ideological nonsense - so deeply, that he has turned the Greatest Open Source Experiment in human-kind's history into a joke.Therefore, it is in keeping with such a strange situation, that I have been recommended the movie "Oh My G … [Read more...]

Desi Boyz: Insult to Intelligence

The movie is billed to be a comedy drama directed by Rohit Dhawan, son of David Dhawan.  It stars Akshay Kumar as Jerry or Jignesh, John Abraham as Nick Mathur, Deepika Padukone as Radhika Awasthi, Chitragandha Singh as Professor Tanya Sharma andas Suresh Awashi - Radhika's father.  Jerry takes care of his nephew, Veer (played by Veer Desai), since the kid's parents died sometime back.It weaves in three broad plots - Recession, Custody of the Newphew and state putting him in Foster home, M … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Luck by Chance

I had been waiting to watch this movie. Finally, this evening I got to do that. I find Farhan Akhtar a very "thinking" guy. Although this movie was made by his sister, but it seemed clear that the "wisdom" of Javed Akhtar and his son were written all over the movie. It was a very intelligent script and very engaging story.Indian movies are incredible to the outside world in the way they rely on songs. Delhi 6, the movie I reviewed last week, was the exact opposite of this movie. In that film, … [Read more...]

Movie Review of "Delhi 6"

Have you ever seen anything where the whole is way lower than the parts? I saw one such creation last night - Delhi 6. It was such a big disappointment to watch it. It just seemed as if from start to finish it went from one idea to another.These parts should have been its strengths but instead these in totality became their weaknesses:Philosophical sarcasm: "Kala Bandar" was a brilliant idea to convey the idea of communal hatred that people have had in India. The way it was used to create a … [Read more...]

Black & White: a movie on Islamic terrorism with a different end

Last night I watched Black & White - a Subhash Ghai movie. It is a story of a boy from Afghanistan whose parents are killed in some bombings and is finally recruited into terrorism by the vast network of ISI and then tranferred to India (Delhi specifically) with papers establishing that he is from Gujarat and his parents died there and that he is in Delhi looking for a job.He stays with some young guys who are his local contacts who live with their grandfather Gaffar Bhai - played by … [Read more...]